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    (4.82/5) 11 rates
    fanus47, 30 november 2018 23:03

    Test: Assassin's Creed Rebellion

    Assassin's Creed Rebellion: A free to play mobile game as good as frustrating

    With its mobile experience on Assassin's Creed Pirates and Identity, Ubisoft is back with Assassin's Creed Rebellion. This new adventure on iOS and Android follows the concepts of Fallout Shelter by mixing a dose of puzzle and action, just to offer reflection and management in a box of the most beautiful effect. Let's try to know if the work holds the road, in the long run.


    Assassin's Creed Rebellion takes you to Assassin's Creed, the epitome of Spanish Aguilar de Nerha, in the 15th century. In this Spain marked by the colonial expansion, the life of the Assassins is difficult because they are tracked by the power, particularly religious, which was very early infiltrated by the Knights Templar. It is therefore up to you to form a brotherhood capable of saving the kingdom from corruption and the hidden agenda of its leaders.

    As a player, your first task will be to forge teams of fighters of various types, who will go on various missions to bring back resources and DNA fragments, an essential ingredient for inviting new recruits. In doing so, we raise the level of the brotherhood, unlocking new rooms to be placed in the headquarters, which will allow you to move faster, and so on. The adventure is therefore in several forms: scripted missions across several regions of Spain to ephemeral events coming to offer bonuses, through the management of your headquarters to better prepare your troops.


    If players are now accustomed to this basic management aspect, which is found in both a Fallout Shelter and a mobile Westworld, AC Rebellion offers through its missions a rather new experience. By joining a team of three fighters, with varied skills, the player offers a range of skills to use in the field. Thus, during an assassination mission, you will, for example, be advised to take a murderer, an engineer and a trainer. The assassin will take care of the stealth approach, the tactician will serve to defuse the traps, as for the trainer, it will be useful on the last phase, to improve the condition of your assassin against his target. The level is divided into several pieces that will explore according to your convenience, but always with one and only one character at a time.

    The rooms offer different configurations, sometimes highlighting the direct confrontations, sometimes the stealthy approach through verticality or hiding. On this type of scenario, it's up to you to decide if you send your assassin to spend his few assassination tokens on enemies, knowing that he can also use his stealth token.if he has this type of skills. At first glance, these features will become more complex over the course of the missions and it will sometimes be crucial to look for one style rather than another. Rest assured, if you lose a mission, it will be very easy to recount without having to wait for your troops to resume their health. Each assassin is different, and has a unique skill: it is, therefore, fashionable to prepare a minimum for your escapades, choosing the most suitable profiles and the most made soldiers ...


    Between each mission, it is obviously possible to return to the headquarters of the Brotherhood. In doing so, our soldiers treat themselves in the infirmary, go about their business and can be placed in different rooms to produce resources internally or train your teams. Each action obviously requires resources, be it time to invest before getting the upgrade, or leather and other ingredients that you have to farm in the looting missions.

    With this model, AC Rebellion is a long-term free to play with well-thought automatisms. Thus, it is possible to "rusher" missions on which you have the maximum score, just as it is possible to calibrate the game in automatic mode or accelerated.And if the AI does its job pretty well, remember that it happens regularly neglect the life of your units, which will often result on a non-perfect result. If you lose an assassin, you lose one out of three stars for completion of your mission. This same assassin will eventually spend an hour in the infirmary before being plumbed, but it is obviously possible to rank-up faster by giving him potions, an obviously exhaustible commodity that you can loot or buy in the shop.

    In addition to his skills, each of your assassins has the equipment to craft, in order to be more effective in the field, which will occupy a lot of your troops at headquarters, responsible for forging for each unit three elements equipment. However, it is the own statistics of your soldiers that ultimately matter most. Their "power level", a sort of index that aggregates all statistics, defines your ability to go on the field on various missions. The mount will force you to put in mode "training" very regularly your assassins, which will climb thus level and will be able to take part in the highest missions. To further evolve their power, it will be essential to go in search of DNA fragments (through the missions of Heritage) to promote your troops and earn them stars of mastery.


    And if the first hours of Rebellion are done very quickly, chaining clashes and rolling on the missions, the following are much more strained and will systematically impose important phases of relentlessness, farm , grind : call as you wish but the result is the same: you will be unable to progress "naturally" with fluidity once you have crossed the second region. From this moment, which represents only the second step, on five, in your achievement of the title, you will drool and make you regularly stop by tasks whose advised level of power is systematically well above yours. Once the player hung, the free to play embarks then in repetitive routines that will be your day for days before pretending to participate in a new mission scenario, artificially inflated difficulty.

    However, we are invited very regularly to return to play, whether to validate a craft, complete a training, or validate the promotion of one of your killers. We will then take the opportunity to perform some "rush" and validate the daily objectives to accumulate some XP and resources. But here, the pleasure of play and discovery fades a little during this phase, too windy to be pleasant, especially when the title repeat very regularly that it is possible to pay to buy heroes overpowering. And even if you want to evolve, find new rooms to build, or recruit a new assassin among the 46 available (all with a unique capacity), we must admit: the curve of progress currently thought for the title is not the most pleasant to walk, despite the undeniable qualities of the game in terms of management and content.

    Assassin's Creed Rebellion is a smart free-to-play, beautiful and fun to discover. However, its progression curve suffers a lot of artificial difficulty peaks that force the player to do very regularly the same actions, for days, in order to hope to advance in the story. Despite these concerns, it offers players original gameplay and content that is very complete, even if the key to access the latter requires a very regular farm.

    Rate this article Test: Assassin's Creed Rebellion

    (4.82/5) 11 rates


    Good article. As mentioned by jonsson__john, the organizational structure could've been better, but it's still pretty godo so I'll accept

    1 december 2018 08:25

    looks authentic! this one's interesting, as it is a big game that, as far as i know, has gone under the radar. Nice structure and maaybe a bit too much pictures. but overall its great!

    1 december 2018 00:13

    Yeah its ok

    2 december 2018 06:48

    Really could use some spacing

    27 february 2019 09:51

    Not bad also it is good enough

    1 december 2018 20:24

    It's good

    1 december 2018 19:21

    This is so good

    3 december 2020 21:27

    it looks great, but maybe could add some spacing between the content and the next heading (looks like too near from each one)
    but other else is good for me

    1 december 2018 02:44

    it looks great, but maybe could add some spacing between the content and the next heading

    3 march 2020 20:57

    Played the game, worth downloading

    1 december 2018 19:28