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    Rate this article "A survival game from 14th Century Europe - The Black Death [Steam]"

    (5/5) 3 ratings
    noobda, 17 march 2018 21:15

    A survival game from 14th Century Europe - The Black Death [Steam]

    This is a survival game from the 14th century, and most likely took place in Europe, this game is in Early Access, and we'll be going over some of the key aspects of this game instead of the reivew, as the game is still under development. This game is quite like the typical survival games which are mostly near to RUST but have something missing usually or they add up to being creative instead, lets find out more about that...

    And this game isn't a free to play game, its a paid game on steam...

    The Black Death:
    The game The Black Death is a survival game from the past, having all the features of the past and still having its essence of being a survival game of the genre. There is a steep learning curve to the game as this is quite a tricky kind of a game, instead of being easy this game is actually tricky and you have to put some sense into it. A game where you spawn with nothing and make your way up to the survival and learn things that are used to craft things like weapons and stuff useful for the survival and combat in the game. Its been quite a while since this game started in Early Access on steam, but bear in mind that this game is pushing updates regularly instead of some games that are just left abandoned while they are still in early access, but some games take much time to get out of early access and much more time to be more stable and optimized.

    That's how the gameplay looks like, and you can find that the game quite has the same bars from RUST but here they aren't quite actually the same while the purpose of those is almost similar, here in this game you'll have to scavenge for all the resources and things. We can say it this way, this game is just a survival game from the very past like in the 14th century and it quite lives up to its purpose of being an older pace survival game in its gameplay. You won't find any newer or latest things in the game, everything you find in the game are either from that time or you the things that you might not even have seen in these days, that's the purpose of the game being designed from 14th century.

    Lets go through some steam statistics of this game while its still in early access...

    • Actually no single player mode where you'll fondle around in the map but its quite tricky to get one single session
    • Online Multi Player
    • Medival open world game which is quite of survival genre
    • Mixed reviews on steam, which might change upon time as the game develops along time
    • Developer: Syrin Studios, Small Impact Games
    • Publisher: Green Man Gaming Publishing [you might be aware of these guys]
    • Release Date: 19th April, 2016 [this is when the game made its debut for the Early Access on steam on windows]
    • The game as of now is only available for Windows, and might or might not get a Linux and MAC versions
    • Has Steam achievements [Well, there are no achievements, there is only one achievement as of now, but definitely there will more of it in the near future]
    • As of now there is only one steam achievement which is named 'Test Achievement'
    • This game was nominated for the 'best game by a small studio' award and got the finals
    • This game quite works as a co-op if you wish to cope with other guys in the multi player instead of the NPCs, well Non Playable Characters from the game
    • There's a lot of scope for crafting in the game beyond the limit and it still develops which is quite nice from a game featuring medival age atmosphere

    So, will the game be run on Intel HD graphics on my potato computer, well obviously not, as you can see the graphics that are on this game, and it being in Early Access you might need some extra resource than usual due to its developing curve. You can check out the minimum system specifications here anyway:
    > A Dual Core proessor is enough but hyper threaded is a boon
    > 8GB of RAM is required as this takes up a bit
    > A dedicated graphics which has at least 1 GB of VRAM instead of running the game with intel HD graphics, well you can try running on integrated and try out your luck with this game but with some compromises
    > The game occupies 10GB of hard drive storage
    > You might definitely require a pretty decent internet connection to be able to play this game for sure as this is completely online game

    Well we can't justify and judge an Early Access game before its final release but this game is quite anticipated game even before its release, such an idea of a survival game being from medival 14th century and being able to do things and craft things from that time makes this game even more compelling instead of just being 'yet another Early Access game'.... Lets just hope the developers just don't give up on such good games with excellent base line and physics...

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A survival game from 14th Century Europe - The Black Death [Steam]

    (5/5) 3 ratings


    good article.

    31 october 2019 05:52

    Best Gme ever

    19 march 2018 20:15

    This should be great game

    19 march 2018 17:40


    21 march 2018 08:49


    23 march 2018 05:04


    20 march 2018 21:35


    24 march 2018 12:10

    Good job

    24 march 2018 02:37

    8/10 rating game very nice

    8 april 2018 12:09

    it's looks like an amazing game

    23 march 2018 17:04