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    grailmisdoer, 16 february 2018 18:48

    Synopsis of Resident Evil

    Short story about Resident Evil 0 1 2 3 4 5 6

    The story of the game Resident Evil Zero

    In 1988, after the final discovery of the T virus, Oswell E. Spencer ordered the murder of the prominent scientist Umbrella, James Marcus. William Birkin and Albert Wesker, who were Marcos pupils, were in charge of the murder.

    They killed the two Marcos, but the queen's maze entered the Marcus and prevented him from dying. This event was hidden from the eyes of Birkin and Wesker. After ten years and in 1998, Marcus was restored completely by Queen Leech, and in retaliation for Oslo Spencer's move, he decided to take revenge from Umbrella's company. To this end, he developed a T virus in the Arklay Mountains, and gradually he moved the mountain into a flood.

    The Arklay Mountain is the entrance to Raccoon City and the Spencer Mansion is located. After the spread of the T virus, creatures became zombies and caused incalculable events for residents of the Archetype Mountains. These events led the Braves Group of the Stares Group, as the first team, to investigate these unfortunate events. Albert Wesker, the chairman of the Stares Group, had previously agreed with William Burke to separate Umbrella from the company and operate independently of the company. Hence, Wesker was thinking of taking advantage of Marcus's revenge and separating it from the company. The sending of the Bravo team, and then the Alpha team, was aimed at reaching this goal and measuring the T-Virus creatures by the eldest.


    The story of the game Resident Evil 1

    After the flood of the Arklay Mountains, the Bravo Stares team was sent to Arklay Mountain to conduct police investigations. The team faced unexpected occurrences at the beginning of their arrival in the mountains and found themselves in a siege without the return of the creatures of the T virus. Each member of the team was trying to escape from Arklay, but it was hard to do with the damage helicopter incurred. Bravo's team was killed by T-virus creatures during their attempt to escape the Arklay, or they were able to get to the mansion Spencer. The Spencer Estate was built by George Trevor and ordered by one of the founders of Umbrella, whose construction work lasted from 1962 to 1967. The mansion, which had various obstacles in its place, was in fact a cover for the Umbrella study site in the Arklay Mountains. There was a lab equipped with genetic activities inside the mansion, which was a place for Umbrella's experiments on the Tyrant project. Bravo team members inside the mansion were gradually killed, and only Rebecca Chambers managed to keep himself alive when he left the mansion.

    After Brave's team disappeared, Stars sent their original team to Arklay Mountain. Alpha team was the first and main group of the Stares Group, whose command was Albert Wesker. The team consisted of a total of six officers. The Alpha team, like the Bravo team, was taken in the context of the Archetype outburst and took refuge in Spencer's Mansion. Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine are the main heroes of the game. The two, along with Albert Wesker and Barry Barton, were members of the alpha team who entered the Spencer Mansion after the dogs attacked. With the advent of the story, Chris and Jill find out that their team leader is one of the researchers who employs Umbrella Company and operates in the Tyrant project. With the announcement of Chris and Jill of the betrayal of Wesker, an enmity between the three begins, and this battle will mark the main stories of the game in subsequent versions. Wesker, by releasing the Tyrant T-002, killed himself with this creature, although Chris Vendel thought he was dead, but it was a dramatic death, and Wesker was still alive with the help of his genetic abilities and William Burkin. Chris and Jill escaped that devilish mansion by destroying the T-002, displaying fascinating stories in later versions.


    The story of the game Resident Evil 2

    William Burkin, a prominent scientist at Umbrella, eventually discovered the J-virus. He and Albert Wesker were trying to isolate Umbrella and pursue their activities independently of the company. In the same vein, Burkin was willing to sell the virus discovered by himself to the US Army. Oswald Spencer was informed of this incident, and christen Henry was selected as the U-virus recorder for Amberla. Henry, by sending Hank to Raccoon City and the Umbrella underground laboratory in the city, placed him at the disposal of the J-Virus samples. Hank was a military officer. She and her team, after entering the laboratory, called for the virus, but after a clash, they had to shoot William Burkin and capture the samples of the GI and T virus. Barkin injected a sample of the viral G that he had in his possession and, in the long run, encountered a wide range of genetic mutations. Mutations that have changed his structure. He sought revenge on Hank and his team, and in this case, the T virus virulently spread in the sewage of the test chemist and a little later in the sewage of Raccoon City. This event resulted in zombies becoming zombies in a very short time, all living creatures and citizens of the city of Raccoon, and gradually a small number of healthy citizens who had not been bombarded with zombies. Thus, the city of Raccoon suffered a general upheaval.

    The story of Resident Evil 2 is September 29, 1998, two months and five days after Resident Evil 1 events. After the raccoon raids, two people are entering the story: a newcomer police officer, Leon Scott Kennedy, who goes on for the first days of his career, goes to the city unknowingly and faces a half-starred zombie. After removing it, she happens to be familiar with a young girl named Clare Redfield. Clare, sister of Chris Redfield, and a 19-year-old student have come to Raccoon City to see her brother. Both with the police car escaping from the area, suddenly a zombie that is unconscious at the back of the car is running out and engaging with them. The lanyard is tightening and the zombie is thrown out, but a truck is hitting them fast and trying to They are removing them. Shortly before the truck strikes the car, Leon and Claire go out and two characters are separated from each other and place their appointment at the Raccoon Police Department building. Leon and Claire diverted themselves to the Police Department of Raccoon R.P.D.

    Clare Redfield

    Claire sees what he was expecting after entering the police building, the police building was also occupying zombies, and the police and officers became vampires themselves. Claire was looking for her brother, who at this time she met with a police officer Marvin Branagh off, Marvin spoke to Clare about how the virus was spreading to the police station, telling Clare that Chris had warned them about it. Clare arrives at the office of the S.T.A.R.S group and finds a notebook on his brother's desk, where he finds out that his brother has left the city. Claire goes on to face Willie Berkine's daughter Sherry Barkin. Shree, a little girl, is scared of Clare and runs away from her. With the advent of the game, Sherry and Claire are working together to get out of town. Clare and Sherry traveled to Umbrella's ultra-secret lab in the deep-watered Raccoon City, and met a new world under the ground. Claire went on to become a monster after being infected with the virus G (who had discovered herself), and he fought and defeated him for the first time, but this the end was not the end, and Claire struggled with him several times. Every time William was a more evolved and dangerous stage than before. Eventually, Claire managed to erase the monstrous, which was already so big and scary. In the end, Clare, Sherry and Leon, who traveled before him, left the city.

    Lance S Kennedy

    Leon brings to the police station from another entrance he was supposed to serve there from then on. But at the onset of his arrival at the police station, he faced zombies, his colleagues turned into vampires. With the advancement of the game, Leon faces Aida Wang for the first time. Aida was assigned by an unclear organization to get G virus in any form before the city was destroyed. Ida pretended to Leon to come to the police department to find her friend, (John) and ask Leon for help. Leon was aware of all the events that took place in the city and was unaware of the viruses. He was just a novice policeman. The two tried to get out of town. With the advent of the game, the virus G comes to Leon, and Ida calls it Leon. At this time, Anth Barkin (wife of William and mother of Sherry Barkin, also a researcher of Umbrella) fired at two of them, and then dies for himself, Ida was falling after a shooting that was saved by Leon from the fall, but with Ida's insistence left her hand and fell. Leon threw the virus down. Leon goes to the last monster before the train starts. After a few moments of the battle, an unspecified woman launches a manual rocket launcher for Leon, and Leon, with the help of which, destroys the monster. That woman was Iida, and Leon found that she was alive and had G virus. Leon will leave the city with Clare and Sherry with the launch of the train.


    The story of the game Resident Evil 3

    The beginning of the game, the day before the events of Resident Evil 2 and the end of its story, two days after the events of the game Resident Evil 2. The city of Raccoon was in the midst of the T virus, and Jill, who was a former officer of the Star Wars group, is trying to escape from the city. During this effort, he meets Carlos Oliveira, a member of U.B.C.S. team. Umbrella established a team of U.B.C.S in the city to halt the resurgence and rescue of survivors and researchers in the city of Raccoon. The team failed to achieve its goals, and most of its members (150 to 200 people) were somehow destroyed. Carlos, along with his other counterparts, such as Nikolai Zinoviev and Mikhail Victor, pursued their mission in the city, among them, Nicolai as head of the team, selfish goals. In the meantime, Umbrella decided to send Nemesis all the officers of the Stares group are destroyed. From Umbrella's point of view, Starz Bunny was the main scam of Umbrella's company. Nemesis faced Jill at the Raccoon Police Department. Nemesis, first attacked Brad Vickers and easily knocked him off, then attacked Jill. This was the beginning of a long pursuit. In some parts of the game, Jill was forced to run away and fight with the Nemesis, but Nemesis demanded and defeated Jill. Jill then realizes that he can escape from the city by knowing the helicopter through the church's clock tower, and with the help of Nicolai, he finds that there is a train and can bring them to the area. But Nikolai had manipulated the train (depending on the different reactions of the player, Nikolai might survive or be killed). As a result, instead of the clock tower near the wall, he hits the wall. Jill is struggling to reach the tower and helicopter but helicopter was destroyed by missile firing at Nemesis, and Jill gets the virus. Carlos found antidote and saved Jill. Carlos went on to find that the United States had sent a nuclear bomb to the city to clear Raccoon City. Carlos informed Jill about this. As he heard this news, Jill stepped on to step out of the city, as though Nemesis was chasing him. Carlos was able to provide a helicopter to escape the city. Finally, Jill finally made his last fight with the Nemesis before he got on the helicopter and destroyed him with the help of a laser gun. In the end, Jill and Carlos succeeded in fleeing the city along with Barry Barton. After the three men escaped, the Raccoon City was cleared of the US Geographic Map by a nuclear bomb.


    The story of the game Resident Evil 4

    The game's story goes back to six years after the events after the destruction of the famous city of Raccoon. The main character of the game is Lynne Scott Kennedy, who was in Resident Evil's second series with Clare Redfield. At the end of the game, Leon S. Kennedy was forced to work for the US government. A little while later, after entering the US Presidential Protection Team and his family, he must do his first mission in the context of this new responsibility. The daughter of the president of the United States has been kidnapped by an unspecified group. Leon is the one who has to save him and return to his homeland. The spy data showed that a girl who looked very much like Ashley was seen in a Spanish village. Leon brought her to the village and was involved in a new nightmare. As the story progresses, it is revealed that a religious group, Los Alambrados, has kidnapped Ashley Graham. This religious group used the Las Palmas to extend its followers. The full control of the thought and behavior of any creature that is involved with this parasite will be available to the leaders of the Los Angeles area. People with this parasite are no longer a zombie; they are called Los Ganados. Osmund Saddler was the main leader of the group at the time, in order to expand his religion and take the balance of power in the world from the US government, so his religious group kidnapped the president's daughter, making the parasite into his body, they put their power in the hands of the American government. Leon goes on to become acquainted with a person named Luis Sara, who used to be a police officer in Madrid, but now works as a scientist for the Ilhamadose group. Of course, Lewis is collaborating with the group and helps Leon to destroy it. Finally Leon S Kennedy finds Ashley and goes along with him trying to get out of that place. During his quest, Leon destroyed all the parasite followers of this religion with their leader, and eventually returned to Ashkelon.

    Other details about the story of the game are the presence of Aida Wang and Jack Crawler in the game. Like the Resident Evil story, Ada had two missions from Wesker. He should get an example of the Las Vegas parasite for the organization. He eventually succeeded in doing it; after Samuel's demise, parasite example came to Leon, but Ida was threatened by Leon, then escaped. Jack Crossover, who was already on a mission with Leon, is now working for Saddler. He eventually was killed after a few fighting with Leon; it was not his last, and Krauser was eventually destroyed by Ida. Louis also loses his life after giving special pills to Leon. He was seriously injured by Samuel.


    The story of the game Resident Evil 5

    The events took place in 2009, six years after Umbrella's destruction. Chris Redfield joined the B.S.A.A. organization. The organization fought militarily with illegal biological activities in the world. Chris is being sent by the agency to investigate cases of biological weapons trafficking in Africa. As soon as Chris arrives in the Autonomous Region, he sees his new friend and colleague, Sheva Alomar, from the headquarters of B.S.A.A in West Africa with Chris in his mission. The two moved together to the alpha group (a subset of B.S.A.A.). They are trying to prevent the activities of a biological weapons trafficker, called Riccardo Irving. However, it did not take long for the unharmed people of this city to be sacrificed to biological and genetic tests, and they changed to creatures called Magnetic. Those two will eventually find out only the survivor of the alpha group, commander D Chant, and receive proof of Irving. Finding a degree against Irving's activities was the first and most important mission of the two. With the advent of the game, Chris and Sheva find Irving, but Irving escapes with the help of an unknown woman, but Irving left a case. Chris and Sheva managed to get information about the activities of the Irving through that case, and they shared it with the command center. Not long ago B.S.A.A sent the Delta team to support them. The leader of the Delta group, Josh Stone, gave Chris a memory card featuring photographs of important research, and Chris sees a sudden Jolie Valentine by opening and viewing photos. Chris then doubts about Jill's death at the Spencer Mansion event. Chris and Sheva were looking for Irving, but they did not know that Jill is also at the events.

    Chris Redfield

    With the advancement of the game, Chris and Sheva became aware of Irving's approximate position, which was at a Tricell-owned refinery, and moved on. Just when the two arrived at the refinery, Irving fled with a ship from that place and destroyed it with the hourly bombs that had been embedded in the refinery, Chris and Sheva escaped before the destruction of the refinery, with Josh Stone. Looking for Irving. After reaching the Irving Wharf and entering it, Irving turns into a big monster by infusing a virus to itself. Sheva and Chris posed for Irving, who was dying after destroying the monster. Irving named a woman named Excella Gionne, who introduced her after the adventures.

    Chris and Sheva came looking for this woman. As the game progresses, they are faced with Excel. Chris and Sheva ask him about his illegal research, and of course Jill, and Excella gives them explanations. They managed to detect a virus, in which the host of the virus evolved into an inventory called U-8 (U-8). This new B.O.W had a higher intelligence, more power degradation, and, of course, a commanding feature. Excella only left the two with this creature and left that place. Sheva and Chris are after a difficult battle with this creature and take him back to search for Excella.

    Chris and Sheva find it hard to find Oxla. Chris still asks about Excella about Jill and her location, which at this moment, the same unknown woman who helped Irving entered the scene and stuck in with Chris and Sheva. In this clash, an unknown mask separates from his face, but his identity remains unclear. Albert Wesker enters the scene and reveals the identity of the woman to Sheva and Chris. That unknown woman is Jill Valentine and is now working for Wesker. Chris, who is extremely surprised, is trying to make himself known to Jill, but Jill does not understand any of Chris's words. Wesker invites Chris and Sheva to a two-to-two fight with Jill. This two-to-two battle is one of the most beautiful game battles. Fighting Frazansani called Wesker and friend and old collaborator named Jill Valentine. Eventually, after seven minutes of fighting, Wesker declares to Chris that he must leave the two to do more important than the struggle. As the game progresses, the player realizes that Jill was in control of Wesker with a capsule containing P30 material that was fitted to his wrists, and he did not intend to do so. The substance P30 has had an early trace and should therefore be injected into the body of the jelly with the aid of the capsule. The injection rate was also determined by the help of a remote Wesker.
    Chris and Sheva without Jail continued their journey to find Wesker and entered Weser's ship. As the game progresses, Chris and Sheva face the Excella. As Excella shrinks from pain, Wesker's voice spread over the speaker. Albert Wesker tested Thales's latest biological discoveries on Excella. With the availability of food and genetic resources for this parasite, it has the ability to make up another 6 billion parasites on its own. Excella attacked Chris and Sheva after becoming a big and scary monster. The two had to fight with the monsters once more after escaping into the cabin of that gigantic ship. After a very battling battle with this monster, Chris and Sheva are destroying it, and moving on to find Wesker. At this time, Jill contacted Chris and revealed Wesker's weakness to Chris. There is a serum called PG67A / W, which, if injected into the body, is very toxic to you. With the advancement of the game, Chris and Sheva find Wesker and fight him. After a beautiful battle, Chris succeeds in injuring my head into Wesker's body. Wesker then lost his physical and psychological balance and told Chris that this is not the end. Wesker wanted to launch an Uroboros virus with a rocket aircraft. To do this, he got to the plane and was ready to fly. Chris and Sheva followed him and succeeded in getting on the plane. With the advance of the game, the plane falls to a volcanic zone. Wesker enters the body of the Uroboros virus and has much more power than ever before. Chris and Sheva at the end of an exciting battle with Wesker in that volcanic environment succeed in defeating Weskir, Wesker falls into the fire, and Chris and Sheva are saved by a helicopter Jill and Josh are in. Wesker was still alive and he took a helicopter in the fire, which at that moment destroyed him with Jill, Chris and Sheva, firing two rockets to Wesker while burning in the fire....


    The story of the game Resident Evil 6

    The story of the Sixth Resident Evil series will be narrated in 2013 and 15 years after the events of Raccoon City. The first part begins on December 24, 2012. In Eastern Europe, terrorist attacks have taken place. Jake Muller, son of Albert Wesker, is sent to avoid the attacks. In this way, Sherry Birkin accompanies the survivors of Raccoon Jake. She tells Jake that since you are the son of Albert Wesker, you need your blood to stop all these adventures. And Jake agrees to go with Sherry to prevent further attacks. Suddenly a huge monster strikes at the two. Shari and Jake fight it several times, but the monsters follow them up to China. At the same time as Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans, they attack the second part of the story. Ada Wang attacked Chris and Pierce, and most members of the BSAA group were killed by him, and Chris and Pierce go to China to fight "the virus." Have ".

    Another part of the story goes back to six months later and June 29, 2013. Lynn Scott Kennedy and Helena Harper are the protector of American President Adam Benford. The president is faced with a bioterrorist attack. Leon and Helena are looking at who is behind the bioterrorist attacks to take revenge on the president's blood. Leon and Helena realize that the person currently controlling all the militant forces of the bioterrorist attacks is understanding Simmons that, unlike what many think behind the attacks, Lieutenant and Helena are secretly with someone inside the forces The government finds a way to reach Simmons until it realizes that all of this thread is back to China. Leon and Helena go to China and find that there are Jake and Sherry too. Leon, Helena, Sherry and Jake next to They also fight against the long-sought-after monsters Jake and Sherry and bring them to Simmons. Siemens also comes with the same Arran attacking them and shooting them. But at the same time, a person secretly brings an amulet of "Virus-C" to Simmons, and Simmons turns into a big monster. Leon and Helena struggle with Simmons on the train ride and fail to defeat him. Everyone thinks that all the adventures are over, but suddenly a rocket hits China and releases Virus-C and again all people are affected by the virus. This time, Leon and Helena are faced with Chris Redfield and Pierce Nivens, and they are looking for this together. They will go to find out what's behind the scenes.

    The final part of the story is related to another part of the story of Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans. Chris and Pierce are struggling with the attacks that take place in East Asia. In this game, the world's people are in common fear of biological attacks and a country in the world, Is not immune from such attacks.


    And I will wrote about other series...


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