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    Julio_Lokin, 2 december 2017 00:04

    How to play Rainbow Six Siege and kill enemies quickly

    Rainbow Six Siege is a very different game compared to traditional FPS, like Battlefield and Call of Duty, for example. Forget the rush and frenzy of battles with many shots and the use of vehicles.

    For those who are not accustomed to frantic gambling, the basic tips will help make the experience "less difficult," since "easy" is not a very appropriate word for Rainbow Six Siege. Check out:

    Use the headset

    Communication is key in Rainbow Six Siege and talking to team friends is important in defining each round's strategies. In the new game, every detail is crucial, so keeping your attention and planning every step with your allies is highly recommended.

    Analyze the operators

    As you earn points for each match played, you can unlock the operators, who are special agents to compose your unit. Review what each one offers before choosing. There are "soldiers" that blow up walls, others disable communications, snipers and more.

    Walk in groups and without running

    The dynamics of the game is not like that of Battlefield or Call of Duty. Going up against enemies is a very difficult thing to do. There are no maps, nor even "revive" after being deleted. So try to walk in a group and without running to keep increasing the chances of staying alive. Divide at most into two "mini-groups".

    Use special items

    Items such as barricades, drones and barbed wires are among the possibilities that users can use against enemies. Use and abuse them, as each one can have vital importance in the game strategy.

    Study the maps

    Each scenario has several types of entries, elements to hide and more. There are even lighting differences if the departure is at night or during the day. Use the time of each round to learn where each location is and its particularities.

    Play the scenarios

    Scenarios are single-player challenges that users can challenge to evolve in the game. Difficulty levels vary, and even the "normal" difficulty is challenging. Play them, and also watch the tutorials to gain more experience.

    Check each corner

    To each room, there are several possibilities. So check each corner like windows, doors, barricades and even boxes where there may be someone behind. Always be alert, for a second of slipping, or some carelessness, for example, can mean your death.

    Use the drones

    Even after the preparation phase, you can call your drone again. Then, use the first few seconds of the match to monitor how the opponents move, and then break off for the attack.
    Varie strategies

    It is recommended that you vary in strategies. When attacking, use uprightness in your favor. Take the rappel, go through the window and look up and down, for example. In defense, create holes at strategic points on the barricades to gain more visibility.

    Explode the enemies

    As the game is very tactical, a lot of players usually gather in groups in the same place. Bombs, grenades and explosives that destroy walls can kill all of them at once - or at least take a lot of damage from many of the members. The more clusters the better.

    Rate this article How to play Rainbow Six Siege and kill enemies quickly

    (5/5) 4 ratings


    I agree with the rest and I thinks its very helpful.

    4 may 2019 07:07

    Good, helped me a lot .

    11 january 2020 17:28

    Az a lényeg hogy fejre kell célozni

    18 november 2019 16:55


    5 december 2017 10:47

    Is it 'Get good at the game' thingy??

    5 december 2017 05:24


    30 march 2020 18:15

    When the article starts talking about group activitys like spliting into two "Mini groups" this would somtimes become a problem because there are different types of players when you are play casual people might not listen to you and keep going doing their own thing. The only way I can see this working is either you have your friends in a squad or you are playing a ranked match.

    4 may 2019 07:05