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    grailmisdoer, 5 february 2018 17:17

    Story of Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

    This game is being developed by Naughty Dog (makers Daxter and Jak) and is set to be launched by Sony and is a third-person action adventure game featuring a Tactical-Shooter game. Imagine a game with Lara Croft moves with a Far Cry-like environment, but far more perfect, than Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

    The story of the game revolves around finding an ancient Spanish treasure in a native place. The character of the game has a round pink, a clean black hair, a nappy dragon jacket called Nathan Drake, which is actually a modern Indiana Jones. The treasure Nathan is looking for is his great grandfather, Sir Francis Drake, who died in 1596 because of internal hemorrhaging, and with it the secret of his secret treasure was forgotten, but Nathan is seeking to find this treasure that is likely on the island You are buried in the Pacific Ocean, an island where Nathan fights against pirates and exploiters. The game begins with a demo, in which Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher are on their plane, suddenly fired by modern pirate aircraft. And each one falls into an area that at this moment your main goal is to find Elena and then find the treasure. When the demo finishes, Nathan controls the player and can be moved by moving the analog character of the game and enjoy the game details. The graphic grandeur of this game will be determined when looking at the sky, you will see voluminous clouds, then smoked as a timetable designed to indicate the plane's crash (so it should follow the smoke). One interesting point about this game is that Nathan is buried in his clothes after falling asleep, or when he is dressed in water, he is beautifully soaked and drained from his clothes. Also, all his movements are beautifully designed. Another interesting point is that Nathan's necklace and backpack are shaken realistically by moving him.
    Not only the main characters are beautifully designed, but the enemies also have an extraordinary design. For example, no two enemies in the game are alike. In this game, Nathan has the ability to break locks by firing guns, bouldering boulders to escape from the abyss or throw them over enemies, jumping from rock to cliffs, using ropes to cross the abyss and lock them It's designed for thousands of animations for Nathan, so you do not see him repeating the game. Another interesting point is that the manufacturer has stated that there is no duplication of play, and that the game has a lot of details, for example, there are no two trees in the game at all stages of the game (of course this does not seem to be the case, and more for Promotion of the game).

    Covering or taking shelter in this game is as important as the great game of GOW, and it's almost as effective in the gameplay. Nathan is running the ability to dodge enemies and also helps in getting behind everything in most clashes. Nathan can also secretly go through the steps without noisy steps, but with the first carelessness of the pirates, and like the Moore and the locusts, they will attack Nathan everywhere. Nathan can also reach the shelter by rolling out a shelter.
    Everything is designed individually in this game, and so when playing, you will not feel the walk on a simple, polished texture, but you'll feel like walking in a real forest. The Naughty Dog also has a fantastic and interesting physics for "water" that gives you a real sense of water immersion that can be processed thanks to the Cell. Interestingly, Nathan's control of the air and when jumping with the Sixaxis motion sensor can be changed. In a general conclusion, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune can be considered as one of the great games for the PS3 console, and yet it should be noted that its exact release date is still unknown.

    One of Sony's loyal companies, which has played with its beautiful games in the popularity of its consoles, has been Naughty Dog. The well-known and renowned PS1 company, with its Crash bandicoot series, is a significant contributor to Sony's anti-Nintendo game and its legendary character, Mario. Undoubtedly, Crash was one of the most popular characters in PS1.

    In the winter, when Sarfrancy died in a world, a world of legends and adventures remained. For the British people, he was a hero. An adventure that went round the Gates with a ship was a captain and captain who drove a large number of Spanish fleet ships, a knight who got directly from the hands of Queen Elizabeth, but in the wake of His enemies were a cruel murderer destroying their ports and colonies, a pirate who constantly ransacked treasures and food and jewelry; anyway, what was he? A year ago, the body of his dead body fell on his ship on Panama coast and his era was over, but the myths were much bigger than him. The story of his secret treasure that tempts everyone to search them.

    Nathan Drake, the main character of the game, whose resemblance to the first personality of Resistance is also interesting, considers himself one of the descendants of Francis Dreyk. He is now an adventure that seeks to follow the tomb of his legends. The myth that says in the grave He has plans that can bring the map to the lost city and the legendary al-Dawarud, where one of the greatest treasures of the universe is hiding, so Nathan accompanies a documentary filmmaker Elena Fisher, who has gone to Panama and the tomb of the ancestor Nathan finds his arbiter in the depths of the sea, but instead of the corpse of a handwritten note in a coffin. Which suggests that Sir Derrick did not fall at that time and instead traveled to Amazon in one of his adventures before they could know more about their ship being attacked by a modern pirate bunch. This is where the open game first experiences the game. After a while, the Sylvian conflict helps them escape from the deadlock. At the bottom of the Amazon, Nathan and his friends find a German submarine whose crew was brutally killed. There has been evidence that they are heading for an unforgettable island in the Pacific Ocean. Nathan and Elena travel by plane to the island, but the aircraft is unidentified and both are forced to jump out of the plane with a parachute. After jumping off each other in a corner of the island, they lose each other at the very beginning. Nathan then goes on to find that the island is being hijacked by a gang smuggling mafia group and there are a large number of mercenaries on the island. The mercenaries do not even have Nathan's presence He does not like the island and wants to destroy him, but he is looking at the ruins of this island for what Derrick was pretending to die for, a mysterious treasure.

    The story you read relates to the latest ND work, directed by Hanig Safety, by Safety Director Hanning, a former designer for Crastal Dyanamics and the Soul Reaver game. For several years, he has been playing the game industry and has worked on several major titles, yet he has been less talked about. He is the one behind Legacy of Kain's fantastic and epic tales and now brings his genius and talent to ND and is currently working on Uncharted. A different and interesting game that takes you to the amazing depths of the Amazon fortune-telling characters, along with the story of the game, there are three pivotal characters.

    Some uncharted from the Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider and Gears of War, because ND has promised deeper and better than Tr trenches and shootings. Of course, the level of the struggles as far as we saw in the game demos has not reached the point where we want to compare it with Gears Of War, but the existence of some similarities has led to such a comparison

    Uncharted is a third-person game that Evan Wells, ND's general manager, describes three gameplay features: shooting ... tricks ... ... scrolling.

    The End

    Rate this article Story of Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

    (5/5) 1 rating


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