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    grailmisdoer, 4 february 2018 16:34

    The Story of Call of Duty Black OPS 1

    The Call of Duty series, launched by Activision, by the popular studio Infnity Ward, was featured by gamers and hardcore critics from various sites. Exactly seven numbers from this great frontier have been made, with each release a remarkable improvement over the previous one, and have new and fascinating initiatives in the FPS style, which is now used as standard in most lightweight games. The COD series is a totally popular game that has been enjoyed and enjoyed by some of the most popular gamers. More popularity and popularity of the series due to the smooth and beautiful gameplay and many cinematic scenes (found in the fourth edition), which has a great progress in every version. The only thing that was not considered in this series was the story of the game, which we may have seen many times in several games. Stories that were not involved at all, but they had a cinematic and very good narrative, which made this weakness in itself not be great. But this time, Treyarch, as the second-generation studio maker at COD, decided to go along with great gameplay and uncompromising graphics, in place of a cliché storyline, to pursue an exciting, incredible COD series. This time, the studio went to a friend and friend of Christopher Nolan, David S. Goyer, who wrote The Dark Knight, along with Chris Nolan in the workbook, resulting in a stunning storyline with a cinematic narrative.

    Alex Mason is a CIA specialist who, in spite of several playable characters, is the main character of the story, with the main story of the game revolving around the events that were made with his work.

    In 1968, an unknown group kidnapped Mason and closed him into a chair in a room. Exactly when Mason wakes up, someone with a strange voice (with a tampered device) asks about Mason about these numbers. Mason, as if he does not know anything and does not remember anything, only asks about himself and where he is. Again, the hostages questioned the numbers and base of the project that Mason did not know about any of them who he wanted to say, but that person only talks about the danger.
    The man, because he does not believe Mason tells the truth, torments him with suspicion and asks about his past operations, the first to refer to his operations and his Bay of Pigs team. Suddenly a spark is struck in his mind, and he recalls that operation (the gamer will play more like a memoir of Mason and his friend, the rescuer).
    In 1961, Mason went to Cuba, along with Woods and his friend Bowman, to Cuffs in the Bay of Pigs on a mission called Operation 40. They wanted to assassinate Fidel Castro, who was involved with the police, and after escaping, they escaped from the police with the help of a car. After escaping, they will succeed in attacking Castro's house, and, despite some hardship, kill him. Mason and his friends, after completing their mission, should return to their country, which needed the aircraft to do this. After a lot of clashes, they can eventually reach the plane and move it at the airport, but the number of Cuban security forces is high and the possibility that the aircraft can fly is very low. Mason decides to use a defense to protect his friends, so that he can be fired from the plane and can shoot the enemy forces and pave the way for the flight, but Cuban forces arrest him and take him ...

    In this scene, we are surprised to see Fidel Castro, along with his friends Dragovich and Kravchenkov, standing next to a ship and talking to each other. From this scene, we find out that he is alive and has just left one.
    Castro told Dragovich that this American man (referring to Mason) would be a gift from me. Dragovich comes to Mason with a happy and happy face and tells him "I have maps for you, American ..."
    Drogovich Mason is being sent to a prisoner in Russia called Vorkuta. Mason spends very hard days in that prison and loves a Russian person named Viktor Reznov, formerly Russian Army. During this time, they are planning a jailbreak plan, which, after two years, runs it smartly and beautifully. They seem to have succeeded in this, but they did not expect the prison authorities to be so large and resist. Many Mason and Resent fighters were killed in the escape. In this way, only Rosenaf and Mason were able to escape to the outer area, which the rescuer could not completely escape with Mason! Mason alone escapes from Vercota ...

    He returns to his country, and after a bit of resting, John F. Kennedy, the former president of the United States, invites him to the Pentagon and gives him an important mission. Kennedy tells Mason that to save the world from the dangers he faces, he must kill Dragovich. Mason, who himself wanted this opportunity, would go along with his friends to a rocket base in Kazakhstan controlled by Russia (the missile base had spatial activity and was not told about the main nature of the game), they could, as far as possible, The operations were carried out secretly, but when they could not continue to do so because of the time, the war was obviously cautious, of course. They learned during the operation that the large rocket they had been launching was thrown. They went to the rocket control room, but late arrived because the rocket was thrown, and the only way to get rid of the missile was to eliminate it. Mason controls a rocket launcher and uses it to shoot a missile and succeeds in destroying it in the sky, but their main goal, Dragovich, was to escape, which made Mason many years away from Dragovich Be!

    At the stage of the playable character, Hudson's friend Mason changes. At this point, we will get new details of the mystery of the numbers as well as the Nova project. Hudson, along with his friend Weaver, is one of the important members of the Nova project, Clarke. This is the same project that Dragovich threatened with that world. Clark resists all interrogations, but Hudson severely tortures her. Finally, after a lot of talk, he says Hidington and Weaver are hiding one of the project's leaders, Steiner. On the way to escape from the area that was infested with Nova 6, Mr. Clark failed to escape and is killed on the way.
    Hudson and his team went to the place where Clarke Le was given. After a great deal of conflict, they arrive in the command area, but they do not see Stainer's work. Suddenly, Steiner said he was ready to meet them on the Aral Sea via a radio message that all Hudson's friends heard. He says from there that if the Russian troops hear these numbers from the person they are looking for, they will be in charge of releasing Nova 6 chemical gases throughout the United States. So they will go to the Aral Sea ...
    Now it's time to recognize the resentment. At this stage, we observe the memories of the rescue, and we find the main branches and roots of the Nova 6. First of all, the resentment of his friends in World War II. He says that Drogovich, Karchenko was a friend of the enemy. In an operation that, incidentally, Drogowicz was with them, they were looking for a Nazi scientist, Steiner. After the operation, they go to a ship and Dragovich pretends that the enemy forces are there. But he betrays his people and imprisones them there, and several of them give Nova 6 chemical gas and kills them there. Resenaf, who was imprisoned in another room, saw the death of his friends ... The resentment was on the brink of death, where the British forces attacked him and he was able to escape.
    The resentment defines all these bad and terrible memories for Mason and tells him what the reason is to kill these three people ... He always says the following statement: "Dragovich, Kravchenkov, Steiner ... All Must Die"

    After some time, Mason and his team realized the presence of Russian troops in Vietnam, as well as Dragovich and his friend Karachanov. They travel to Vietnam and seek signs of the secret work of the Russian team in Vietnam. Mason suddenly sees rescue in Vietnam. The resentman tells him that Dragovich intends to launch a massive strike in the West. He gives us information to Mason who takes them to a plane crash in Laos. They realize that the plane contains Nova 6 chemical gas and thus obtains information, but suddenly both Russian and Vietnamese forces are attacking them. Mason's team is in trouble and they go to jail. They are sent for interrogation after a captivity period. During an interrogation, Mason's old friend and friend, Bomen, will also be killed. Woods and Mason can successfully abusive the distraction of the Guardian and escape from the prison and go to a helicopter to the area where Karachanov is in it. They release their friends, especially the rescuers, from the prisoners in that area and attack Karachanov. A serious clash occurs and they will succeed in reaching Karachanov, but Woods loses his life proudly.
    Mason and Rosenaf also notice the presence of Steiner in the Aral Sea and go to take personal revenge. They arrive at Steiner after secret clashes. Steiner surprisingly tells them that he will fix everything and know what happened to them, but the resentman kills him with this sentence! "My name is Viktor Rosenafe and I will take revenge!"

    A flashback is a few minutes and now we are returning to the Hudson team ... They are heading to the Aral Sea and attacking a military region there because of the arrest of Steiner and how to save the world. They will be able to enter the command room after a group and armed conflict in the chemical zone, but Frederic Steiner and Alex Mason are seen behind the glass bulbs in another room. They realize that Mason is going to kill Steiner. The Hudson group is struggling to enter the room, but the anti-bullet glass prevents it, but eventually it succeeds in breaking the glass with a heavy capsule, but it's late ...

    They see Mason who furiously says this sentence and ends with Frederic Steiner's life: "My name is Viktor Rosenfah and I will take revenge!"
    It looks like all the hopes have been shaken because nobody else can give information about this dangerous project. They seized him after Mason killed Steiner and takes him to the place where he is now seated and interrogated and tortured.
    What is the truth
    Those who were interrogating Mason were no longer tired. One of them shows his true face. Yes, he is Hudson, a longtime friend of Mason. He opens Mason and says, "Why do not you understand why you do not remember why you do not understand that the dead resentment is the dead resent ... Mason is the dead resent ..." Hudson can explain to Misti ... He says: "You The Drogovich, Krachenkov, and Steiner devices have been brainwashed and put these numbers into your brain, they have made these numbers recorded in your mind, and when you hear them, start releasing these gases, which in this case will force your own forces I doubt that you are not betrayed. "
    Mason walked a little bit in space, and the truths are revealed to him in a hurry. He realizes that the Rescue was killed when he escaped from Vercota. He understands that Rosenaf also had brainwashed him, so that his main goal would be to kill three people named Dragovich, Karachanov and Steiner. That's because he has these sentences in his mind all the time and plans to kill them. That's why it seems that the rescue is alive and sometimes it assumes its place.
    Hudson explains to him that at this moment their only chance is Mason's information of these numbers ... from the center of the publication of these numbers and on when to launch the Nova 6 project. Hudson calls on Mason this time to listen carefully to the numbers ...

    He once again pays numbers for him and commemorates Mason, whom Fidel Castro gave him to Drogowicz. He understands that the origins of these numbers belong to a ship called Rusalka (RUSALKA), which has been in Cuba. He sends this information to Hudson and is quickly attacking it, and the American Army's redemption begins. They will be able to attack the ship and destroy the entire ship, and Mason can take his old revenge from Dragovich, but Dragovich tries to tell Mason before he dies, but his ear is nothing to do with anything other than revenge. They return to the water level after their mission on the ship and see their victory, Weaver tells Mason:
    - We finally won
    - for the moment ...
    The game is over, but after the final titles of the game, a short video appears showing the scenes before the assassination of former president John F. Kennedy. With a little care in this clip, we notice the presence of Mason in that scene. Does Dragovich's brainwashing force Mason to play a role in Kennedy's assassination?!

    Rate this article The Story of Call of Duty Black OPS 1

    (4.6/5) 5 rates


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