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    (4.71/5) 14 rates
    Mrdox, 24 november 2018 20:11

    Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee!/Pikachu!

    We return to the territory of Kanto, where the adventure is the first region in the history of Pokemon with 151 classic Pokemon, the game allows you from the beginning of this choice between being male or female and also you can choose the skin color of this character, but there are not many options as the design of the personality from scratch or Other, it is just 4 choices for each category players can choose between them as well as choose the name of the character and from here begins the usual adventure of this young man or girl to become the best coach in the world Pokemon and through the adventure will know the team of evil "Team Rocket" K, where they face more than once this adventure pleasant.

    Although the game is actually the remake of the classic pokemon yellow game, but carries with it a lot of new elements, the most important of these elements is the way of catching Pokemon in the wild, instead of indiscriminate fighting with the usual grass areas, you see them in the actual forms before you choose to avoid or try to catch and the same fishing method It's a lot different here, in the past we had to fight with those Pokemon and try to weaken it before throwing the "Pokemon" ball to catch it. Now this game takes a different path like Pokemon Go smartphones where you hunt the Pokemon through a first perspective screen Albuquerque ball Pokemon best timing to try to catch him and attached to your team or just to complete your collection from a list Pokemon game and different way to throw the balls to catch Pokemon control type chosen by being dynamic or using a mobile device or other status.

    You can choose the type of ball you want to throw and also you can throw some fruits to Pokemon to make hunting easier and the difficulty of Pokemon hunting Pokemon type and size, the thing that I hate here is that the hunting of Pokemon is more than the levels of Pokemon owned, previously we had to challenge and defeat the wild Pokemon To raise the level but here only hunting the wild Pokemon without the need to fight to raise the level of Pokemon you have not really understand how to improve the level of Pokemon without fighting for the killers! I may be one of the people who prefer the old style of Pokemon hunting and I did not accept the new fishing idea that I hope we will not see with the next Pokemon game.

    The Pokemon was not clear at the beginning of the game. In the original version we could go to the Pokemon Center in each city to select the team and arrange the cards. But here all the Pokemon is automatically placed in your team and you have to enter your team list and then to the Bocky Dicks to remove it by steps I find annoying Some of the thing, talking about the style of play fighting system is the usual way of exchange of roles and who has the fastest Pokemon or the fastest strike is to start fighting with the fact that the type of Pokemon is crucial here as a fire or vegetarian, ground or normal as it took place Habit.

    The game offers nice graphics if compared to the old parts. It is a very big shift in terms of graphics. There are some slow-down times in the game "Mobile Position". The development team was supposed to work harder to improve the shadows of the game because they always appear with "broken" sides. , The game does not provide a voice representation of the characters and we get remixes of the old tunes of the original game with the sounds of the famous Pokemon, if on the technical level, the game is good but we know that the switch has better capabilities to provide something better and may wish to development team to provide for the main part Old to the fact that this game is the classic game Remake.

    The original adventure may take you around 15-20 hours to finish. The world of the game, which we have seen in the last few years, is no longer with the third version of this game, which is still enjoying its main adventures, but it is the third time we have the same adventure to get everything done. It is a long time to collect all the Pokemon, develop its abilities and challenge challenges across and without the network, Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee! / Pikachu! Carrying with it a good technique of the Pokemon series on the technical level, but the level of play is a mixture between the old good and modern non-exciting, waiting for the next year and the main part of the series to know the transfer expected for this address after more than 20 years on the first appearance.

    Note! : This game was reviewed with the version of the Nintendo Switch We bought it ourselves...


    Rate this article Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee!/Pikachu!

    (4.71/5) 14 rates


    im being honest here i dislike the pokemon go aspect of this game

    3 march 2020 03:22

    It's seems that this game are too easy no dificulty like other pokemon's

    29 november 2018 19:16

    interesting, different from stuff on here

    8 december 2018 12:52

    I love the graphics improvement on this one, a great remake of pokemon yellow, for your article, you could've placed some headers before paragraphs that open up a new topic, anyway, it's still a well written article, good job!

    9 march 2020 03:44

    I Love This Game This Game Is Awsome

    2 march 2020 07:00

    I alredy love this game

    1 april 2020 11:37

    I think this game is pretty good

    30 june 2020 17:11

    i want this gameee!!!! i love pokemon but got not much time for it like before

    24 october 2019 15:56

    i luv pokeman

    2 september 2019 21:25


    7 june 2020 06:52