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    Rate this article "Ring Of Elysium - Better than PUBG?"

    (4.43/5) 23 rates
    mixtape_maker, 26 january 2019 22:07

    Ring Of Elysium - Better than PUBG?

    Ring Of Elysium is yet another early access release of the battle royale genre, made by Tencent, the largest gaming company in the world and the developers of PUBG Mobile. The game is currently available as an Early Access title in the worldwide market. The game unsurprisingly shares a lot in common with PUBG, as 60 people jump out onto a island and scavenge for weapons and resources, avoiding the "blue zone", which forces people to meet up eventually.

    Despite its similar appearance, a lot of people enjoy ROE (Short for Ring of Elysium) better than PUBG itself, as it improves on some of the aspects where PUBG lacks; offering a smoother and more optimised performance has more weapons and is a lot more tactile than Steam's most popular title.
    Some other things are also different; for example, instead of a 100 people, Tencent's game has 60, and you can only play in third person, instead of some magical 'electricity zone', ROE has a snowstorm AND features dynamic weather effects, not to mention the far superior vision distance while being inside the storm / looking at it from the outside. 

    The game also looks very good, and features way better optimization and performance (due to it's netcode) compared to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.  It also only takes up 5GB of space, but the most important thing is that's it's free. Yes, you heard that right - a game comparable if not better than Steam's most popular title is free to play and accessible to anyone right now. Or at least that is, if you have internet and a half-decent computer. The gameplay is fast-paced due to it's smaller map size, but it has destructible environment. 

    You can also choose from a few kits - the coolest one in my opinion being the hiker, as he can climb up steep hills using blades. Pretty neat, huh?
    You can also ski with the snowboard if you so choose, or make a lot of sound with the cars and snowmobiles. The coolest thing about the game, in my opinion, is that the helicopter in the final zones is not just for one person - it can board up to 4 people, you just need to make it up the rope. The toughest part, of course, is getting to the helicopter and getting into it.

    Finalisation: I recommend to try out Ring Of Elysium more than a little, especially since it's free. Whether this is your first BR title or not, you will still certainly find it enjoyable - even more so if you have a bad computer. It still has some cons, especially directing the player to where the shots are coming from, but all in all it's definitely an enjoyable experience. It is also highly advised to play in squads or at least duos, as that, as with most games, makes it all the more enjoyable.
    My rating: 8.2/10. 
    If I'd have to choose between ROE and PUBG, I'd go with ROE, as it has many things going well for them and is getting constant updates, which I can't say about PUBG, which I would rate 7.2-7.6.

    Thank you for reading my article. I know it was short, but there's not much to be said about the game, except that it's simply superior to PUBG. Also, this is purely my opinion and you are free to express it in the comments. 
    All credit to the screenshot authors.

    Rate this article Ring Of Elysium - Better than PUBG?

    (4.43/5) 23 rates


    Other than the hackers that are destroying the game at the moment.. Its a really fun solid play. Send me an invite shad0wa0

    2 february 2019 06:00

    Good one.actually a great game too

    31 january 2019 16:17

    its free and yea better than pubg

    28 january 2019 12:01

    güzel oyun bu oyunu ben çlok sevdim

    18 may 2019 12:53

    looks very nice game

    28 january 2019 16:43

    looks good

    28 january 2019 09:57

    It really depends on person to person.. who likes pubg more or ring of elysium

    28 january 2019 09:44

    I Love this game! It's So Fun!

    11 february 2019 17:02

    Thank you guys for your opinions :)

    28 january 2019 18:36

    ita awsome

    29 january 2019 10:11