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    grailmisdoer, 5 february 2018 17:03

    The story of Castlevania Lords of Shadow

    Gabriel's life from the game's perspective

    1.The Society of Light Brothers released the shadowy masters of the shadow:

    The mission of Gabriel Belmont does not begin until the eleventh century. The main story of the game started several years earlier by the Brothers of Lighting Association. The organization, founded by the three holy gods of God, has the mission of combating evil and creating a balance between good and evil in the world. To do this, the three went to Paradise with the loss of their human condition to lead the fight against Ahriman.

    Unfortunately, their insight had unexpected consequences. It became clear that the power of purity and the correctness of their existence were lost, and with the disappearance of this power, the temptations and evils were replaced by them. It was that these evil creatures, called Shadow masters were known to conquer widespread parts of Europe from that time with their belligerent armies. The three were not Cornell, Carmila and Zubeck.

    2. Gabriel is sent to the Brotherhood of Lighting Association:

    The world when Gabriel appeared in the eleventh century is a very difficult place for human life; The monsters scattered over large parts of the earth, and my tale sparked ghosts in the midst of the bustle and their absence from the world, and the three lords of shadow have not been so powerful at all. Gabriel's community to find Pan that inventory Old and wise, to find a way out of him. After meeting with Gabriel, Pan can give Mary the opportunity to speak with the soul of his deceased wife, and Marie tells him that the only way to break this spell is by the masters of the shadow. Gabriel is a journey to find the masters of the shadow and break the spell. .

    3. Long journey Gabriel begins to find sacred mask:

    Gabriel to find the masters of the shadow of their youngest; Cornell begins to be the leader of the Lycranes (Werewolfs). To find him Gabriel, who must be destroyed from the city of Agharta, destroyed by the Lycranes. In this direction, he has a girl named Cladia, who has been around for centuries, and his bodyguard. But unwittingly, Cabriel lost control. Killing a girl and destroying her guard. With the defeat of Cladia, Gabriel finds a special power in her hand that defeated Cornell and finds the first piece of holy mask; A mask that has the ability to bring back his wife (in general, anyone who wants to own a mask) has life.

    Gabriel's attention now to Carmila; The second lord of the shadow is the vampire leader, united in this way with Zubak and does not know that Zubak himself is the founder of the shadow masters. After rescuing a village from the vampire invasion, Gabriel left alone at the Palace of Karmiela, where he Karmila's daughter, Laura, who has a special power. He finally kills Carmila and takes the second piece of holy mask.

    4. The real face of Zubak is revealed:

    Following this long journey, Gabriel is sent by the Pizarr Wizard named Babayaga to find the last piece of sacred mask to the land of the dead. Entry to this land is forbidden by the living, causing Pan to be angry and form a silver warrior to punish Gabriel; though he is killed. Ultimately Gabriel is captured by the last master of the shadow; Zoebek is caught and killed. But He returns to life with the prayer of his wife, and it becomes apparent to him that it was Roebuck who took control of Gabriel's mental illness and forced him to murder his wife and Claudia.

    5. Satan speaks of his map:

    Zubek had the last piece of the sacred mask, and the other two digits were easily provided by Gabriel. He assumed that he was immortal and did not know that he had been dramatically behind the curtain of this devil for this mask. With his power, he destroys Zubak (apparently) to mask his paradise to his excommunicated place, but Gabriel, who, with the prayer of his wife and God's will, regains power and defeats Satan and owns a mask. However, because of his wife's disapproval and divine appreciation, he does not use a mask to revitalize Mari and only spells breaking the ghosts. Here is the spirit of Marie and Cladi and many more were released to go to heaven.

    6.Gabriel sacrifices his humanity to save humanity:

    Apparently, something is still not over for Gabriel, yet there is still a bigger problem that scratches his soul, and it's a forgotten release that is a very powerful monstrosity. This monster is imprisoned by dark masters under the old Carmila Castle and is looking for a way to Return to the surface of the earth and destroy humanity. Gabriel by the young vampire; Laura takes notice of this and helps with the inner layer of the castle. He has no choice but to kill Laura and eat his blood to become vampire and gain power of forgotten power. The forgotten is nowhere near free and the only obstacle is the magic dam that was created by the masters of the shadow. He uses his supernatural power to break the barrier defeated by Gabriel and Gabriel absorbs this supernatural force and becomes immortal Forget about it forever. However, the one that turned into Dracula is now immortal, and his inner suffering will last forever.

    7. Gabriel and his son are enemies:

    When Gabriel becomes immortal, his son's assassination, which was born before the death of Marie without the knowledge of Gabriel, leads to a dictatorial path. This story, which was expressed in the Mirrors Fate, shows how assassination by the Brotherhood of Lighting Education Finds and grows up and makes his father a murderer of his mother and a criminal. After his wife's mumble, Terror abandoned Sifa and his son Simon and went to the Dracula Palace to retaliate for his mother's death. The story of Rustam and Sohrab is repeated here, and Gabriel after Killing his son and seeing his identity sends his troops to destroy the Brothers Lighting Association. Sifa was killed in the attack and Simon Eri has taken refuge and her father's path to revenge on her grandfather.

    8. Simon's revenge comes:

    Simon has been raised by mountain fighters for many years and is ready to take revenge. On the one hand, his father's assassination also accompanies him. However, Simon does not know that the spirit that accompanies him in this revenge is his father, because the spirit of assassination is due to the fact that he is alone. His young boy is intrigued by his own shame and shame with his son Alocard. But he is hiding behind the battle of Dracula, and he does not get any work from him. So Alocard (Terror) is separated from his son and Waiting for Dracula to return

    9. meeting again Zubak with Gabriel:

    Gabriel has for some years been hiding himself in a church with Zebac with a stylish contemporary. Zobac, in addition to giving Gabriel a suggestion to rid himself of the pain and suffering of immortality, tells him that Satan, one day defeated and wise and insignificant He had long been looking for a way to create a chaos and disturbance among the landlords, and only Gabriel could be stopped by Dracula. After Gabriel's suggestion, he disappears in the curtain of smoke to see us continue. The story in Castlevania: The Lords of Shodow 2 is more than ever keen

    Rate this article The story of Castlevania Lords of Shadow

    (5/5) 2 ratings


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