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    (3.07/5) 14 rates
    rogstrug, 27 october 2018 18:09

    Throwback to - GTA: 3

    Exactly seventeen years ago, the Grand Theft Auto series got its most important release and moved to the 3D environment.



    By 2001 gaming industry has already produced games of the open world. Sega on Dreamcast had one of the most beautiful 3D games in Shenmue, Nintendo had the ingenious Ocarina time, and on the PlayStation there was a Driver where they could drive around the city, and two of them even got out of the car. However, the explosion of the popularity of the title of the open world is often attributed to a very influential game - Grand Theft Autos 3, which was released on PlayStation 2 today seventeen years ago.

    Younger generation players may not have known that GTA was once a 2D game with a bird's eye view. To change the arrival of the third part forever, after which the series became planetary popular. The move to a three-dimensional environment for the GTA series was a huge thing. The game has become more convincing in displaying the vibrant city (or New York's imitations), gameplay has been expanded with new features such as jumping, shooting from the car and of course - fun with the lady's night.


    The story was tracked by a thief named Calude, who was robbed by his associate after the robbery. Claude's way of revenge led us to co-operation and conflict with the criminal mile of Liberty City. In Rockstars they used it to demonstrate to the player what everything can do in the game, and this way of connecting the story and the gameplay continued to be used in their later games.

    In 3D, we finally got recognizable characters who had a voice (all but the protagonists), and Rockstar could design a story based on the mafia movies and series. One of the inspirations for the game was the television series Sopranosi.


    In an open world that mimics real New York, Rockstar also provided a chance for social criticism, and it was expressed in various ways, mostly through sarcastic broadcasts on the radio. This segment has also become a trademark of later Rockstar games.

    Still, the game could not speak openly about everything. Before the release of the game, the 9/11 terrorist attack on the New York shopping mall occurred, causing GTA 3 to be postponed, and some of the things in the game were subsequently changed. Despite this, the GTA 3 has, on its way, caused numerous controversies and negative reactions from different sides. The game was accused of encouraging violence, degrading women's representation and a whole host of other things.

    It is possible that negative publicity helped Grand Theft Auto 3 more than harmed it because the game was a big hit and sold in a millionth edition. One year later Rockstar had two best-selling games on the market - GTA 3 and GTA: Vice City. That's not happening anymore in the video game industry. GTA 3 was finally sold in more than 15 million copies by the end of 2008 and is considered one of the most important games of the past decade. No wonder he served as inspiration for numerous other series such as Saints Row, Just Cause, Watch Dogs and others.


    In addition to PlayStation 2, the game later appeared on PC and Xbox and for the tenth anniversary of release it also appeared on Android and iOS platforms. Today GTA 3 can also play on the PlayStation 4 console.

    Rate this article Throwback to - GTA: 3

    (3.07/5) 14 rates


    This was my third gta that i played it has a cool story line i recomend it 8.5/10

    6 september 2019 22:28

    too short but enough

    15 april 2019 07:26

    Ah the good times. One of the games I loved as a kid.

    19 october 2019 03:30

    THE GOLDEN AGE OF 3D GAMING-G-G-G-G-G-G-G! bit short tho

    27 july 2019 17:53

    good job.

    7 august 2019 09:23

    моя любимая игра :LOL:

    29 july 2019 19:05

    It's too short but you pointed out some important facts of the game. Write longer!

    5 may 2019 13:04

    This article is a short one but says the important things. It was one of the first gta Gta that I played.

    31 july 2019 16:37

    This was my first ever gta game i played in my life. I still remember my attempts to cross the Callahan Bridge or discovering there are a lot more types of cars away from Portland. Anyway Congrats!!

    25 july 2019 23:10