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    (4.66/5) 86 rates
    davidscara, 15 july 2019 13:23

    Do Not Feed The Monkeys Review

     I recently finished this little game called Do Not Feed the Monkeys , it has 3 endings and a very unique way of playing. This is a puzzle type game but is not the usual find the object or solve the case , no , this game wants you to find out what's happening in a situation and you have to figure out on your own what to do. I have already a few hours and i was able to play most of the possibilities. Now i'm going to talk about the story behind the game , the gameplay and what do i think about this game.
    Disclaimer :The game contains some nudity but not to much and if you don't search for it you won't find anything.

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       The story is very simple , you were accepted in this secret club , this club wants you to buy new cameras every week , if you don't is game over.The cameras are called cages and also make sure that you won't die from hunger or health problems. The club names the peoples you see "monkeys" and they also ask from time to time questions about the cages like: "What's the name of the monkey from cage 1?" , etc. Along the way you learn a lot about the persons you watch , you can chose to blackmail them or report them , every action has consequences.
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      The game is played using the mouse , in order to move around the house you just slide the mouse in that direction (left/right). To interact with the objects you can left click on them.
    The first thing you need to know is how to survive , to eat , sleep then earn money , after that you need to solve the cages , there are a few cages that you can't interact with , you can only watch them and do nothing.
      Hunger: In the game you have to make sure that you won't die from hunger , there are 2 ways to gain food , pay for fast food or go buy groceries , if you go for groceries you lose on hour but if you buy fast food you need to wait 1 hours until arrives if you don't answer the door he delivery guy will leave you a note and you receive the money back.
      Money: The easiest way to earn money is by doing jobs , you only lose time. You can earn money by blackmailing monkeys , helping monkeys , answering to the club's questions.
      Cages: In order to solve a cage you have to find clues , you can pick up keywords from conversations , these conversations take place always at the same hours everyday. You also need to search on the internet for more information about something , for example on a cage if you search the words: "cotton princess" and "actress" you will find valuable information about a cage.
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      The Plant: In the second day you have the option to take the plant from the church of  the holy butcher, Billy Bob . The plant grows only when you do good , if you blackmail or are a bad person in general the plant won'r grow.
      Level up: Every week you have to level up , in order to do that you have to buy cages , each cages costs 50$ and it opens after a few hours.
      Recording/Night Vision: You can unlock recording on the first day , it can be used for blackmail or selling it to the mass media for money. The Night Vision can be unlocked on the next level and is used in a few dark cages.
      The fast ending:  You can finish the game in under 10s if you uninstall the app , this will grant you the achievement called "Colobus express".
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    Review of the game

      In my opinion the game is worth it if you are bored and you don't really have what to do with 12€ , but i recommend you wait for a sale. This game is really fun and has lots of ways to be played , there are lots of achievements and scenarios and i tried doing as many as possible. I like the graphics , very similar with Papers Please but with a lot more going on. Sadly you don't have the option to save where you want , the game automatically  saves when you level up  so is more like a checkpoint then a save but overall the game is great and if you have the opportunity to try it you should.

    Rate this article Do Not Feed The Monkeys Review

    (4.66/5) 86 rates


    good game with a creepy consept imagin if people where looking at you wight now

    17 may 2020 15:03

    This article writes down the game perfektli.

    30 may 2020 18:05

    What is this?ok i'm sorry good article but...

    20 july 2019 17:16

    A little bit of spacing could help, otherwise it's excellent. Good work.

    1 february 2020 16:02

    what is that game i think it's cool game

    25 april 2020 07:04

    I had played this game, I enjoy it a lot
    and article is pretty good

    23 april 2020 14:37

    Im a junky for pixel art and I got this one when it was in beta. No replayability at all unless you play every couple of years but yeah, great unique game.

    2 july 2020 03:02

    Lol ,nice article dude!

    23 may 2020 07:58

    ,nice article dude!

    23 october 2020 22:38

    Nice article i played this game and its really fun

    26 december 2019 15:56