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    s1na, 1 september 2017 17:14

    Rust - tips and tricks

    An article aimed at Rust players containing many tips and tricks to improve the game. Aimed at both begginers and advanced players!

    Choosing the right server:
    Always choose a popular server with at least 130 active players. I suggest playing on official servers (they usually wipe every Thursday) or on community servers. Avoid Russian and German servers as they are very hostile towards other players. I suggest not playing on modded servers, because you're gaining a big advantage and Rust is all about surviving on as little as you can! Play on solo-duo-trio servers, there are many of them!

    Behaviour with other players:
    When I play Rust, I usually play it with a couple of friends, so that's why I'm never friendly with anyone else! If you play solo, I suggest staying away from other players as they can easily kill you and steal all your loot. And just like in real life, don't trust strangers!

    There are many play-styles to choose from, but my favorite is the agressive one. Basically, try to be as agressive as you can, but be stealthy. Always take the first shot, and always shoot for the head (kill). Camp outside people's door, wait around the corners, set up traps etc. Don't waste your time gathering resoursec, because others can do it for you :)

    Building your base:
    Don't waste your time on you base. Build it fast and make it simple but still unraidable. There are many designes you can choose from available on YouTube. Also, don't build bigger bases than 3x3, you're just asking to be raided. Put as many doors as you can, and don't build more than 4 floors - you're just wasting your resources. Don't put windows until the third floor. Avoid stairs - build ladder hatches! Choose a good location - near Rad towns, near a river, well hidden in rocks. Avoid deserts and mountains.

    Visit them regulary - at least every 1 hour. Loot respawns every 30 or so minutes and try to be the first to take it. You can also camp rad towns, and wait for players to come so you can easily kill them. Avoid harbours, I'd say bigger rad towns are the best and I really like the warehouses (you can camp there pretty easily).

    Resources and loot:
    Don't save your resources for later! Use them as soon as you need to, because you might get raided and lose it all! Don't spend too much time organising your loot as you will always be bringing new loot (at least if you follow my tips :D ). Store your loot in well-secured loot rooms with armored door!

    Closing notes:
    If you follow my tips and tricks, you'll definately improve yourself in Rust. I also suggest watching Rust YouTube videos and praticing on Deathmatch, Battlefield and Battle-Royale servers. Play with your friends, but never in a group bigger than 4 members!

    Rate this article Rust - tips and tricks

    (3.68/5) 19 rates


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