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    (4.79/5) 14 rates
    nerd_28, 22 november 2018 22:42

    Worth it or not? FIFA Mobile 19

    Ah, mobile games. You always think about Flappy Bird and those games made to loose time when you're bored. But there are full titles made (not ported) for this devices that want to be taken seriously and would easily be played if they were on consoles. FIFA Mobile, the equivalent to the console FIFA, this version, FIFA Mobile 19 (equivalent to FIFA 19) is as big as this sport can get in a mobile game in this era. Coming after the yearly controversial reset that is a characteristic in EA Sports mobile games, this season brings way upgraded graphics, a full match mode added to but not removing the pre-existing Vs Attack that is a fast paced mode that only takes the "best" part of the sport, making you score goals. This along with other additions make a pretty promising game. But is it worth your time or not?

    FIFA Mobile is obviously made by worldwide know company EA Sports, the game is to be considered a yearly FIFA delivered free since 2016, after the discontinuation of the previous project that was more of an Ultimate Team mode porting to mobile, at the price of loosing nearly all your progress after the yearly release. But that is kind of what happens on console too, since very few players will play the last FIFA's when the new one comes out.

    I myself have been playing for years, casually, but always being there when a big event comes around. There will not be a story section because of the nature of the game and since we'll look more into the gameplay Shall we begin?

    The Gameplay

    This will mainly cover the news in FIFA Mobile 19, but I'll recap features from previous titles too. FM is a sports game, similar to FIFA Ultimate Team in the concept of collecting cards of players to create your ultimate team. This cards are divided between basic cards which can be bronze, silver, gold, elite etc based on rating and event ones, team of the week, team of the year, icons etc. Since FIFA Mobile 18 you can upgrade every card so even if you support a weaker team you can use them to play competitively.  Play in either vs attack (short, fast paced matches with only the chances to score) or in the new head to head (slow paced, full games) online in ranked or unranked matches. In addition you have your league where with your friends you can play with each other or against other leagues, and the event mode that helps you towards get cards, coins to buy cards or exp to level up.

    What makes the difference between FIFA Mobile and the other football/soccer games out there is that FIFA Mobile is fully licensed, everything from leagues to clubs and players is licensed. This will came through later in the graphics section. Also, the complain that this is a pay2win are out there but this being a free game it is normal, heck his bigger brother console FIFA is even more pay2win even if you have to pay to get it. The gameplay is good, not too much has changed, a few tweaks here and there plus the new graphics and the head to head mode. The jerseys are also limited this time around since they have jerseys of all the teams yet only a few of the most popular clubs were used and now you get three random jerseys and probably will have the possibility of buying more off the market in the future. The controls are the same and the mechanics are kind of the same introducing custom celebrations for players. Now players feel more unique, more like on console. It will eventually become repetitive, and that's why EA Sports makes events upon events and eventually resets the game.

    Music and Graphics

    The graphics were heavily boosted this time since they were practically the same since FUT Mobile 15, This time at the cost of not being playable on every single device but only to decent ones (not counting head to head mode), there is one main theme song which follow the tradition of the series and is present to not take too much memory on the devices. The graphics are especially the strong point of this version since many players have completely scanned faces which work well with the new graphics, the flaws are the same to the console version, that some players don't have such scanned faces and they feel weird when everyone else in your squad will eventually have their real face.

    Worth it or not?

    Platform: Mobile- Android/iOS
    Price: Free

    FIFA Mobile 19 is the football/soccer game for mobile phones, made by perhaps the biggest company for the genre, it does live up to it's fame. Any football/soccer fan will probably enjoy this, for a while, I don't think everyone will come back where there's a big event or a reset. The game is 80% worth it.

    The worth it scale is set in base of how many people that will play the game will find their time on the game worth it, it doesn't include people not interested in the genre. This rating indicates 8 out of 10 people would find their time well spent.

    Rate this article Worth it or not? FIFA Mobile 19

    (4.79/5) 14 rates


    Ananıza saplim

    5 april 2020 23:46

    i dont find it worth it

    2 september 2020 06:57

    Nürüyonuz lan

    5 april 2020 23:45

    iyi musun .turk musun ajammwn

    31 january 2021 21:48

    i love iy maeet

    20 december 2019 23:55

    Good game,good work

    27 july 2019 10:16

    Good job team :D

    24 november 2018 10:54

    The gameplay looks good

    24 november 2018 16:10

    nice work

    23 november 2018 14:52

    Cool keep it up

    24 november 2018 10:04