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    (5/5) 4 ratings
    Mrdox, 27 november 2017 17:13

    Watch Dogs 2; ×; review; ×;

    Watch the first Watch Dogs game was not ideal, but it provided some new ideas that give the player the opportunity to penetrate a lot of devices and infiltration into security systems in the framework of the story, which unfortunately did not get much admiration for being Simple and fairly short. Ubisoft has benefited from a wide range of observations and criticisms of the first part, so how much you like Watch Dogs 2 is very much in the way you received the first part.

    Watch dogs 2 focuses on the story of Marcus Holloway, a talented young man who joins the Dedsec hacker group, which aims to destroy Blume, as the latter is back (as in Part One) to creating a system that spies all Internet users across the states But the story is going on in California and exactly in San Francisco, also known as Silicon Valley's Silicon Valley.

    The game carries with it a series of simple stories, there are not many surprises or similar, some scenes show how Marcus joined the group Dedsec, and what the objectives of this latter and what plan to adopt them to achieve. In the end, the main characters are a group of young modern, technology-savvy, fashion-conscious and permanently connected to the social networks, which is very good compared to that of the young people. The first part is that Aiden Pearce's character was somewhat lonely in the absence of a large element of communication with other characters, and simply ... it did not carry an interesting pattern.

    Play style:
    Talking about the story, the main characters contribute significantly to the way of playing, over time and progress in the tasks of the game, you will see the evolution of these characters and additions that they make, there is Wrench, who will communicate with you a lot during the missions, a person with many words wearing strange glasses showing signs and icons according to dialogues , But it is fun and specific-minded that sometimes makes you think deeply. For missions, they are in line with the style of the characters, tasks in their entirety focused on hacking and spreading the culture of Dedsec in order to make people aware of the importance of their personal information and how Blume ctOS system spying on everyone and selling their information, which is somewhat repetitive tasks in a limited playing mode, There are a few ways to complete any task, but they still lack the versatility of some other games, especially since hacking is the basic part, using the equipment available to you like a drones, a small vehicle that enables you to sneak into buildings and penetrate electronic doors It is a good experience but it soon becomes the only thing you will use in every task.

    Unlike what we saw in the first version, there is no interest in the capabilities and there are no devices that you can hack other than your mobile phone and computer. Watch Dogs 2 requires you to upgrade the capabilities of your devices such as a small plane that you can remotely control and penetrate with whatever devices you want, In distracting others to infiltrate unnoticed, I also forgot to mention that you can change the perspective to control it. I mean, you can turn it into the first person perspective, which is the most important element of all of the above. After that you will have many Real weapons, as a conclusion to this small paragraph we will see many positive changes in this section and hope to have fun during the game.
    No matter how much we try to talk about the quality of the graphics, unfortunately it will not have the right it deserves. The world in which the events will take place is the magical city of San Francisco, which has many historical features and monuments, not to mention the extraordinary atmosphere of people who walk around you and try to interact with you in the most , The way I sneak out, I have never seen it in another game without a lie, so it is my right to say that I did not see a game like in terms of graphics, of course.

    The game comes with several new things about the first part, but it does not extend to provide a stronger experience or at least free of technical problems that hinder the way of playing from time to time. Collaborative play mode will be your first and last choice to enjoy the open world and the available tasks, while the story mode does not allow much space to return it differently.
    Overall Rating

    Rate this article Watch Dogs 2; ×; review; ×;

    (5/5) 4 ratings


    bestest simulator game

    12 january 2020 14:28

    The coolest game i ever seen i life

    7 september 2018 03:37