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    Misty, 13 december 2019 15:53

    The best games for PC 2018

    A computer is an ideal tool for work, but it also works great as a source of entertainment. PC games enjoy constant interest. We've prepared a ranking of the best titles especially for you. Check which games created in 2018 are worth playing!

    BATTLEFIELD V is a game which can definitely be called a bestseller. DICE studio is responsible for developing this part and the whole series. The realities of this shooter were set in the time of the Second World War. The game doesn’t correspond with real events, but presents its own vision of the conflict and approaches it casually, showing players less known places and events. Battlefield V is a first-person perspective game. During the gameplay, the player takes part in great battles using a very extensive range of weapons. Some of the guns are very well known historically, others are rare prototypes. Several War Stories are available to users as part of the fusion story. It's a game which draws you in for hours.

    FORZA HORIZON 4 is a treat for fans and enthusiasts of four-wheeled vehicles. This is the fourth part of the cult series of racing games characterized by an open world. The fourth part moves us to Great Britain, where we can fight for victory racing in one of 450 vehicles. Playground Games studio is responsible for the creation of the game. Besides classic forms of racing, the player can take part in another competitive forms, e.g. time trials or very spectacular events during which you can fight for victory against other vehicles - even motorcycles or planes. The seasons change weekly, which has a significant impact on the route and difficulty of the game - for example, wet asphalt in Autumn has a huge impact on wheel grip.

    Assassin’s Creed: ODYSSEY is the 10th part of the iconic sandbox series. The game took a very strong turn towards RPG, which distinguishes it from previous parts. The plot of the games begins in 431 BC, so it refers to very spectacular times and this makes the game special. It is non-linear in its own way. The player must make various decisions which affect the development of the game and its ending. It has no impact on the fate of the world, but it affects close reality. The plot axis is the fictitious conflict between Assassins and Templars. Ubisoft's internal studio is responsible for creating the title.