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    berroni, 15 august 2018 17:50

    Travian - Tribe Tutorial for Beginners

    Travian is a browser-based  MMO resource-management game. built by enthusiasts in Germany.  Travian is released in 2004 by enthusiasts in Germany and it quickly gained an international following. Today, the game is available worldwide. It's available in over 40 languages and has over 250 servers with 5 million players and more. 

    If you're planning to start playing Travian, don't do it right now. Find a Travian server that is going to start soon and wait for it. If you join some random server old more than 100 days, people who played since the start and now have the army will crush you before you even understand the basics at the beginning of the server. I suggest you join a Travian server from your own country because you don't have enough experience for .com servers.

    During the registration process, you are supposed to choose a Tribe. Let me give you a few quick guides about Tribes in Travian.

    You can choose one of the following three Tribes: Gauls, Romans and Teutons(on normal Travian servers, on the special server "Fire and Sand" you can choose one between these three, Huns and Egyptians, but we're talking about a classical Travian now) and each tribe have their own strengths and weaknesses.

    So, how to decide the best Tribe for yourself? I'll help you with some Pro's and Con's of each Tribe.

    • Teutons

    Teutons are not a bad tribe if you are a starter but Teutons require a lot of your time since they are the most aggressive tribe in the game(with best off troops). Even though they have best offensive troops, their troops are cheap and fast to train. But, if we compare their attack power, they're nothing compared to the Gaul and Roman armies. If you decide to start with Teutons on your first server, then be ready to play 24/7 and watch few raiding tutorials on Youtube because Teutons are unsuitable for a defensive playstyle.  
    An army is not everything important about the tribe, ofc.  
    Teuton merchant has the highest carrying capacity. When you start building and understanding the game, you'll need Marketplace. On the Marketplace, you can sell Iron and buy Clay(or sell Crop and buy something you need). Marketplace workers are the merchants. They carry the resources to another village.  Teuton merchant can transport 1000 resources(every Marketplace level gives you 1 more merchant, so at level 5 marketplace you'll be able to carry 5000 resources) and that's great compared to weak Roman's merchant which can carry 500 resources or Gaul merchant who can carry 750 resources.
    Every tribe has their own scouts which can spy the enemy village and send you the information about their army/resources/building levels.  While Gaul and Roman scouts are trained in the Stable, Teuton scout is trained in the barracks. That's a nice advantage in the early game because  scout is an important unit. Since they need to build a stable before they can get a scout, you have a quick and cheap access to them and it even consumes only 1 crop per unit, while Roman and Gaul's scouts consume 2. 
    Also, every tribe has their own Walls.
    The Teuton "Earth Wall"  is toughest among the tribes. Sadly, it has the lowest deff bonus, but it's the hardest one to destroy while Romans have the biggest deff bonus but they're "City Wall" is weak. 

    So, if you're planning to dominate the early game and humiliate other players, and lose the late game cuz of your weak late-game army - go for Teutons.

    • Romans

    I'll be honest and tell you that if you are a Starter - Romans is definitely the best tribe for you. They don't have a strong off army, they even don't have a strong deff army. But, they are average at both - and that's exactly what you need to start with. As the beginner, you don't know a lot about raiding or farming or whatever, but Romans can help you with that. Since Roman troops are expensive and slowest to train, you don't need to build them at the start. First learn the basics, follow the quests and join the Alliance. Ask them for deff whenever you need it until you learn how to play Travian.  Your army is weak at the start, but by mid and especially end game - Roman armies are the strongest armies in the game. 
    The Roman’s true advantage and the reason why you need to play them on your first Travian server is their ability to build 2 structures simultaneously. So a Roman can extend a resource field and a village building at the same time. A new Roman village can grow very quickly provided it has sufficient resources.

    • Gauls
    Never play Gauls, you'll get crushed. 



    Rate this article Travian - Tribe Tutorial for Beginners

    (4.33/5) 15 rates

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    Travian is one of the most popular strategic games, which has become nearly a legend! The game is set during the wars against German and Gallic barbarians. So we start by choosing between one of three available factions. We can play the Gauls, who are the masters of defense; the Teutons specialized in the attack and the Romans, ...


    It's available in over 40 languages and has over 250 servers with 5 million players and more.

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    good tutorial

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    Nice but it feels like you got lazy at the end and didn't finish the article.

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