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    Rate this article ""Vikings: War of Clans" review with newbie eyes"

    (4.38/5) 34 rates
    marik_travik, 8 august 2019 12:49

    "Vikings: War of Clans" review with newbie eyes

    This game has been ignored by me for at least 2 years, but today I gave up and started playing it. Here you will find what I think about this game after 2 hours of gameplay.

    Hello everyone, today I gonna tell you about the "Vikings: War of Clans". How I mentioned before, I've been ignoring this game for a long time because I thought that this is just one more boring browser strategy. I think you know what am I talking about. I've seen a lot of advertisement with this game so was sure that this is one more junk game project that was created only for getting money from teens and children. But I was wrong! When I started playing I've understood that it's really interesting and atmospheric game that makes you feel yourself like real jarl with your own Norse village. And because of my positive emotions, I'd like to tell you the reasons why you should at least try to play this game.

    First things first I'd like to tell that this game has really beautiful graphics. I've never seen browser strategies with such realism and beauty like this has.

    1. All buildings are worked out in detail
    2. All animations are smooth (I'm not sure, but it looks like 60 fps)
    3. Not too many effects but also enough.
    4. Beautiful and understandable user interface
    For the second I'd like to tell you about the tutorial. It's balanced enough with information it gives and length of popups.

    1. The tutorial is short but informative
    2. All information goes through special quests with their awards
    3. Not boring like much more tutorials from other games are (any genre)
    4. You know all that you need when getting out from this "kindergarten"
    For the third, I'd like to state that this game is international. I know that because have seen in world chat Russian, English and other languages. Here's a list of languages supported by game (I mean localisation):

    • Русский (Russian)
    • English
    • Deutsch (German)
    • Français (French)
    • Italiano (Italian)
    • 日本語 (Japanese)
    • 한국어 (Korean)
    • Türkçe (Turkish)
    Last but not least is that developers are ready to provide you with bonuses and help.

    1. After the tutorial, you get VIP status for 24 hours and can use all the bonuses that it gives.
    2. If you don't have time or just want to speed up your growth you can donate some money to developers
    3. "Chest of Loki" for people that stay in the game for a long time.
    4. Daily tasks
    Bonus - The game has atmospheric music so you won't be bored after 20 minutes of gameplay

    After all, I've stated here a lot of reasons so, I hope that you, guys and girls, will look at this game in another way and play it with me. I don't know if there any referral system, but it doesn't matter because I never put my referral links to reviews which I write by my own will.

    And if you still here don't forget that you can get Soul Gems on Gamehag for playing this game, so this is one more reason why you should play this game.


    Rate this article "Vikings: War of Clans" review with newbie eyes

    (4.38/5) 34 rates

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