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    (3.8/5) 5 rates
    MrRiddick, 26 april 2018 01:08

    Review: Zombie Catchers

    Two Men and a Dog was famous for the most strange mobile game on the theme of the dead - Zombie Catchers for a couple of days conquered all sorts of charts with a million downloads in digital stores. The success was facilitated by a funny story about a charismatic alien with a robot and their profitable zombie trapper. The scheme is tricky: we scatter human brains to lure walking people, we take arkanim into a cage and turn all this biomass into exotic lacquer products for mass consumption in public catering. And the variety of "ingredients" is only welcome. Now, Russian-speaking users will be able to do business with small alien entrepreneurship - the game was recently localized.

    What was simple was the recipe for a triumph for Finnish developers - simple gameplay with a button (on the screen) control, a healthy share of humor with funny sounds and wonderful animation, detailed backgrounds, unmanded interface ... And the very concept of business on the undead has no analogues. Only in this game, the special robotic drones are combing the quadrants of infected areas in search of representatives of inanimate nature, so that we, instead of running away, rush in with a harpoon at the ready and bait in the form of brains.

    These creatures are quite sensitive - they hear our steps, do not climb on trouble, and some of them will also throw something weighty. In such an abundance of corpses there is profit. In elegant and expensive delicacies, there must be rare "components" - special breeds of zombies, sometimes elusive. Grab the bait - and napeyok. To cope with the most frisky, you need to use. Sometimes the slimy blue face will come out, and the body itself - in a barrel or an all-metal box. Harpoon does not take these from the first time. Here also it is necessary to chase. 

    The further in the wasteland (the change of locations depends on the level of the hero), the more difficult the conditions of capture. There are more insects, birds and other obstacles - they can knock our alien out of consciousness for a while, giving the carrion a chance to save. To combat the increase in complexity, you will need more and more tricky equipment. And so, without realizing it, the player rolls into the pit with endless improvements of juicers, the purchase of weapons, traps, drones and so on.

    In the heat of hunting, all artificial "brakes" in the form of squeezing zombies for forty-nine minutes or exploring wastes to catch new victims for seven, ten or more minutes is a good reason to "zadonatit." In return, we get plutonium - a local currency to speed up the processes. It can be earned and "pumping". On the purchase of usefulness, coins are spent that fall out of the caught prey (here is a clue: from flying reptiles too); They are also given for the sale of products. Unfortunately, without material gratitude to developers, even the most dodgy players at some point will face an unbearable long-waiting expectation of the next opportunity to hunt.

    In its essence, Zombie Catchers is a mixture of platformers when we entice zombies to the surface to catch, and a strategy in which to distribute "tadpoles" for juicers with the greatest benefit for the enterprise. But the fascinating comic action with charming characters and charming graphics turns into a test of patience, even if we speed up the timers by "donat". And only the reward in the form of new locations and a great variety makes us come back to the game again. 


    Rate this article Review: Zombie Catchers

    (3.8/5) 5 rates


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    10 june 2018 09:28

    good article i approve it and is the game free or no

    25 december 2019 14:21

    Is this game free?

    9 july 2018 11:54

    i want to check out this game!

    26 july 2018 16:55