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    (4.57/5) 14 rates
    berroni, 26 november 2018 13:01

    Two Point Hospital - PC Review

    Two Point Hospital is a SinglePlayer Building-Management simulation game developed by Two Point Studios and published by SEGA.

    "Design stunning hospitals, cure peculiar illnesses and manage troublesome staff as you spread your budding healthcare organisation across Two Point County." - Original STEAM Description

    Before we start talking about this game, I have to say that it's a very addictive game as it's darkly humorous and very interesting to play, so if you have a lot of real-life things to do, do them before you start playing this game as this game is addictive which means it will steal hours and hours from your life but don't worry, that's not bad as those hours are gonna be full of fun.
    Developers have managed to bring the true management horror into this game, as it's logically a very tough job to run a hospital - it's same in this game.
    As someone who played Theme Hospital and spent hours and hours in it, I dare to say that this game is a successful ancestor.

    The game has levels, and every level is challenging more than the previous one, which is something I love to get from games as I enjoy the challenge. Learning the basics of the Two Point Hospital is sort of like meeting someone really charming and funny, but can someone stupid be charming and funny? No. That means that this game is really smart besides being charming and funny, you'll learn a lot of medicine and about diseases in this game, so it's a huge + for it. In this game, you're asked to manage 15 hospitals, and believe me - each hospital offers its own funny moments as each one offers unique objectives and challenges, different from the previous one. Do your job well, cure a lot of sick patients and you'll increase your reputation, which is going to bring you some profit. Logically, managing hospital is not a job that should be funny, and it's the same in the game. When I said that this game is funny I didn't mean that it's some kind of comedy. Hospital Management is very hard in this game, but characters have goofy names and their quotes are jokes.
    Some "serious" guys may have some serious nervous moments hearing to their black humour, so don't play this game if you can't take it. 

    While reading reviews of this game, I've noticed that people are usually complaining about glitches and bugs but I haven't met any which means they were either playing early-access so don't worry guys - bugs and glitches are fixed.

    Let's rate the game now. First of all, I enjoy games that require a brain, which I mentioned 500 times before, and this one requires it quite a lot. It's very challenging, levels are well-made - each is harder than the previous one and the most important - each is very interesting so you will never get bored playing this game, believe me. It has black humour which I am a fan of, so I don't recommend this game to someone who can't laugh at it. Devs have fixed all the bugs people reviewed about beforehand, so nice job Devs. The price is a little bit too high, but as this game requires a very big amount of hours to complete, 34.99€ is nothing compared to the fun you'll get in return. I suggest this game to everyone who can laugh at the black humour, with the 9/10 rating. 

    Rate this article Two Point Hospital - PC Review

    (4.57/5) 14 rates


    Nicely done.

    26 november 2018 18:22

    looks great

    25 january 2019 23:09

    Cool article good work

    28 november 2018 06:18

    Ok when can i start?

    29 november 2018 18:20

    Not bad

    29 november 2018 18:04

    theme hospital re-skin clone i tried to play it it was just like the 90's release

    17 may 2019 14:44

    When I first saw previews of this game on Steam. I was already thinking that it resembles SimCity & RollerCoaster Tycoon.

    16 july 2019 04:38

    It is a very good article! Fun to read it!

    27 november 2018 14:46

    It is a good game!!!i played it a lot!!!

    27 november 2018 14:45

    I like how you did your research on other reviews nice!

    30 november 2018 14:25