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    Rate this article "A WW2 strategy simulation game - Bomber Crew [Steam]"

    (5/5) 3 ratings
    noobda, 28 february 2018 15:59

    A WW2 strategy simulation game - Bomber Crew [Steam]

    A game that takes place in the world war II period where you'll be incharge of the management of the whole crew of the air force... At some point it feels like a point and clicker game but quite nice actually depending on the graphics and cute looking characters in the game

    Lets find out more about this game...

    Bomber Crew:
    An indie like game but you're in the seat of managing whole crew of the air force whose main aim is attacking the enemy forces while you're the deciding mind of the whole story line in the game. This game is available on steam and its not a free to play game and neither is a pay to win game, not yet. Well, this game has DLCs which are similar to be ringing a bell but I didn't get any DLC though, they have Season passes, skin packs and secret weapons DLC... the last one might be quite nice irregardless of the game itself. So, what's this game all about and how will the gameplay look like while in-game, well lets find out.

    This game is completely strategy based and you'll need some to win this game, or you can just play this game by fooling around and figuring out yourself what to do and what not to do. You'll have the opportunity to choose your crew for the air strike and you'll have to manage to stay alive and attack depending on the enemy strategies or what so ever possible to under take your air strikes.

    Lets go through some brief information about this game from steam:

    • Single Player
    • Very positive reviews
    • Release date: 19th October, 2017
    • Developer: Runner Duck
    • Publisher: Curve Digital
    • Has Steam achievements (30 achievements)
    • Has steam trading cards [for levelling up on steam by gaining xp from each badge you get through crafting, you can craft this badge 5 times getting 500xp total, and a foil badge 100xp. You'll be give only 3 cards by playing the game and the rest must be acquired from the steam market or by trading your other steam trading cards if offers are available]
    • Has steam cloud saves for hassle free gameplay while gaming cross platform, this game is available on MAC, windows and on steam OS or linux
    • The gameplay is pretty smooth and neat regardless of the settings, it just feels very very smooth and clean while the simulation of air planes

    Your crew and all the decisions are to be made by thinking critically and staregically in order to be alive and excel in the combat that is quite fun to play around in this game. So now the question arises, will this game run on my PC/laptop? Here's the answer, probably yes if you're having a pretty decent or a PC which is not as old as the time when the Nvidia released its 750Ti graphics cards.

    Well, the minimum system requirements are as follows:
    > Intel i3 processor or anything that's Dual core and 64bit
    > 2Gb of RAM is enough for the game but 4GB is quite recommended to play smoothly
    > The game is 500MB on hard drive once it gets installed
    > The graphics card is required to play this game but you'll notice that you can run this game on Intel HD or integrated graphics but not with that much eye candy or graphics, so you'll need any dedicated GPU with ample amount of VRAM on it...

    By seeing this game initially you'll find that the game is quite childish but boy I can tell you that this game is not as easy as it sounds, its quite hard to play this game correctly. Once you play this game you'll notice that this game is pretty mediocre on graphics but the cute characters and smooth transistions make this game wonderful than it actually sounds. I forgot to mention about the character customizations above but this game has got a lot of character customizations at the selection of the character menu. Quite fun game to play when you feel bored...

    Thanks: :)

    Rate this article A WW2 strategy simulation game - Bomber Crew [Steam]

    (5/5) 3 ratings


    Good article

    1 may 2018 23:34

    Well done

    22 may 2020 19:10