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    (3.45/5) 11 rates
    jocktopus3, 31 august 2017 05:55

    The Greatest PC Game Series of All Time

    When you think of "the best PC game series," what image comes to mind? Minecraft? Dark Souls? GTA? Half-Life? The Elder Scrolls? Prince of Persia? Call of Duty? Civilization? These legendary series have pushed the boundaries of gaming and deserve all the credit they recieve. However, the Shock series trumps them all with its immersive atmosphere, tense combat, and longevity. I'm sure many of you strongly disagree with me, so let me explain.

    While System and Bioshock have their flaws like all other games, they manage to overcome these with style, a creepy atmosphere, and creativity. Ok, I've praised the Shocks enough for my intro so now it's time to back my claims up. Without further adieu, here are five and a half reasons why the Shock series is the greatest of all time. 

    1. System Shock
    Even though System Shock lost money upon its release after selling 170,000 copies, along with Doom, it paved the way for 3D games. Although the controls and graphics might seem clunky and outdated today, at the time of its release, this game was revolutionary and had a big influence on future games.

    2. System Shock 2
    Where do I begin with this? System Shock 2 alone puts this series near the top. With fluid gameplay, extremely frightening and intense moments throughout, and a brilliantly written story, System Shock 2 was well ahead of its time. The player could even customize their character as they would progress. This game won countless game of the year awards and in my opinion, is one of the greatest games of all time. Many games have gone on to borrow from its formula, most notably, Deus Ex, Prey (2017), and Dead Space. System Shock 2's impact on the gaming world cannot be dennied, and it is a great testament to the shock series.

    3. Bioshock
    Although Bioshock stole A LOT from system shock 2, like the story, the revitalize chambers, the cyber powers, the upgrade sytem etc, it is still a great game with a unique and unsettling environment. This game recieved much deserved critical aclaim for its beauty and elegance. IGN most notably awarded Bioshock PC Game of the Year. This game is so beautiful, yet so unsettling at the same time. The atmosphere is magnificent, and the story is enthralling. While Bioshock loses some of the scariness of sytem shock, it succeeds in sucking the player in with its exceptional graphics, and moral conondrums. The steampunk theme also adds a lot to the ambience.

    4. Bioshock 2
    Not much to see here except more of Bioshock. The developers clearly didn't want to stray far from the original Bioshock, and this was the result. Bioshock 2 is a great game, and a pretty freaking good low point for the shock series, strengthening their case.

    5. Bioshock Infinite
    This is an incredible game. It has stunning visuals, many hidden details, an original story, and fun gameplay. Bioshock Infinite is creepy in a whole new dark way, somewhat like Bioshock. Only being able to have 2 weapons is a major con, but the game is still superb. The colors are bright and vibrant. The story is vivid and concrete. The ending is fantastic. While almost all of the games in the shock series are very memorable, this one might stick the most. Overall, this is one of the strongest games in the series.

    5.5 System Shock (Remake)
    The remake of system shock is set to release in 2018, and the number of people psyched for its release only proves that the series is still thriving. I myself am really excited to see what Nightdive Studios has up their sleeves for this one. If it's anything like the previous five games, it should be a massive success. Let's just hope it is.

    In conclusion, while there are some REALLY GREAT series out their, none of them possess the influence, longevity,  consistency, atmosphere, or style of the shock series. If you already own these excellent games then you understand what I'm talking about. If you don't, then you should at least wait for a sale to pick up some of these masterpieces. Don't take my word for it. Try it out for yourself!



    Rate this article The Greatest PC Game Series of All Time

    (3.45/5) 11 rates


    Bioshock old memories

    6 september 2017 20:29

    cs go lol

    20 september 2017 20:36

    System Shock th best game i play it

    6 september 2017 15:57

    Never played bioshock or any of these series, is it any good?

    6 september 2017 14:56

    I used to like Center Shock from chuppa chups, will I also like Bioshock?

    6 september 2017 11:58

    Sorry for the random picture of ss2. Idk how that got in there😁

    5 september 2017 22:31

    Looks awsome. I'll check it out. Hopefully my pc storage is enough lol.

    12 may 2020 10:53

    You can make a solid case for each of those except for Assassin's Creed. Most of it is purely subjective.

    10 september 2017 02:23

    Dissagree, when there are COD, Battlefield, Assasin's Creed, Tomb Raider, this can't be the best💀💀💀

    9 september 2017 21:39