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    gjmad3, 30 december 2017 08:13

    Warface : BIG UPDATE - Battle Royale

    In Warface you can play a variety of game modes - some with classic fit 5-5 team play style, others with more dynamic and somewhat solitary play styles. location. With the Battle Royale, we expect fighters to experience a whole new gameplay, not just skills but also luck.

    Dear Warriors!

    The command post is pleased to announce the following updates:

    - Server closure time to Update:  22h00 'on 22/12/2017.

    - Expected server opening time (may be earlier):  06h00 'on 23/12/2017.


    You will be fighting on the biggest map of Warface ever, and we expect our warriors to master all their four-class weapons skills: Rifleman, Medic, Engineer and Sniper. So you will never know what weapons you will shoot. 

    And welcome the warrior to come to Mojave - the first map of Battle Royale

    We would like to see the warriors have a completely new experience when joining Battle Royale. In the future we will try to improve and upgrade it more suitable for you.


    As one of the most memorable characters in the Terminator 2 (The Destroyer Part 2), Shotgun is always attached to the protagonist - T-800 Destroyer. And what makes that shotgun stand out as a symbolic image of the movie is the way the T-800 "turns the gun" to load the bullet. The perfect blend of wilderness, flair of the Far West, and the seemingly dry action that made this gun work into an unforgettable legend.


    Inspired by the "healing" of this weapon, we studied design, built and made it - Winchester 1887 into Warface.It will appear with explosion with terrible damage (800 points for a single shot), stable speed and high accuracy to 74 points (when watching). It is these things that will take Winchester 1887 to the forefront of the most horrible Medic guns.

    2. MPG 930 DMG

    In order to serve the warrior enthusiasts with the art of battle with Weapons, we continue to update the MPA 930 DMG. To open the lock it would probably take a while but the value of the "very worth" it.

    With ultra-compact design, super fast firing speed and fully automatic. Not only that, the top barrel also supports shrinkage, muffling and increased ability to "shoot" the opponent in close proximity to extreme ease. 

    We believe that in the future it will become a favorite weapon to use on the battlefield fiercely. 


    Although Halloween has gone through, Warriors will not be able to ignore the extremely timeless Halloween Pump Set 2017. We will have a separate article about the parameters of these guns in another article to help you better understand each gun. 

    This weapon will appear in the Random Box on the Ingame Store so that warriors can try their luck.


    It is easy to see that ever since its invention, assault rifles have grown steadily and consistently in terms of: lighter, shorter, easier to use and assuring elements. its damage. 

    At the 2014 SHOT Show, Desert Tech LLC presented the MDR assault rifle for Micro Dynamic Rifle. This is a highly rated rifle at the show by many handheld weapons experts around the world. 

    True to its name, "Dynamic", MDR is a multi-purpose gun that can serve many purposes such as sports, defense, etc. Also manufacturers are aiming to military force and law enforcement in the task of keeping peace and fighting terrorism.

    5. GOLD ACR

    You probably will not have to mention much or introduce this "commodity" anymore because you have probably experienced the regular version of it. A weapon with damage up to 78 points, shot speed 700 points and distance 17 points WF. We have heard about it with the name "Air Conductor" because of its extremely small shock. 

    Have fun! 

    Rate this article Warface : BIG UPDATE - Battle Royale

    (4.6/5) 20 rates

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    *** sound like fun

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    warface is very good game

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    this game is a goodfps

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    like it is. thank you

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    Nice article!!!

    31 august 2019 01:06

    is it worth it?

    13 february 2020 14:51

    It's nice to see you guys

    4 november 2019 22:39

    But Nvm Nice top

    20 august 2019 10:02

    Try this game

    8 january 2018 21:33

    like CSGO :)) WOW

    20 august 2019 10:02