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    Rate this article "The Colonists - PC Review"

    (4.38/5) 13 rates
    berroni, 26 january 2019 18:01

    The Colonists - PC Review

    The Colonists is a City Builder Indie game which already won hearts of players worldwide. It's developed by Codebyfire and published by Mode 7 on November 9th 2018. The Colonists is a game I enjoyed, and I believe you will enjoy it just as I have. It's a very interesting and well-balanced City Builder Strategy game, I dare to say one of the best in the genre

    You can get The Colonists on Steam or GOG. I suggest you to buy it on Steam as it's cheaper. 

    General information 

    In The Colonists, you'll lead a team of adorable robots who have escaped from Earth and are looking for some planet/galaxy where they can start a new home - away from Earth and humans as far as possible.  The robots you're going to lead are all actually designed to simulate human colonies, so they will need everything a human would need which includes food, energy and various other resources. 
    In The Colonists you'll have to harvest natural resources, you'll have to control food production, you'll have to discover new lands and research new technologies.  Actually, the main goal of this game is resource management as these resources are used to build additional buildings and perform research which you need for the evolution, for the entrance into the New Age.
     The Colonists have three different Ages and each one is unique by something, which means you're definitely going to enjoy each one as each one brings a different experience. To advance through these three different Ages you'll have to build infrastructure for your robots. 

    The Colonists is a game that will bring you war after the two introductory levels, and that is just something unbelievable since even the building type would be enough. You're not the only one who's looking for a new planet, there are many others and you'll need to destroy them. You'll need to destroy other colonies on the planet you've chosen to land on as you can take control over their territory once they're destroyed. It's not like you have to war and destroy, you can choose your path, whether you want to go through peaceful mode or you want to war. 
    The Combat
     in this game is not one of these classical combats in RTS games. You won't control your units directly, you're actually going to build attack towers.

    Graphic Details, Sound & Performance

    • Graphic Details are beautiful, you can tell what is which building just by looking at it. The art style is clean, and it fits the game unbelievably well. When I first time saw the clean art style in this game, I was a little concerned that gameplay was gonna be simplified - that this strategy won't be hard, thank god I have misjudged it. 
    • The Sound is relaxing and awesome. It fits the game and works well with the atmosphere.
    • Performance is great, the game runs with no problems at all. I haven't experienced any crash or lag until now, which is awesome. 

    I suggest this game to everyone, as it's seriously a very relaxing and interesting game, with a 10/10 rating. 

    Rate this article The Colonists - PC Review

    (4.38/5) 13 rates


    nice article

    17 may 2019 01:13

    Thank you guys :)

    28 january 2019 20:02

    good review

    1 february 2019 13:15

    This is a good article 👍

    21 february 2019 02:55

    noise game for me

    28 january 2019 09:50

    like it

    29 january 2019 01:10

    For me the game looks decent not bad...nice article.

    10 july 2021 11:09

    *** Graphics are So Good. I love such games.Thanks keep up good work.

    29 may 2019 08:12

    I like the artstyle.

    28 january 2019 18:39

    Interesting concept and idea for the game. The graphic is nice & clean, like it!

    24 april 2019 19:33