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    (4.61/5) 92 rates
    davidscara, 17 july 2019 13:40

    Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Review

     Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 was released in 2016 by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game is very similar with the first Dragon Ball Xenoverse and the game managed to sell over 1.4 million copies worldwide. I have 46 hours in this game and i finished almost everything and unlocked almost everything , i like this game and in this article i'm going to talk about it , there are also a few things i don't like and i will mention that in the review.

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      The story starts after you make your character and pick your race ,  you are a time traveler and you have to make sure that no one changes the time.  You meet Elder Kai and  the Supreme Kai of Time , they send you on your first mission , after a short training you help Goku beat Raditz  and comeback to your time.  Along the way you learn about Towa and Mira , two aliens which keep messing with time , they give a strange dark power to fighters , this power boosts their strength but they lose control. This whole thing keeps going , they mess with the time , you fix it , and you get stronger and stronger . Eventually you fight Mira , Towa , his partner  realizes the mistake she did , she made Towa to powerful , she tries to stop him but Mira absorbs her and fights the player , Goku truns Super Saiyan Blue and the fight starts. You beat Mira and the universe is safe.
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      In my opinion the game is much easier to play with a controller than a keyboard, there are tons of moves and combos which are much easier on the controller than keyboard.I will start with the race from the character creation.
    Race: Each race has a special ability , for example if you pick saiyajin( A form of humans/monkey warriors from another planet) you can learn a transformation called Super Saiyajin , this transformation gives you more dmg on normal punches.
    Attributes: In this game when you level up you have to place points in one of the six attributes:
    -Health= the more heath you have the more damage you can take.
    -Ki= some skills need a certain amount of ki , you need it to use blasts.
    -Stamina=stamina is used for escape moves , vanish(teleport behind the enemy) , stamina is influenced by the race and gender of the character .
    -Basic Attack= when you attack using the normal punch.
    -Strike Supers= use a moderate amount of ki , include:blasts and punches.
    -Ki Blast Supers =use a big amount of ki and take a bit of time to shot.
    Ki Blast Supers/Strike Supers: In order to learn more skills you can either buy them from the shop or earn the in missions , there are tons of attacks and moves. You can also learn them from the main city , speaking with characters  ,they will teach you to use it and then you have to fight them using that attack.
      Clothes: Clothes play a huge role in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 , clothes can either increase  an attribute up to 5 points or lower it.  If you crate a QQBang the clothes are ignored and are only displayed for design not stats. 
      Dragon Balls: There are a few missions in which you can search for dragon ball , if you find all of them you can make a wish , you can ask for money , levels , new attacks , clothes , food , etc.
      End Game Transformation:  You can unlock the transformation called Super Saiyajin  Blue , in order to do that you need to max the friendship level with Vegeta and Whis , to do that you need to play fights together.
      I also want to mention  the fact that this game is online coop but not on the main story , you can do parallel quests with your friends and you don't have to pick your characters , you can pick from all the game's characters . You can also do PVP with other players.
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      I can't say i don't like the game , i have 46 hours of playtime , i love the game but there is one thing i don't like , the DLCs. You pay 50 euro for this game and if you want to unlock new characters and moves you have to pay for dlcs and the game has 15 dlcs , most of them cost more than 5 euro.  Overall if we ignore the dlcs the game is still really good , lots of missions and quests , if you have a friend to play with is even better , you can fight each other to get better and you can fight together against powerful enemies.

    Rate this article Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Review

    (4.61/5) 92 rates


    Dragon ball is a great game try it . Love the article

    20 december 2019 23:38

    The power of this game... IT'S OVER 9000!

    3 march 2020 18:02

    I have not played the game yet, but I am now going to try out the game for myself

    26 may 2020 05:55

    DragonBall Xenoverse 2 had really great potential when it came out, but as more updates came out, the game got more and more unbalanced. It was so unbalanced to the point that players could make OP CACs and could easily win online matches even though they weren't necessarily good at the game. The game is still great though and i recommend buying it if it ever goes on sale. This game is so cool.Like the graphics and the artwork.But i prefer the newest one more.

    11 march 2021 19:21

    Nice article...the game is also great.

    3 may 2021 10:51

    Good job but you should separate the paragraghs

    20 july 2019 04:44

    The most beautiful anime ever, a beautiful game too

    18 january 2021 01:24

    a bad article good use of images too

    29 july 2019 06:27

    nice I love it

    18 november 2019 21:03

    This game is so cool.Like the graphics and the artwork.But i prefer the newest one more.

    8 may 2020 12:08