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    (2/5) 1 rating
    panos_misti, 30 december 2017 10:37

    Review: Tyranny - Bastard’s Wound

    Tyranny - Bastard's Wound - a bird of a smaller flight. There are practically no changes in mechanics, and players are offered only a few new quests and adventure hours for five real-time. But it will be very exciting five hours.

    Let me remind you that in Tyranny , the classic party RPG from virtuosos of the genre from Obsidian Entertainment , we play for such a judge, the Forecaster who was sent to the remote lands of a huge Empire besieged by troops to monitor compliance with the laws and decrees of the ruler. In the process, he is free to choose how to act in certain situations and how to decide the fate of not only individuals, but also entire factions, settlements and regions. And the Executor can be more or less kind or very evil - to kill right during the conversation, betray their partners and doom to death many people. Thanks to the addition of Bastard's Wound, built into the main game, the reason to win back the villain is even greater. On the map appeared a new region - Rana Bastard, where refugees, bookworms, magicians and animal-seekers found shelter. To get to him, you need to deal with a group of murderers from the Scarlet Chorus - to kill them or a group of refugees, or send to the forefathers of both, or somehow agree. And in the settlement you are allowed to act as a judge and executioner and sentence everyone to death - they did not have the right to live here. Or you can try to understand the local problems, find out that there is a dual power, that it is not easy for people to survive, they need to somehow purify water and grow food, that some animal-seeker has been treating the wounded for a long time, and then they began to lose sleep and turned into a half-sosby, the so-called Sleepless, and with it went away in the direction of the Old Walls. There, sooner or later, we will also have to descend to fight, solve puzzles and determine the fate of the entire settlement. Although no one interferes at any time just cut out all ...
    In the course of the adventures in Ran Bastard, we once again see how much the boundaries between good and evil are blurred in this world. Both settlement leaders, each of whom considers themselves only worthy of this title, are ready to do everything in order to get rid of the competitor, including poisoning the crop on the farm, on which the survival of all around depends. Which of them is to blame, on whose side to stand? Or recognize both and both as guilty? Or another situation - at some point we find a secret laboratory in which local blooded animals are forcibly pumped out of the blood (but not killed) necessary to purify the water. And there is a difficult dilemma: destroy those who do this, or leave alone, realizing that this is the price of survival?
    There are many difficult situations of moral choice, and some are related, among other things, to the new personal quests of our partners, which shed light on their personality and past. For example, Fugue, the murderer of the Scarlet Chorus, will have the opportunity to avenge the death of his fighting sisters. But can the death of an elderly woman, the mother of those who are guilty of the death of her friends, satisfy the thirst for retribution? Even such a bloodthirsty girl as our fighting girlfriend from the Scarlet Chorus, in Bastard's Wound can open up with a new, unexpected side.
    Simultaneously with Bastard's Wound, there was a free update for Tyranny , in which we received a sophisticated mode of "New Game +", new spoken dialogues, more events for the third act and information on "Laura," and a completely new ending, who decides to remain truly faithful to Kairos. Naturally, there are new enemies, objects, artifacts, corrections in the balance sheet. In addition, those who played only in the original version, and now decided to try Bastard's Wound , will notice that there is a system of random events that occur periodically during movements on the map. You can stumble upon a group of bandits, old enemies who want your death, on thickets of strange berries and so on. And in each situation, several solutions. There are also non-trivial events. Once I, for example, met a group of starving orphans and found out that they were killing travelers. To sentence them to death for crimes, send them to the service of Kairos or let them go with peace and provisions?
    Of course, Tyranny - Bastard's Wound - not the most, to put it mildly, a major addition. But this is not a standard set of new enemies, weapons and quests. We got a new full story, the ability to differently decide the fate of the whole settlement and learn from the new side of their partners, so all fans of the original game and in general the classic RPG must definitely try this DLC.


    Rate this article Review: Tyranny - Bastard’s Wound

    (2/5) 1 rating


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