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    (3.7/5) 10 rates
    The1Mind, 29 august 2017 16:36

    Gothic 3

    Gothic 3 is a story rich RPG made back in 2006. It's the third version of the Gothic trilogy. This game is a jewel among the RPG games, however sadly it was abandoned by it's developers.

    While the game has indeed been completed when it was released, sadly many bugs and glitches stayed. I've even seen trees and grass floating in air showing that the developers and testers didn't take enough time to check if everything looks fine. As for bugs and glitches that I mentioned-some quests don't work. For instance-there is a book that gives you a new ability to summon a certain spell when read and it must be read during the quest otherwise you'll get a notification that you aren't ready for that yet. During that quest I tried to read that book but wasn't able to read it, as if I didn't start that quest. I asked about it on the forums and the others told me they have experienced the same problem. Sometimes I notice that the armor I have equipped is stacked in 2, while I bought only 1 instance of that armor. In other words, sometimes my armor duplicated through some glitch. There is also a bug that made me keep my stats from armor Even after I removed it.

    But luckily, while this game indeed has lots of glitches it also has a huge amount of fans. So there has been created a community mod for it, that fixes all those bugs and glitches.

    You are a famous but yet nameless hero who arrives to an island which is being beseiged by the orcs. You begin in a small town called Ardea, which is besieged by the orcs you kill the orcs together with your comrades Diego, Milten and Gorn to liberate the town. The first time you fight to liberate a town you won't get killed, however this is also the last time this game will be holding your hand.
    You can decide whether you want join rebels  to help the humans to recapture the land from the orcs, join the orc mercenaries to eliminate the human rebels. You can also join the Hashishins-humans who care only about one thing: gold. They cooperate with orcs, and have slaves. They live far on the south of the map, while on the north there is nordmar where the nordmars live. They despise the Hashihins and the orcs and value their ancestors. Hashishins aren't the only ones who live on the south. Nomads and water mages who fight against them live hiding in the caves and waiting for a chance to free the world from the money thirsty Hashishins. And in the north together with the nordmars live the fire mages and escaped paladins in a place called The monastery. The fire mages and the Nordmars don't like each other however they aren't on hostile terms and fight for a common goal: To liberate the Nordmar from the orcs. The world of Gothic has 3 gods: Adanos-the most powerful god and god of balance, Innos-the god of light and peace and Beliar-the evil good of destruction and chaos.
    Innos is worshipped by the rebels, fire mages and paladins.
    Beliar is worshipped by the orcs and Hashishins.
    And Adanos is worshipped by the Water mages and nomads.
    While the Nordmars don't worship anybody else besides their ancestors.

    Rate this article Gothic 3

    (3.7/5) 10 rates


    Gothic 3 lags on new gen rigs. Weird!

    6 september 2017 20:39

    Played it years ago and it was great

    6 september 2017 20:30

    am i the only one who didn't even hear about this game?

    6 september 2017 15:03

    I have some fond memories of this game, maybe I'll have to come back to it at some point.

    8 september 2017 19:10

    Oldie but goodie.

    13 september 2017 13:23