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    (4.5/5) 8 rates
    Mrdox, 26 april 2018 12:26

    Until Dawn

    The action of the film is to label the title "Until Dawn" from the development team Supermassive Games for Playstation 4 the idea of experimenting with a film that has been integrated with a video game where you choose what is happening with events and with it the results change every time, now that we finish the game it's time to know its level and give you a full review of it.

    The story of this game is played in one of the houses or huts in the middle of the forest, the ten friends or the group of teenagers meet this house and it was a joke from some of them turned into a dramatic event of the death of the sisters Hannah and Beth and now a year later that the rest of the teenagers return to the forest cottage without realizing that one is lurking Without the knowledge of this criminal and the motives of his desire, is it to revenge or to satisfy his criminal instincts, the story of the game is similar to the movies B B Movie or movies level II cinematic and may be enthusiastic at the beginning, but quickly become very clear events and you can know who is behind these crimes quickly.

    To talk about the technical aspect of this game, until Dawn game began its life for the Playstation 3 and the fact was not purged that it is a high-value games, with the transfer of the game to Playstation 4 things have improved a lot and most of the time the game looks very good at the visual level despite some lapses from time to time and Match the movement of the lips with the interview of the characters and the limited camera system that does not show the details significantly, the presentation of the game generally depends on the system of chapters story as in the television series with the beginning of each chapter will get a summary of events so far.

    There are beautiful details in the faces of the characters and the environment of the game is very appropriate gloomy atmosphere of events, but the advantage of this game on the technical level is a lot of acoustics, very beautiful representation of the voices and makes you actually interact with these characters between the disturbing and quiet as with any horror film of this kind, The game offers a remarkable performance as well as terrifying sounds from time to time, which gives this game a great advantage on the level of acoustics.

    This game is classified as an interactive horror game, you will walk around the world of the game until you find a movie scene and here you will have to choose between two options or more to advance the events and these options play an important role in advancing the story of the character and life of her death with critical moments facing the killer, This will make you come back to experience the game a number of times to see the different results of your decision Some characters will wish the fact of slaughter as soon as possible and others will try as far as possible save even if found out that the option of escape or hiding will lead to death rather than escape.

    The game depends on the Butterfly Effect system, where each decision is made by a future story. Sometimes the decision will be decisive without your knowledge. Therefore, you will think a lot before making any decision about the game, so decide which one will have a strong impact later on. You will determine the level of your relationship to them and show it from a special list you can see at any time and know who is the closest friend and so on.


    Rate this article Until Dawn

    (4.5/5) 8 rates


    what is happening with events and with it the results change every time, now that we finish the game it's time to know its level and give you a full review of it.

    4 february 2021 07:35

    The game will put you on more than one planet with a different task each time, for example searching

    4 february 2021 07:34