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    Rate this article "Worth it or not? Rush"

    (3.67/5) 6 rates
    nerd_28, 24 november 2018 23:09

    Worth it or not? Rush

    Do you like puzzle games? The probably most underestimated genre of games has been in a downfall since Tetris and in recent years due to the smartphone market's rise and the rise of games such as Candy Crush Saga. The concept around this game is as simple as a puzzle game can get, get A to B, get the cubes to their respective goals. But we know the concept is never the main feature of a puzzle game, the premises are high, over 70 levels of pure challenge that should be enough for letting casuals play, but not that low for hardcore gamers to quit. But is it worth your time or not?

    Rush is a game from Two Tribes, developers also of the game that Rush is an evolution of, Edge. Rush hasn't got quite a fame as it's predecessor yet it should be valid game, not too easy not too difficult, a game that can relax you on easier levels and a frustration in the harder ones, with of course the feel of conquest and victory waiting for you after every level.

    I myself have not at the time of writing this article, finished all levels, some of the final ones are hell. There will not be a story section because of the nature of the game and since we'll look more into the gameplay. Shall we begin?

    The Gameplay

    The levels have a easy structure, you have a different map each time and you are given signs which will lead the given cubes where you want, if you make a mistake you retry, again and again, and believe me in the harder levels this can take a lot of time. You can zoom and rotate the screen however you like, some levels are structured on multiple layers and on 3d structures so rotating and zooming are required. There is a hint system that will tell you if the signs you placed are placed correctly or which sign to place and the fact that using it doesn't take anything since there is no score is a point towards casuals, however, even If just saying this hurts me I've used hints and didn't resolve the levels still, abandoning, hints are not resolving levels for you, hints are just a "hard mode" on "impossible levels".

    The structure is based on a domino effect where you place all your signs then watch your cubes follow them to the goal or to fall into the abyss. While at first the game may seem like an extremely simplistic and minimal game it's a real challenge later and the mechanics are really innovative. Remember this game was released in 2010. There is one problem though, the gameplay, being everything said above, is not really fun, at least to me some levels felt not like a challenge but like a punishment. Even when finishing the harder levels I didn't feel satisfied. But that doesn't include all levels and overall the game was fun.

    Music and Graphics

    Considering the release date the graphics are okay, appealing to the eye and not hurting your eyes even after hours of gameplay. The musics on the other side are a pass at least for me, there are some good tunes but it's too repetitive and will eventually make most turn the audio off.

    Worth it or not?

    Platform: PC, Wii U
    Price: 4.99$ as of 24.11.2018

    Rush is a puzzle game that will take up lots of your time and if you get into it you will have a bad time towards the end, however anyone can pick it up and play. It is a good puzzle game.The game is 40% worth it.

    The worth it scale is set in base of how many people that will play the game will find their time on the game worth it, it doesn't include people not interested in the genre. This rating indicates 4 out of 10 people would find their time well spent.

    Rate this article Worth it or not? Rush

    (3.67/5) 6 rates


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