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    Rate this article "Why I think Tower Battles Roblox is Overrated."

    (4.47/5) 403 rates
    Domeno123Kid, 30 september 2020 11:34

    Why I think Tower Battles Roblox is Overrated.

        Hi everybody! Today, I am going to write an article about why I think Tower Battles is overrated, because I have seen in communication applications like Discord, I have heard people saying that Tower Battles is bad and stuff. I hope you guys do not think the same way! Well what is Tower Battles? It is basically a Roblox Game created by Planet3arth. It is Tower Defence game.

    Since Tower Defence Simulator has gone popular, I have heard many people say that Tower Battles is a boring game, but I disagree. The creator of this game often hosts events to get new, exclusive towers, so I will never get bored of this game. this game is different from most other Tower Defence games, which do not let you use all your towers. You have to unlock towers using Credits, which are earned for playing each round, and the creator have made a very interesting rule to let the game be fair: If you leave your team mates in the middle of the game, you will lose 50 Credits. HyrnqBD6kZrFCNPlvcV4GV33vTlIQj.jpg

        Like other Tower Defence games, each tower has a Starting Cost, how far the tower can see ( The range ) and other of its unique abilities. This game also allows you to upgrade your towers to Level 5, which is very different from most other tower defence games. This game also have many different stages, made by other real players and not entirely by the creator. I know some of you have played Tower Defence Simulator in Roblox and yes, that is fun too! The creator of Tower Battles have also make some zombies able attack and stun the towers and I think that is very creative! The Planet3arth has also organised tournaments to get very exclusive towers for the public to join. I am very sure Planet3arth has spent alot of hardwork in coding this game and I really think it is overrated. If you have not tried this game, try it out! For people that play Tower Defence Simulator, this game is great for you to try out too!


    ( What is good )Pros: 
        What I have noticed is there are barely any hackers, as there is no point hacking Tower Battles, and people in the same team can work in unity and come up with different ways to defeat the enemy team. The animation of the towers and the zombies are very good ( in my opinion ) and the creator have made the game not too hard. 

    ( Bad things )Cons:
        The creator KEEPS ON nerfing ( making the tower worse ) towers and making the tower upgrades more expensive every update. You also cannot choose the difficulty of the level, despite being able to choose the stage. When I am unlucky, after I beat the Void ( The final boss ) I will get to Wave 00000 ( 1% chance I think ) and its is very annoying! The stage is practically too hard for me to beat and even if I beat it I will not get extra credits for winning, except for the normal 150 Credits for winning the game.

    Go ahead and write a comment!
    Please do not:
    -Write hate comments
    -Try not to talk out of topic

        Note: What I think about Tower Battles and Tower Defence Simulator is just an opinion. No hate too. ( Source of the pictures: Tower Battles & Google )

    Thank you!

    Rate this article Why I think Tower Battles Roblox is Overrated.

    (4.47/5) 403 rates


    Nice Article

    7 october 2020 18:40

    good job. nice article

    1 october 2020 10:08

    i love Roblox

    7 october 2020 18:44

    This a really good article finsihed the whole thing

    30 september 2020 21:07

    this game sucks and it haz a new update

    4 october 2020 17:51

    But I don't know if you have any issues with the car

    30 september 2020 20:36

    Roblox is a great game, but the best in Minecraft

    2 october 2020 18:24

    Wow i like that Game it's best game But not really its just fun and its boring now

    5 october 2020 11:11

    I agree, i think it's way too overrated. Great job on this article! :DD

    1 october 2020 06:42

    Ok this is a legit article, I always get spam articles so thanks

    30 september 2020 11:45