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    Rate this article "Warframe Is And Will Be The Better Destiny"

    (3.68/5) 37 rates
    KiloTheGuardian, 8 august 2018 21:45

    Warframe Is And Will Be The Better Destiny

    I am Kilo, a Freelance Reviewer that Reviews whenever and wherever i want, Today i will Review a beloved game of mine, Warframe, the game Destiny wishes it could be...Possible Spoilers Ahead!

    Warframe is a large Open-World 3D MMORPG in which you control warframes while your character in the game is called a Tenno, someone who pilots these warframes via a connection that allows tennos to stay away from danger, Each frame as 4 unique abilities ranging from Magnetic Field Manipulation with Mag, and Void Hopping with Limbo, to Making Goloms with Atlas and Making "Snow Globes" with Frost. The weapon stats and type of damage they do can play a HUGE role in deciding if your team (or you alone if you prefer going as a Lone Wolf) living through the mission...and Dying at the hands of Infested, Grenieer, Corpus, or even Stalker, a Rouge Warframe. The quests in Warframe are heavily lore based, like the newest "The Sacrifice" quest i which you help Umbra, another Tenno get revenge and the upcoming "New War" quest line later this year or early 2019 upon writting this review, Weapons and Warframes can further be enhanced using Mods, not the kind that modifies the game, but Mods as in Modifications, which can drop from Enemies and Bosses or even found in Storage Chest and Lockers, Everything in Warframe can be earned WITHOUT spending a single penny, Using Credits (the main currency) on blueprints for weapons and warframes, and many other things, lets you get the recipe, but not the item, while using the premium currency, platinum, lets you get the item immediately

    Lets say you buy a Limbo Blueprint for 25K Credits off of someone who has Limbo Prime, a more powerful version of the regular Limbo, you will need 3 or 4 parts, Limbo Optics, Limbo Chassis, and Limbo Systems, and maybe a few Orokin Cells. Building and gathering the parts will take a Maximum of 3 weeks to get him, since each part needed for him also has a blueprint to finish which takes a day or 2. and about 75K Credits total, but the hard work will make it all the better when you realize the power he holds.

    Addition to Blueprints, Mods, and everything else, last part is the Levels and Planets.

    Levels for your Primary, Secondary, Melee, and Warframe are all different and slowly level up depending on how few weapons you have equipped at the time of starting a mission, having the 3 weapon slots full makes each weapon level up more slowly, which means more Kills, Missions, Credits, and loading screens, while having only 1 full make the weapon level up more quickly, which means less time getting that Max Rank Kama, your Warframe, Sentinel, and Companion level up at the same rate no matter what, so you could be a Max Rank Equinox with Rank 5 Dethcube and Rank 2 Kubal, with Rank 10 Bolton, Akimbo Pistols, and Duel Ether. and at the end of 20 Missions, Max out your Dethcube and Kubal and have Rank 15 weapons. How and What Warframe you play is up to you, Mods can make a slow one fast and make a Low Energy one have a Fountain of Energy, Remember to Modify Weapons, Warframes, Pets, Sentinels, and Archwings as often as possible, or for whatever that specific mission calls for. Stay Safe Out There, Tenno. 

    Rate this article Warframe Is And Will Be The Better Destiny

    (3.68/5) 37 rates

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    Warframe is in fact the name of the super-advanced armor our character is wearing; which has been unexpectedly woke from the hibernation by a mysterious individual known as the Lotus. The character will have one, simple objective – fight dozens of enemies to reunite the space colonies overwhelmed by wars between three major fact...

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    I personaly like both games and i dont understand what is the problem

    19 march 2020 22:45

    yep. this game will be better than destiny 2. for sure

    2 january 2021 08:03

    akar canözümden sel gizli gizli

    26 november 2020 20:45

    I Love this game its so fun to wall jump ,double jump and tumble around

    27 march 2020 12:01

    I never liked destiny, but I think it's legacy will remain untouched by warframe.

    27 january 2020 08:14

    this is also a good site to earn platinum on but im mainly here to farm robux and such
    the grind is so tought like its hard to gt xp and sould gems take forvever to farm and i dont seem to get
    any soul gems for rationg reviews or liking comments tbh one day im gonna start making my own reviews

    29 february 2020 23:32

    This game is a total copyright i even like fn more.

    5 march 2020 06:49

    hergün ixpi düşüyorum s.kecem ama ha sonunday a

    24 november 2020 15:47

    Wow nice article

    22 november 2020 11:24

    There is a lot of things I like about Warframe and Destiny. For Warframe, I like the mods and customization of your loadout. Destiny, even though the new update gave more customization to armour, something still feels off. For Destiny, I love the endgame, like Raids, Crucible, Strikes, and Dungeons. Both things I hate about both games are the microtransactions. Although with Destiny, it is only needed to buy ornaments and cosmetics, whereas Platinum helps you buy weapons and Warframes, sort of a pay-to-win. Also, for Warframe, I hate the fact that you have to wait for the blueprint to get the weapon you paid for. It's just really annoying.
    Overall, if there was such a game where Warframe's customization and Destiny's endgame were combined, then that will make a **** of a good game.

    16 february 2020 17:02