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    (4.59/5) 106 rates
    Yaban132, 12 july 2019 14:39

    Teamfight Tactics


    Teamfight Tactics is a round based strategy game where you and seven other people race to build a powerful team and be the last person standing. The game-mode is inside League of Legends which is developed by Riot Games. This is a League of Legends style take on the popular "DotA Auto Chess".

    How do you play it?

    • For the first round you and 7 other people get to pick one starting champion for you team and fight the first minion wave. After the round finishes you get gold which you use to buy more experience or buy more champions and make your team stronger.

    • Deploying multiple amounts of the same champions results the champion evolving to the next level. For a level 2 champion you need 3 level 1 champions and for a level 3 champion you need 3 level 2 champions. 

    • Building a good team is very important! The more champions of a same type you have the better the bonuses will be! But also some bonuses require the exact number of that type or it wouldn't activate.

    • When killing AIs in AI rounds you have a chance to get basic items. Combine basic items to get advanced items which have special perks. Be aware of which basic item combination makes which advanced item. Some items go well with some champions some don't.
    • Winning rounds gives you gold but also win streaks and having some gold saved in the bank. 

    • Have the most health till the end and be the last one standing to win Teamfight Tactics.


    Teamfight Tactics has only multiplayer game-modes with ranked coming later. Since there isn't an AI mode or a practice mode you can only practice versus actual players. If you want to practice you can also invite 7 other people or friends you know to play and practice their skills with you. After getting the hang of it and ranked game-modes release you try and see how good you actually are in Teamfight Tactics.


    At this very moment there isn't a ranked game-mode but Riot Games is working hard on it to release as soon as possible. The ranks will be the same as in regular League of Legends put the points gain and loss will be higher and the end of the season rewards will be different.3fQxK2Mce9nGcIvsc4WUz5iQWqeDC8.jpg


    Little Legends

    Little Legends resemble your avatar in Teamfight Tactics. e fashionable and choose the one that suits you! Players get a starter Legend for free but if you want the rest you need to buy Little Legend Eggs from the shop for Riot Points. Each Little Legend has 3 stages except the starting Legend the River Spirit.mskhLvK1laUnZyoWSRYPSCjbygL2CV.png


    After the release of Teamfight Tactics it has became a lot more popular than regular League of Legends that it has even been #1 game with most live viewers on Twitch. Riot Games has a lot of plans to further develop this game-mode and evolve it to a whole new scale. I've played this game-mode for 1 hour and I'm already addicted to it so i recommend you to try it as well! 


    Rate this article Teamfight Tactics

    (4.59/5) 106 rates


    very good game bad

    28 july 2019 11:28

    very good game🏀🏀⚽⚽

    28 july 2019 11:28

    👉👈team fight tactic no good verybad 👐🤢game

    28 july 2019 11:27

    team fight good or bad mode?

    29 july 2019 19:34

    TFT seems really confusing. I might have to try it out some day

    17 june 2020 09:57

    i am silver 1 lol

    25 april 2021 19:15

    it was better at the beginning

    31 january 2020 14:28

    i love league of legends at season 5

    21 november 2019 16:05

    love combining diferent combos i like the brawlers best i think

    26 february 2021 14:08

    гра прикольна

    4 april 2021 19:37