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    Julio_Lokin, 2 december 2017 00:06

    Terraria: Check out the best tips to get the game right

    Terraria is a 2D platform sandbox style game developed by Re-Logic. In it, players can explore various sizes of the world, collect resources, build new bases and manufacture all kinds of items and weapons. The dynamic scenario provides great interaction with the elements of the game, with the presence of NPC that help the player on his journey.

    Start collecting wood soon

    Soon after you create your character and actually land in the terrarium world, your first mission is to knock down some trees and collect wood with your ax. Try to look at the base of the tree when cutting it so that no stump is left in the way.

    The wood you get when cutting trees will be used to start building your character's shelter. Soon after building your shelter, you will need ten pieces of wood to produce your first "workbench" (workbench). With it, you can create new items using wood as a resource, such as doors, tables, chairs, among others.
    Essential tools

    While your workbench allows you to make a series of wooden objects, you will also want to place a "furnace" and an "Iron Anvil" on your base to expand your items and weapons. You will then collect stones and iron ore to manufacture, which means that it is time to start digging.

    Before venturing into the underworld, kill a number of Slimes (Gosmas) so you can collect some Gel that they release so you can make some torches and lighten your underground path.

    Preparing for battle

    Once you have the anvil, start using your metal resources to create combat equipment. If your iron supply is limited, prioritize the manufacture of the "Iron Broadsword" sword complete with the "Copper Armor" armor and the best bow you can afford.

    Do not forget to make some flaming arrows too. As long as you do not venture too deep into the underground universe of the game, these tools will serve you well against the enemies you encounter. You can also scour the surface to find some mushrooms, consumer items that restores their hit points when consumed.

    Invite neighbors

    Now that it's well equipped, it's time to plan your neighborhood planning. If you build empty houses on the correct specifications, friendly NPCs will appear and take the building as if they were their home. These people provide all kinds of useful services.

    The houses you build should be near your home. Then collect some wood and mold a decent floor, ceiling, door and a nice wall layer to prevent monsters from appearing on the inside. You will also need to put some furniture to make your new homeowner feel at home. Also put an internal light source, such as a torch.

    Precarious against attacks

    Watch out for Blood Moon Nights. At these times, the monsters will appear more intensely and try to invade your base. So make sure you create adequate defenses to keep them away. A simple way is to dig deep enough pits and pits to prevent them from bouncing overhead.

    If you start having problems with zombies passing through your doors, just put a block on the other side. That way, they will not be able to break the door. Over time, you will gather stronger and stronger materials, which will make you create more complex contraptions.

    Rate this article Terraria: Check out the best tips to get the game right

    (5/5) 4 ratings


    oh men the game Terraria relly made mt sad cuz 2 years ago me and my frends always go otside and played Terraria all day even if was very cold it was very fun but oh men i wish i can return these days

    31 march 2020 12:39

    A good beginners guide

    20 may 2019 10:40

    really good guide for beginners
    good job

    10 august 2019 21:23

    i love terraria =D

    10 december 2017 02:55

    If you just started go fishing. It will help you. P. S. the shark pickaxe is good to get hellstone so after you get the pickaxe go in hell for the best prehardmode armor and wepons.

    11 february 2020 21:06