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    (3.78/5) 36 rates
    JustaDread, 19 august 2017 17:32


    So.. a lots of people thinks this game is just a minecraft copy.. Theese people wrong, this is a 2D action-adventure single and multyplayer sandbox survival game developed by Re-Logic.

    The game released in may 2011 and has since been released for various other platforms and devices.

    The game avilable on steam for 10$ 
    Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/105600/Terraria

     In the game the player starts with 3 default items. A copper shortsword to fight, A copper axe for woodcutting and A copper pickaxe to mine. Many resources, and ores can be found while mining or exploring the underground caves.

    The player uses resources to craft new items and equipments at an appropriate crafting station for that recipe, he/she can fight against enemies with swords, bows, guns, magic spells, and other weapons.

    The game have many different enemies in Terraria like slimes, zombies and demon eyes.

    When the player start the game he is in normal mode but when he kills the Wall of Flesh the world is turn to hardmode. (Wall of Flesh is a boss what u can summon in the hell with a guide voodoo doll).

    After the player killed the Wall of Flesh it will throw a Pwnhammer, with that u can destroy demon,crimson altars what will bless the world with more powerful ores like palladium/cobaltmythril/orichalium and adamantite/titanium. The player in hardmode have to fight with harder enemies and have to find/make better weapons,equipments.
    When the player get the best weapons and equipments he have to kill the lunatic cultist then the 4 pillars and the last boss in the game the moon lord.. After the player killed it he/she can make/get the best weapons and equipments in the game.

    Rate this article Terraria

    (3.78/5) 36 rates


    I love this game

    8 february 2020 00:07

    it is a fun game

    3 june 2018 08:49

    Very good game

    2 april 2020 12:43

    I have 358 hour playing time in this game LOLCheck (pedguin.com) server

    11 july 2019 14:28

    Great article, but I still prefer Minecraft.

    28 december 2019 14:27

    minecraft fans say that Every sandbox game are Minecraft Copys i dont think so this is so much more then a copy

    26 august 2017 19:50

    The old driver, five artifacts, the blade of the ground has a variety of routines, some of which are legendary, of course, the number of gold, the brush, the brush of the brush, the ore brushes endless, wear the circuit everywhere is a no boss is the old guardian, seckilling 999 blood ah did not kill, and not kill with friends, now in the past year, I do not know his ( her ) good? I miss a class of people playing Tara Rhea, the boss called, the number of people, but call me, when the class is best equipped the richest, all the brush at the time is high - level equipment, of course not the top, can not be boring. Time is gone forever

    23 august 2017 14:18

    The creator actually worked for nintendo making platformers.

    30 august 2017 02:34

    use vortex armor and stealthy kill your friends(enable PVP too)

    25 august 2017 12:49

    fun game

    17 september 2017 00:31