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    (4/5) 12 rates
    szunyzoli99, 2 september 2017 13:42

    Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stroies Review

    Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories (GTA LCS) is the first GTA game released for the PSP. It takes place in Liberty City and it is the prequel of GTA Advance and GTA III. The game - unlike most GTA games - never got released on PC nor an Xbox console.

    The Story:
     Toni Cipriani is part of the Leone Crime family, but he was forced into hiding for killing a made man. After his return to Liberty City, he goes to see the head of the family, Salvatore Leone. Salvatore sends Toni to the capo of the family, Vincenzo Cilli who provides him some work. However, the two don't get along well and eventually Vincenzo sets up a police ambush for Toni, but he manages to escape. Toni then starts working for other members of the family, fighting the other crime families of Liberty City. He also tries to impress his mother, but failing to do so at first, which leads to her hiring hitmen to kill Toni. He does work a lot for Salvatore which eventually leads him to become a made man.

     The graphics are fairly good but not as good as San Andreas. This is because of the game originally being a PSP title of course. The mobile versions of the game have slightly enhanced graphics.

     The main theme is amazing. The radio stations have some pretty cool songs, some of the tracks being licensed and some made specifically for the game.

     This game does not have that many new gameplay features. On the opposite; this game lacks features that existed in prior games.
     The only added feature that's worth mentioning is the ability to sprint with most weapons with the exeption of a few.
     You don't have stats like in GTA San Andreas, you can't eat, you can't swim, you can't fly, there are no gang wars and the list goes on.
     The Good Citizen bonus from Vice City makes a return; if you punch an NPC that is being chased by the police, you'll get 50$ as a reward.
     This is the only 3D era GTA game that does not have police roadblocks.
     Costumes are dfferent too; instead of buying them in shops the player unlocks them at certain parts of the story or by doing side missions and they can be changed at safehouses.

    Changes in the city:
     Liberty City is mostly the same as in GTA III with a few notably exeptions;

    • Luigi Goterelli's club in the Red Light District is owned by the Sindacco family, and it is taken over during the course of the game.
    • Fort Staunton is revealed to have been known as Little Italy, but it was destroyed by Toni.
    • Neither the Callaham Bridge nor the Porter Tunnel are fully complete yet and a ferry can transport the player between Portland and Staunton Island.
    • Motorbikes are present in the city. It was explained in the manual and the official website that they have been banned from the city after the events of this game, before GTA III took place.
     The most powerful gangs in Liberty City in the game are all mafioso; the Leone family, the Sindacco family, the Forelli family and the Sicilian Mafia. Other gang operate too, most of them playing a bigger role in GTA III; the Yakuza, the Triads, the Columbian Cartel, the Diablos, the Yardies and the Southside Hoods. Two more gangs exist in the game that have dissapeared by the time GTA III takes place; the Biker Gang and the Avenging Angels.

    Side missions:
     There are a few new side missions in the game, some of them being exclusive to this game only. The hidden packages are back too, as well as rampages.

     This game was originally released on the PSP, and was ported to the PS2 a few months later. It was also made available on the PS3 as a digital download. A mobile version was released for both Android and iOS with enhanced graphics.
    In conclusion:
     It's a pretty good game and it's well worth your time if you're a GTA fan. It's a bit unfortunate that it was only released on PlayStation consoles and on mobile though. If that's not a problem for you, I suggest you to pick it up and try it for yourself. 

    Rate this article Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stroies Review

    (4/5) 12 rates


    robux pls in robux

    14 april 2020 10:32

    Hello im new on gamehag

    9 april 2020 10:59

    A GTA sequel is always welcome \o/

    16 february 2020 09:34

    Я играл в эту версию, это было весело!

    24 may 2020 18:59

    este gta é o melhor de todos e o mais divertido

    21 may 2020 11:52

    I enjoyed playing in this game, I played in psp and android versions of this game and it was fun!

    29 march 2020 17:54

    I didn't know about this gta kind.

    2 may 2020 11:15

    i love this game but this article is not usefull

    4 july 2020 21:46

    good gameee

    1 august 2020 20:39