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    Rate this article "World of tanks. A "skill" based game or pay to win?"

    (4.27/5) 97 rates
    pavel_hristov, 2 june 2018 17:26

    World of tanks. A "skill" based game or pay to win?

    This article here is simply my own opinion on the matter. I have currently stopped playing the game. (About 1 week). It's just too much for me.

                                       Hello all of you gamers. I'm here to talk about World of Tanks. I'm not realy sure how to start but here we go. 
    I got into the game around... 2011th I think. The game has passed trough a lot since then. Ever since then I've been trying to play daily. There have been some pretty interesting marthons throught the years. (I personally managed to get T-44-100, T-25 Pilot, Dicker Max and T-34-85M. I've only gotten those since I didn't play competitively before 2017th.) But then... ever since I started playing competitively I started noticing things about the game. Most will ask what exactly? Well... here are some things:

    -1. Almost everyone spams the premium ammunition.
    -2. A lot of people have installed a 3rd party forbidden mods.
    -3. The game is full with "Pay to win" players. (Example: The player has more tier 8 prem tanks, than he has normal unlockable ones in total.
    -4. Wargaming is progressively making it's Soviet Tech Tree even more OP as we speak.
    -5. Wargaming is releasing even more OP premium tanks.
    -6. Veteran players leaving, due to unbarable playing conditions.

    There are a bit more things, but I can't think of them rn. Anyway... here's the explenation (or at least how I see it) for these things.

    1. As I said ALMOST EVERYONE IS USING PREMIUM AMMO. Why do they do that? Well... because they're generally much better than your default shells. They have better shell velocity, penetration and sometimes even more dmg per shot. They require much less skill, since they make any armor obsolete, since you can go trough it. I understand that in some cases it is necessary to use such shells. Most often when you're bottom tier. But I've personally experienced it when a Scorpion G (An OP premium TD) was shooting at me with premium ammo 2-3 times in a row, while I've been driving a tier 6 German medium tank... a tier 8 tank with monster gun, using premium ammo vs paper armor, lower tier tank. Of corse these shells are much more expensive than the default ones, but then again... whoever uses them is most probably giving at last a 1/4 of his montly payment to Wargaming, so he can keep his "skills" up to date. I udnerstand that you need them sometimes, but DON'T SPAM THEM ALL THE TIME!

    2. A lot of people are using software more commonly known as "aimbot". What is "aimbot?" It's a software which enhances your aiming significantly. It's mostly used by people who can't even aim in the game. I'm not sure about the specs, since I've never used this thing (and I don't plan to), but as far as I know it connects to the server reticle and it makes it possible to hit almost any shot, at any distance, at any speed. Needless to say... THIS IS CHEATING! Not to mention the mod which notifies you about destroyed houses, fences, trees and so on.

    3. "Pay to win" players. They're the plague in high tier games. They range from: 
    - The player has more prem tanks than regular ones.
    - The player spams premium ammo.
    - The player spams premium ammo, from OP prem tanks.
    The list goes on and on...

    4. WG making Soviet tanks OP with every passing day. They do that mostly out of pride (since they're russian). They want to imply to us that the soviets are best at anything. The best example which I can give is Obj. 268 V4. This tank destroyer is clearly OP. It is faster than some tier 10 medium tanks and turns super fast, eleminating the chance to outmaneuver it, it has tougher armor than some tier 10 heavies (it's "weak spot" is around 230-260 mm), it does tremendous amount of damage, it reloads relatively quick it and it has some camo (you don't really need camo with all of the above). It's only weakness is when it's alone and you charge at it with at least 2 other tanks by your side. There's couple of others but I can't think of their names right now.

    5. OP premium tanks. Wargaming is releasing at least 1 for every month. Most of used to be at least a bit worse than the normal counterpart. That is no longer the case, since they started releasing grossly OP prem tanks, which are much better than their regular counterparts. Examples being: Defender(Soviet heavy tank), Patriot (American heavy tank), Scorpion G (German tank destryer), Mauerbrecher (German heavy tank) and so on.
    They're not even trying to hide it anymore.

    6. Veteran players leaving. They leave because Wargaming doesn't listen to the bigger part of it's playerbase. All they want is our money. If you don't pay... you get matched up as a bottom tier most of the time, if you don't pay others will spam prem ammo at you, if you don't pay you won't pen the enemy tanks. 

    Thank you for reading my opinion in advance. I'm not a pro, but not a noob either I'm simply a normal player. (53,56 % victories and rising)

    Rate this article World of tanks. A "skill" based game or pay to win?

    (4.27/5) 97 rates

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    nice article.. I like it so 4 stars

    5 april 2021 14:20

    It very true game

    6 april 2020 06:56

    It is obvious that wargaming wants our money, since the tank is in containers, wich cost 6$ each and have 3% drop rate. So ridiculous...

    3 may 2020 17:27

    nice article.. I like it so 4 stars

    27 september 2020 10:10

    Honestly, I noticed the same things. The tanks in wotb like Smasher do a LOT of damage, goes very fast and reloads pretty quick. It's an american OP premium version of KV-2.

    3 may 2020 17:25

    Hi their this was definitly an useful artical about games

    4 september 2020 16:38

    I remember the good old days when you couldnt buy gold ammo for silver :/

    27 december 2019 20:50

    Mauerbrecher is definitely not OP he is noticeably weaker than his non-premium counterpart VK 100.01P

    23 march 2020 07:02


    5 june 2018 11:35

    Hi you have an amazing article keep up the AMAZING work. Good job.

    15 march 2020 07:02