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    (5/5) 4 ratings
    Mrdox, 27 november 2017 18:02

    Review Bioshock Infinite

    The game is a type of First Person Shooter and classifies its story from science fiction - adventure - and horror ... Perhaps the horror is not in the game with horror intensity of the outlast series, for example, but it contains some really terrifying moments. Nothing realistic in this game from the characters to the story, if you are interested in "realism" games, I do not advise you to play at all.

    Game Story:
    The story of the game is about a person named Poker DeWitt, and a task that someone assigned him to find a girl in Columbia, for the payment of his dues. The only problem is that Colombia flies in the sky, it's not a normal city and you explore this fictional city to find the girl . This is the main story that begins the game and lasts for about half an hour of play time, and then start the real game.

    The story is generally terrifying. It takes a lot of work, conclusion, and concentration to assemble the parts of the story puzzle that is revealed during the game. The problem is that it will be very difficult to play the game with enthusiasm and fighting ... Some see this as a bad thing.

    The parts of the story are scattered between the conversations you make with the characters, the sound recordings you find during the game, the graphics and the writings on the wall, the small details in the game world ... all these small parts add to the
    story that explains the game idea perfectly.

    Spirit of the story:
    Do you know those games that tell an amazing story without a real soul? In a way that makes you feel that it is not compatible with characters and the universe and it is not basically a game but a novel ... Well Bayoshok is not like this at all, the story is incredibly harmonious, which led me to write the review more original ... I have a obsession with the stories on which the games are built because they are often distinctive And unprecedented, and this story robbed part of my mind in the ten hours that ended the game.

    The story puts you in direct contact with the problems that the world has lived and continues to live, from slavery and human trafficking, to the sale of weapons and fabricated wars, even political deception and life problems ... all without losing the main idea that originally speaks of science fiction, the quantum concept of fantasy .

    The characters are the most important keys that will make you know the whole story. The names of the characters are very important in the development of the game. Knowing who did what and what is personal is very important to the story, and the spirit given to each of the characters makes this game unique again.

    In contrast to mythical games in the gaming world, she has not succeeded in making the computer-controlled side-profile of the best-Bioshock succeed in making the Elizabeth secondary character a privileged and even necessary character in the fighting and progress of the game ... it makes you miss her when she returns to fighting alone without her abilities. Help you ... This is where many games that include personal help have failed.

    The characters' forms are frankly funny, they may be appropriate for the atmosphere of the story, and sometimes even more than appropriate, but the pattern of clothes and figures of characters made me laugh and still make me laugh so far

    Play Mode:
    just awesome. Watch the trailer and you'll see what I mean ... You'll see a lot of online games that will let you know that the game control style is bad. Most of these videos are on the playing platforms, not the personal computer. Try them on the computer and you will find that the game style is more suitable for FPS players.

    I have only two problems with the style of play in this game: the first is about weapons, the inability to carry more than two weapons ... I mean, realism and logic are beautiful, but maybe I want to carry all the weapons at once from time to time ... It becomes worse when you need a weapon Anywhere.

    The second problem concerns the game map, no map to lead you in the game, and because the game is wide and can be back in it, the map is very useful ... True there is an alternative advantage to lead you towards the task required but not the quality of the game map.

    Amazing. The variety of weapons that will use only half of them according to your personal preferences, the superlative abilities you can not do without, the wearable pieces you find over the progress of the game, some other things that I will not mention in order not to burn the story are all combined to give you an amazing harmony. Fighting.
    The forms of weapons and capacity design were wonderful and deserved respect as well.
    Speaking of design ...

    Graphics and Art:
    The game is cinematic by all standards, displaying backgrounds, dialogues, actions, reflexes, slow scenes, choices, interaction between characters ... all perfectly pictured to give an amazingly mixed effect between the game and the story. Shooting in games is very important and is one of the characteristics of games that have an amazing story ... The way the cut scenes within the game without depriving the player of freedom of movement is distinctive in Bayoshok and was applied in a distinctive way.

    There is a problem with the oversimplification of the game, and the blur effect used in some situations, and this may be because it is a fairly old game.

    The shapes of funny characters, the design of weapons, the miraculous abilities, the way they are picked up, used, and moved with are fantastic, and you can see them all day long.

    You can say that the studio designed the game visually amazing ... and completed his work with the music accompanying this visual feast with Saundtrak you can listen to him outside the game, something I may have found only in two or three games before now.
    In short, you can enjoy the game technically even if you do not understand the story at all.

    My personal opinion:
    Of course, there are some things that bothered me, such as the relatively short hours in which it ended, the problem of maps and weapons ... but they are not problems that put black points in their assessment. , And some may find it enjoyable.

    Rate this article Review Bioshock Infinite

    (5/5) 4 ratings


    The first games of this series were perfect. This game is a masterpiece. So nice article!

    19 march 2019 01:26

    it lives up to the other bioshock games

    9 june 2020 23:57