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    (4.54/5) 24 rates
    Kabash, 19 august 2017 08:26

    Squad Review

    Squad is one of the most intense, and best, gaming experiences you can have.

    Firstly, lets cover some of the negatives people are throwing around:

    ***Toxic Community: In every game there are a group of people who take it too seriously. Majority of community just want to work together, have fun and win
    ***Steep Learning curve: One of the steepest I have ever played
    ***I ran for 1 hour, died: See above. If you don't know what you're doing you will run and die somewhere. If you don't follow squad, understand how spawning works or aim for the objectives, you will be bored. And you will run and die.

    So, this is not for the solo players. You can, but you won't be rewarded. The premise of the game is squad based teamwork. If you look at Squad from this perspective, it is hands down the best game available. Playing in a 9 man squad, organised and following a competent squad leader who is in tune with the other squads, is as rewarding as gaming gets.

    The Game

    The core game is up to 40 players on each team, organised into squads of up to 9 players. Each squad is led by a squad leader and 8 squad members with variable kits. The aim of the game is to run down the oppositions "Tickets" which are consumed through kills, capture points and destroying vehicles or bases. The maps are huge, split up into "Flag" capture zones which you can only capture in order i.e. you can't walk up to any flag and capture it. Spawn locations are built by the squads closer to the action to get their squads back in the fight as quickly as possible.

    The format of the game generally means that you will be fighting over between 2-3 capture points, with most of the 80 players focused in a tight, brutal firefight. Some maps have "compounds", some covered in think foliage. All the maps offer some variety and open up to different tactics. The size of the maps is what allows for different tactics. I have recently started squad leading and you can easily flank all the way around a village and then push in while your colleagues attack the front, normally resulting in victory.

    What this essentially creates is a giant chess board with lots of moving pieces, lots of strategy and tactics and lots of shooting. And I mean a lot.


    Best way to describe it is a realistic shooter, with good, balanced weapon design that is as fun as it is frustrating. 

    You will die, a lot, (medics can revive you) in a couple of shots, which means at any time you can die randomly from a guy in the 3rd floor window of the building 3 blocks away before you even realise. This is frustrating but you soon learn from your mistakes.

    The different teams are balanced well and nobody has a clear advantage. Guns feel good and all the tools available support teamwork (comms in particular).


    Looks good, not the best, but looks good. Weapon effects are particularly good. When mortar rounds land it is epic.


    Again amazing but it can be way too loud. Sat next to an MG, with masses of voice comms and other gunfire and mortar rounds going off, is enough to make your ears bleed. Its awesome but painful.


    I personally love this game but can see why its difficult to love. If you jump in a few games without a microphone and try and learn, you are not going to enjoy this game. But get through a couple of games, asking for help and support from other players, and you will enjoy one of the most visceral, immersive military shooter available.

    Squad: http://store.steampowered.com/app/393380/Squad/

    Rate this article Squad Review

    (4.54/5) 24 rates


    I might consider trying it out

    24 august 2017 15:35

    Cool game, I wish I was good at these realistic shooters

    24 august 2017 15:24


    27 august 2017 17:20

    give me soull gemssss

    3 december 2020 07:13

    Suicide Squad Game

    26 august 2017 05:02

    Been thinking it over for a while now. Arma 3 or Squad.

    Squad is cheaper. But this article helped me decide! Thanks! 🙃🙃🙃

    24 august 2017 10:08

    pretty costly game but a 50v50! but early access...

    24 august 2017 05:01

    it was thriller

    19 may 2020 01:35

    como haces para tener tantas gemas hdp

    23 november 2020 05:16

    i like ur article give me soul gems

    30 november 2020 02:32