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    (3/5) 2 ratings
    Kermadec, 19 march 2018 19:20

    Two Worlds: "The Oblivion Killer"

    Two Worlds is a action role-playing game released in 2009.

    Forsooth! Mayhaps and perchance you have heard the epic tale of the Oblivion killer?

    Two Worlds...ah this game. The grand "Oblivion Killer"...now game deserves a special place in history.
    I remember how it first came out. For some reason the publishers decided it was a good idea to launch at the same time as Oblivion did, which was a very ballsy move at the time. They then proceeded to boast how this game will be a true Oblivion killer and the best RPG of all time. I think this tactic may have even worked for a little while, at least up until the point where people heard the hilariously bad voice acting in the opening cutscene. Needless to say, it got laughed off the streets soon enough, and everyone, my younger self included, just went on playing Oblivion indefinitely.

    Only now have I learned to appreciate it for what it is. Unlike quite a few games being released today, Two Worlds is perfectly functional and has actual gameplay and thought put into it. I tried replaying Oblivion recently, and it just felt dry, boring and lifeless by modern standards. Two Worlds, on the other hand, can be a lot of fun if you do not take it too seriously and enjoy it as a weird cultural curiosity that also happens to be a video game.
    At full price I would not really recommend it to anyone, but you can get it for loose change on sale, which happens often enough, being on Steam and all...and have a tonne of fun with it.

    Some neat Features:
    1) Pretty large open world to adventure in.
    2) Loot...lots and lots of loot.
    3) The voice acting is absolutely glorious. FORSOOTH, VERILY and HEAR THEE
    4) Quite a variety when it comes to animals, enemies, terrain, mounts, etc.
    5) Game is actually challenging at first (you ascend to godlike levels after a while though).
    6) Actually quite a nice soundtrack.

    1) Some next level voiceacting... If there was a "Tommy Wiseau of Video Games" category in some big awards, this would probably be the winning candidate.
    2) Really screwy, although not quite broken, combat animations.
    3) Interesting mount controls.
    4) The voice acting...Opening the main menu for the first tim. Hear: "Suddenly, the world belongs to strangers..." infinity/10
    5) Once looked at a duck that the game called a boar.
    6) GREAT ragdoll physics
    7) The voice acting
    Start the game, kill some young groms, some wolves, maybe a bunny or two, whatever. Walk down the road, feeling like I have got the biggest balls around and try squaring up to an adult grom. Get 1-shotted. Feel pathetic. Fight a peasant to make myself feel better. Get 1-shotted so hard, the ragdoll physics engine fails epically and sends me into a tree while I am having a seizure...Man oh man do I love this game!

    Rate this article Two Worlds: "The Oblivion Killer"

    (3/5) 2 ratings


    not bad.

    29 may 2019 06:45

    Great work :D

    9 april 2018 23:27

    didnt like the game tbh

    21 june 2018 07:15


    4 april 2018 15:42

    7/10 rating game

    8 april 2018 12:08