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    Julio_Lokin, 2 december 2017 00:01

    Tips for UNTURNED

    Unturned is a day-z style survival game, this game has so many polygons that even a mathematician can not count.

    Okay, that was a joke, but this is due to the fact that the game does not "want" to be "square", let's take an example like minecraft, it's square, I know, but this is the charm of the game, already the unturned , he can not get a good visual impression (note by the sea it looks like a green towel stretched)

    But since this is not an analysis, let's

    Well, what really matters here is that the game is for free, and the only thing you pay is to have good graphics a vip package that adds some advantages.

    And now, finally, the tips!


     Well, stopping with the funny ones, this game differs a lot from minecraft, like for example the controls, but one thing that affected me a lot is the power of the zombies. Everyone knows that minecraft zombies only break through the doors, but unturned zombies, if they attack in groups, they see real creepers, so the first thing to do is take proper precautions before building your house, I've even gone by so I tried to create a house twice in one, she got the whole floor crooked, and in the other it was a horrible show! You know that feeling that you gave your all for nothing? yeah, the zombies blew it all! So, I learned some rules of where to build the houses, these are, you should not build on:
     I do not even have to explain, right? unless you make a bridge, building your house on islands can make you spend a lot of time until you get to the city to pick up food, increasing the chance that you will starve or thirsty
     -cidades: the place where I unfortunately built my house, and the zombies detonated it in the blink of an eye
     There is an exception in Wiltshire farm, there is a point where zombies are not born and can be built, this farm has seeds, a well to collect water, a gas tank, and a great spawn point of items such as chainsaws, arrows, crossbows, etc.
     -local military, this is no way, you will always have to be very careful, because as the zombies are stronger, it will be more difficult to fight them
     -on roads:
    basically for the same reason of all the others, since the zombies give spawn in all the roads


     This is a crucial point, because unless you have a house with several chests, taking unnecessary things can get in the way at a crucial moment, if you are not yet a house, give preference to: food, drinks, weapons, clothes, medicines and fuel


    "In the Soviet Union, the flag throws YOU !!"
     Okay, but stopping with the pranks, the flags are essential if you're playing in multiplayer, think of the following situation, you go to a friend's server and can not find it, and in your inventory, you have a flag, throw it into the air and if your friend sees it, it will follow the light and find you, this is quite optional, but help is enough, you can also use a flashlight and turn it on and off, to serve as signal


     This is perhaps the most important thing in the game, it is important to have a good "kit" so that I can always be warned. In my case, I wear a ninja outfit, a machete, and a swissgewer or maplestrike. who, using the NATO Drum, can shoot up to 100 bullets until it has to be reloaded, in the category of white weapons, I prefer the katana, although there is the demolition hammer that is much better in damage per hit, katana, improving on a skill warrior, it will be possible to kill military zombies with a single power stroke (when you click the right mouse button to attack), and if you increase this skill to the maximum, it is possible to kill the zombies of public services (police, firemen, etc.) with a single hit. when it comes to clothes, it is not recommended to walk around with ninja clothes, because it protects as much as ordinary clothes, the best thing to use would be the forest military clothes, which are composed of: a helmet, a shirt, a pair of pants , a vest, and a rucksack, in this way, you will be completely "green", so camouflage in pvp servers, not to mention that it protects more


     This is an important point, since you need to know where to find each item in this way, helping you to have everything at hand, for example, burywood is the only city that has a graveyard, in military places always has a place of healing, in the locked house it is possible to find a machine gun, etc.


     Cars are always important because they help to get around the map, in your home it is always good to have a garage to store your cars, there are several types of cars, there is a car that almost like the ordinary car, only with the hood "stretched ", and is perfect for fast travel as it reaches 72 km / h, humvee is good for travel in places with many zombies, since it is the most resistant, APC is the best for escort, as it has a lot of resistance and can up to 6 passengers, with the rear seats


      The last item to be invincible in unturned, are the skills, each time you kill a zombie or an animal, it will give you xp, which can be traded for skills, skills are skills to help you survive.

    Rate this article Tips for UNTURNED

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    Thanks for the tips, they are very useful!

    17 february 2021 10:58

    Gonna use this, im new at unturned :D thanks :P

    9 april 2020 08:47

    Yeah its allot like minecraft

    8 april 2020 12:33

    I have played Untured with my friend me and my friend really enjoyed it we haven't played it for 2 months now...

    14 january 2021 18:38

    trying to get xp lool

    11 september 2020 03:53