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    Mrdox, 28 february 2018 14:00

    Trackmania Turbo

    Speed and nothing but speed is the slogan of this game crazy, back to us a series of accumulators of the new and this time on the devices of the new generation and the PC is a racing game and challenge time in the tracks is not free of surprise and challenge all the physical factors and gravity, the game is racing speed and challenge time in Different tracks of various shapes and obstacles in the ways of spiral or leaps fairy away from reality to create an atmosphere of challenge and pleasure, where will spend many hours to break the best time for each track, but the total dependence on time races mean that any error at any turn or face any of the Scorpion It automatically means that you must re-race and complete it without mistakes to get the time you can get one of the medals.

    The game offers a lot of features and the most important are the basic missions, where you will face the challenges of time in nearly 200 different tracks in four main zones and five different difficulty levels and you will have to get the best time to get gold medals, silver and bronze depending on the time of completion of the track and will help these medals in the opening of the remainder This is in addition to your attempt to break the international and local times in your country for this field and the result of the re-track one more than once until the desired result.

    Well, the game offers a strange stage where you can play with two people in a cooperative stage to finish the main tasks. Do you expect that you will drive two cars like the other games? No, of course in this phase you and your colleague control the same car and coordination between you, the game takes the average between what you enter from the orders of the car and what your colleague does, you will find yourself in need of full coordination to reach the desired result, although this stage distinctive idea, but I find him interesting to play and diving In one of the most important challenges, you can search for challenges that have been shared by other players and try to accomplish them with unique numbers or even design your challenge within your specific conditions.

    We now come to talk about the stage of collective play, we have the traditional stage in which you play in the challenges with many players across the network in the tracks may carry within the dozens of players in the narrow tracks and the game is a smart trick is to make the competitors as hidden cars you can not contact them so that you can The narrow circuits of carrying so many players and your goal is always the same as making the best time for the track and sometimes you can try more than once to reach the time you find suitable for you and provide you with the option of adding extra rooms to meet your friends across the.

    One of the most important stages of team play is to encourage playing with friends and family in the same device, offering many and many fun family fun either through the stages that allow you to try to break the numbers of some familiar game tracks or even random tracks one by one with the same grip control or even by playing The team at the same time to up to four players divided screen and this thing very rarely in this generation and I do not hide secretly that this phase took a lot of my time while playing fun with family and friends, the collective game is something we are sorely lacking in these days, but many of the stages The Collectively the distinctive secret that the game contains.

    Many of the funniest features and many interchanges have developed a wonderful collaborative style and distinctive light effects
    Trackmania Turbo is a racing game for fun in the first place. If you are excited to run this crazy experience away from the laws of nature and many distinctive features individually and collectively this game really suits you.

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    Rate this article Trackmania Turbo

    (4/5) 1 rating


    The graphics look much better than nations, will see I guess

    1 april 2020 22:07

    tourbo is actually a name of a company... either way this is a particular kind of game :/

    6 march 2018 17:30