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    (4.67/5) 3 ratings
    gjmad3, 30 december 2017 08:04

    Vainglory : how to become a good Supporter

    Supporters, also known as supporters, are not a preferred location. Highly skilled players are usually the ones with the best personal skills. So how to play well in the Support position?

    1. General support position: - What is support?

    - The definition is simple and easy to understand: Support - General support acts as a mother - the sister of the team. The mother has to take care of everything from the mine to protect the "herd", illuminating the way for aggressive children who always want to sweep away the enemy, taking care of the body to protect it when it hits. and sadness is to sacrifice when necessary. Words such metaphor, but this is the most basic concept of Supporttrong VainGlory position. Why have a supporter in the team? Currently, Vainglory only accepts up to 3 players per team during a match. When playing, everyone wants to win. Therefore, it is not possible for all three generals to compete and earn the same amount of money and experience. The amount of resources in a match will be much better if you focus on one or two generals instead of spreading them all. Therefore, the Support born to disadvantaged ceded all power to the minister outside the main road and all major generals in the forest. To For a normal or professional match in the current VainGlory they have the same ideal team: a supporter and two generals.

    2. Which generals are suitable for support?

    - In VainGlory, it is quite difficult to define exactly which generals to support, or which ones are not. Also because of the variety in tactics and the gameplay of each team, each match will decide which one will play the supporting role. Sometimes, we can see Adagio - Skaarf be used as a key minister and farm a lot, but we also caught Adagio - Skaart become -tanker support. But generally, support generals are generally not too dependent on teammates, not high-level farm, high level of health. Support must own one of the skills: stunning, slow, heal, armor, very useful in combat or small gank. Support generics in VainGlory are usually very strong at the beginning of the game and weaken from the middle of the game to the end of the game.

    3. What role does the Supporter play in the team?

    - Team Defense: 

    The word "guard" in this corresponds to two cases: protection and sacrifice


          + Protection : - 

    DO NOT fight your teammates.


    Help your farm team by standing in front of the monsters for damage so they can farm more easily. In this way you should buy                                          Ironguard Contract to receive 20 gold after getting 5 hit monsters.


    Keep a certain distance and maintain that distance with both teammates.

          + Sacrifice: 

    Usually this is not acceptable to many gamers. Because the part is also affected by the two words "index" kill / die in the match. And                                 most importantly, when you die, you are often blamed by your teammates, who make mistakes after losing.

          + Map control: As mentioned above, placing mines and flare in a match is what a supporter MUST be doing. In addition, you also need to                                               constantly observe the map, the enemy position can hide to be able to work out to support the team. This may seem easier with a                                     supporter who does not need to focus too much on the monster farm so you can easily control the map over other generals.

          +Quick response - good thinking:  Combined with the map control, supporters have to train themselves a very fast response so that when enemy heroes are missing on the map, you can approach your teammates to be ready. support in any situation. You can also start thinking and judging situations, moves to promptly call your teammates in the Minion Mine or Kraken, break the pillars, or dodge the hunting situations, ambush the enemy.

    Have fun!
    Add me : ChiPo141

    Rate this article Vainglory : how to become a good Supporter

    (4.67/5) 3 ratings


    i love this game,but the guys who play this are so fucking bad....

    7 january 2018 17:22

    this game is fucking amazing

    6 january 2018 01:55

    good one

    6 january 2018 01:54

    yes, you must find your skill first . the best skill is legendary and supprt better take midle ever. like catherine. team support

    16 september 2019 18:22