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    mollo, 22 august 2017 01:28

    diablo 3 history

    Diablo III is an action role-playing game (aRPG), developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the continuation of Diablo II and the third part of the saga created by said company. Its theme is of dark and terrifying fantasy, it is a combination of games type HACK AND SLASH and Exploration of Dungeons. His appearance was announced on June 28, 2008 at the Blizzard Entertainment Worldwide Invitational. In October 2011, it was announced on the official site that it would be released in early 2012

    The world was saved from its destruction twenty years ago by a handful of nameless heroes in Diablo and Diablo II, heroes who, having survived the onslaught by the armies of the underworld, have gone mad from their sufferings. It corresponds to a new generation of heroes to deal with the forces of evil that threaten the world of the Sanctuary. Players will have the opportunity to explore places known as Tristan, in the dark and fantastic world of Sanctuary. Two decades have passed since the last time the infernal lords - Diablo, Mephisto and Baal - wandered through the world of Sanctuary, subjecting mankind to its clean craving. However, the memory of those who fought head-on against the armies of wickedness slowly fades away and the wounds of the soul still fester. When Deckard Cain returns to the ruins of Tristan Cathedral looking for signs to defeat the awakening of evil, a furious herald of the Apocalypse falls from the heavens crashing into the very place through which Diablo had penetrated the world. This fire of the heavens revives old perversities and announces to all the heroes of Sanctuary that the time has come to defend again the world that belongs to the mortals in front of the powers that emanate from the Abrasador Hell. Deckard Cain, who has appeared in the two previous games is now accompanied by his stepdaughter, Leah, a new character who accompanies the hero on missions from time to time. The plot will revolve around the two surviving demons, Azmodan, Belial and an artifact known as the "Soulstone" Dark. The Diablo World Map is composed mainly of two main continents with several small islands in the northwest region. The sanctuary world has changed dramatically by the events of Devil 2; Lord of Destruction, due to the destruction of the stone of the world.

    Diablo III is an action RPG with a style similar to its predecessor, Diablo II. While maintaining several elements of the original Devil. Diablo III is going to focus on cooperative or team play. In multiplayer cooperative mode the games will have a maximum capacity of 4 players, unlike in Diablo II they were 8; Blizzard explained that after multiple tests and due to various factors concluded that 4 players would be the "perfect" number as it would make the game more efficient and clearer. The proprietary engine will incorporate Havok. Developers are looking for the game to run on a wide range of systems, and have said that DirectX 10 will not be necessary. It plans to launch the game simultaneously on Windows and Mac OS X, without plans yet for release on game consoles.

    This same, has a variety of characters, including: Barbarian: This character returns to make use of his physical strength and the characteristic cries of war. Medician Brujo or Santero: Use spells and invocations to eliminate your enemies, inspired by the Necromancer of Diablo II. Arcanist or Mage: Similar to the Sorceress of Diablo II. It stands out especially for its ability to manipulate the forces of water, fire, earth and air. Monk: This class is based on hand-to-hand combat. You will be able to combine skills as combos to perform more powerful attacks. Demon Hunter: He is the successor of the Rogue of the first Devil, the Amazon and the Assassin of the second installment. It covers the distant combat and is expert in the handling of bows and crossbows. In addition he has knowledge of the magic of the shadows that will allow him to use various enchantments to the projectiles and to throw traps and bombs to his enemies.

    Rate this article diablo 3 history

    (3.67/5) 27 rates


    One Better game

    23 august 2017 22:59

    nice article

    29 august 2017 03:07

    great job

    29 august 2017 02:18

    better that angel 3

    27 august 2017 08:03

    nice article and the game is awesome.

    16 june 2021 11:41

    I really enjoyed the article

    25 august 2017 22:12

    Very nice story!

    14 april 2021 15:31

    I've been considering buying this game, friend of mine has been wanting to try it out.

    8 september 2017 19:15

    Diablo its great, fun review

    1 september 2017 09:59

    Would you recommend this game to any kind of player? I never tired this one, but I don't know if it worth it

    26 august 2017 02:35