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    Rate this article "A Wild West FPP shooter game - Fistful of Frags [Steam]"

    (4.75/5) 4 ratings
    noobda, 17 march 2018 14:47

    A Wild West FPP shooter game - Fistful of Frags [Steam]

    A free to play game which features a Wild West themed weapons and shooting, which are almost similar in most of ways even the slow paced shooting is replicated. Anyway, this is a free to play game which has the ability to have multi player gameplay while being free to play at the same time being available for windows, linux and MAC is to be noted. I have to stress this point much, as this game has no story at all just like the Counter Strike Games where there isn't much to be expected except the game being super optimized and perfect to play multi player instead of lag and glitches... Lets find out more about this game.....

    Fistful of Frags:
    This game is pretty much a decent game with all the features a multi player game must have, being multi player does mean the game must be super stable and well optimized but we'll get to that in a while... The game is from the Wild West scenario, where you'll be having those weapons instead of the typical ARs and stuff, well that's quite nice but you might take some time to get used to such weaponary and stuff. its quite easy to get used to this game. Actually you're a cowboy who has some pretty decent weapons to fire and for combat....

    The above image shows how the game looks like, and yes the gameplay is in that way with those graphics itself, and such a game might not need extraordinary graphics to be able to play, it just requires you to have some pretty decent graphics cards like the GT series from Nvidia or the HD series from AMD, well you might even try risking the gameplay with Integrated graphics from Intel also known as Intel HD graphics, and still can be able to run the game but you might see very slight sluttering and not so good grahics quality at times... Well, that doesn't bother some while it only bothers when the framerate and lag appear in the game....

    Lets go through some of the steam statistics of the game:

    • Single Player mode available
    • Multi Player game
    • Release Date: 9th May, 2014
    • Developer: Fistful of Frags Team
    • Publisher: Fistful of Frags Team
    • Very Positive reviews
    • Local multi player mode also available
    • Steam achievements available [a total of 17 steam achievements are there]
    • Steam workshop available
    • Steam stats available in this game
    • Includes steam leaderboard and stuff to record your stats
    • Has level editor to create some levels for this game
    • Includes Source editor
    • The option for cross-platform multiplayer is also there
    • Source engine 2013 has made this game even fun by having dedicated servers for this game which enhance the gaming experience of this game while playing the online multiplayer mode

    So, lets go through the minimum system requirements of this game...
    > A Pentium processor is adequate to play this game or any Quad Core CPU is more than enough
    > 2Gb of RAM is abundant for the game alone...
    > The game occupies 3GB of hard disk storage
    > The game need to be run on a dedicated graphics card for more performance and visual effects, while you can run this game on intel HD graphics with compromises made on graphics quality and resolution of the game

    The game is quite fun especially the fact that it is made with source engine attracts some more gamers, but there are quite a few disadvantages of the source engine but they are quite good to be compromised of. You can play multiplayer with you friends in this game while the game handles it smoothly, there's even a mode where you can play 1v1 duels in this game... Overall a decent wild west first person shooting game....

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A Wild West FPP shooter game - Fistful of Frags [Steam]

    (4.75/5) 4 ratings


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