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    grailmisdoer, 16 february 2018 16:33

    The Evil Within (Story)

    The Evil Within, or as the Japanese say, Psycho Break is a hand-written game that is very important to the story in its games. The great Shinji Mikami, previously featured with the Resident Evil series, showed his interest in the definition of engaging and audible tales, and proved with The Evil Within. This game has a complex and engaging storyline and displays the adventures of a police scene called Sebastian.

    The main character of the game is a veteran garage called Sebastian Castellanos. Together with his colleagues Julie Kidman and Joseph Oda in a series of bizarre events, he faces a mysterious ghost called Roweic.

    One day, with Sebastien, Joseph and Julie inspecting the scene of a massacre at the Beacon Psychiatric Hospital, they face a devilish and powerful force. After Sebastien's colleagues are killed by a mysterious man wearing a white hat and a burnt face, he himself is also being attacked unconsciously and unconscious. When Sebastien becomes conscious, see Crimson City as a city full of chaos, whose lands have been ruined, and spirited creatures roam in the streets and in various places.

    At the beginning of his adventure in this chaotic city, Sebastian is introduced to a doctor named Marcelo Khimens looking for Leslie Wieders illness. After Sebastien and the doctor find Leslie, they face Roweic. Roweic is the one who at the start of the game killed colleagues of Sebastian, and it turns out to have strange powers such as disappearing, transferring spirit and changing the land. Sebastien realizes that Roweic trapped him in this terrible place, trapped by the memories of various people. On the other hand, it seems that Julie is looking for Leslie, which is still not under the influence of Roweic's evil forces.

    In the sequel and during numerous flashbacks, Sebastien gets a lot of information about Roweic's past. He was named "Ruben Victoryanou" in a relatively wealthy family. Ruben was a very clever child, but mentally unstable, and had a lot of dependence on her sister, Laura. One day, when Robben and Laura were playing in the family estate warehouse, several strangers came to the warehouse to take revenge on the Victorian family, who had bought most of the land in the area, and burned it. In this case, Laura burns in the fire and Ruben suffers from severe burns. Then the father of Ruben decides to hide him in the underground, which now looks so ugly. Robben, who has seen severe damage to Laura's death, eventually kills her parents and controls her family's wealth. Ruben also sponsors the Beacon Psychiatric Hospital, and is conducting lethal tests on his patients.

    Roweic follows his experiments on the soul and minds of humans for a while, until Dr. Khimens betrays him just before the realization of the original ROQUE project, STEM. STEM is the name of a machine that transforms the emotions, thoughts and memories of all the minds connected to it. Now Roweic's brain is manipulated and sampled by the organization that Khimens works for. The organization has kidnapped citizens of Crimson City, including the wife and daughter of Sebastian, and is trying to bring them into the world by using STEM. When Dr. Khimens and Sebastien try to use Leslie to return to the real world (Leslie, previously successful who escapes from the Roweic world) find that they are trapped within the mind of Roweic and that he intends to move his mind to the real world. They are faced with a monster created in the unconscious mind of the Moose. The monster kills Khimens by attacking them, but Sebastien succeeds in destroying him and joining them again. Sebastian, Julie and Leslie go to the Beacon Psychiatric Hospital, while other souls are thought to have attracted their attention to its lighthouse. Roweic again separates the members of the group by creating a barrier to them. Julie first finds Leslie and plans to shoot it, but Sebastian is blocking it. Julie points out that Leslie has a great danger to them, given the circumstances they are facing, and emphasizes that she has a lot of information about the STEM and the crisis they are in.

    Leslie Sebastian leads the hospital and lighthouse top. Sebastian sees a copy of herself that she has been trapped in. Roweic conquers Leslie's mind further in order to make the world more chaotic. Sebastian fights and defeats the huge body created by the mind of Roweic, and then comes into a bathtub. He leaves the device and separates the Roweic brain from the STEM and destroys it. He wakes up again in a bath and sees Julie next to him. Julie stresses to him that he is calm and he is going to sleep again. Eventually, Sebastian sees himself in the same van for the last time, and this time he only sees other people who are sleeping like him; one of these people is Khimens, who finds a strange situation and does not make any moves.

    In the end, with the arrival of the auxiliary police forces, Sebastian leaves the hospital and faces a strange scene outside. He sees Leslie coming out of the gate; at the same time, he faces a mild headache, and his eyes become blurred and misses Leslie. Seeing Lesley makes only one clear fact for Sebastian; that Roweic, by means of Leslie, enters the real world and is able to affect the people who are connected to his device, and thereby take revenge on the organization that betrays him.

    Rate this article The Evil Within (Story)

    (5/5) 1 rating


    This is in my wishlist, gotta buy it sometime during sales.

    16 june 2018 01:30