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    (4.48/5) 90 rates
    davidscara, 12 july 2019 13:34

    Darkest Dungeon Review

    I got Darkest Dungeon from this website and i kept playing , is a very interesting game in my opinion and i'm going to talk about it . I'm going to talk about the story , the gameplay , a few tips and also my opinion about Darkest Dungeon , i hope you will enjoy my article.



         The story takes place in the middle ages , after the discovery of gun powder. It starts with the Narrator , he tells you about his life , he explains that he used all his money to search for a legend , a gate , he eventually finds the portal under 500 feet below the ground , without knowing he unleashed all the monsters behind that gate . The monsters kill everybody even the Narrator , you find all of this in a letter send by him and he also tells the player that he's the next in line and he has to restore the family's house. The player will not fight himself however he's the one which hires heroes , those who will fight for glory and gold , some of the heroes might die in one of the dungeons.



         When you start the game you control 2 heroes , The Crusader and The Highwayman , they help you kill some bandits that try to robe you on the road to the mansion. After you finish that you are able to hire another 2 heroes , a Vestal and a Plague Doctor , both of the acting as support for the other  heroes. After every dungeon depending on the level of the Stage Coach you can hire more heroes ,  starting with only 2 at a time.  Every hero has unique skills, depending on the class , a hero can use only for 4 skills , you can unlock them by paying gold at the Guild Building.

         Each heroes is unique , they develop quirks , you can see the new quirks at the end of the dungeon ,  there are 2 types of quirks positive and negative. The positive ones buff the hero in good way like  Healer's Gift which grants the user more heal while camping but there are also negative quirks like Anemic which grants the user -10% Bleed Resist. Quirks can be removed at the Sanitarium for a price which depends on the level of the building.

     Death Door and Stress:
      Unlike other games Darkest Dungeon has a stress level , you have to keep the stress under control , if a hero get's to stressed he will get a heart attack which will send him to the Death Door. There are many ways to gain stress , if the hero get's hit with a crit  by a monster , by running out of light , running out of food , etc.. In order to prevent stress you have to make sure that each hero has a low level of stress , you can do that by sending them in the Tavern/Abbey sometimes depending on the quirks.There are also many quirks , trinkets , scouting , camping , etc  , which help with the stress. If you reach 100 stress the hero is tested this can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your luck.The Death Door is a very bad thing , you can reach that by also having 0 hp , if that hero get's hit one more time he will most likely die and never come back. But if he get's healed he gains a debuff called Death's Door Recovery(-2 ACC, -5% DMG, -1 SPD, +10% Stress).
     At the Hamlet you can upgrade skills, weapons , armors , hire new heroes , learn new skills and get rid of the stress , you can also buy trinkets. In order to upgrade the building you need heirlooms which can be found in the dungeons. 

     There are 7 dungeons and 5 without the DLC. Each dungeon has specific monsters and loot. The first Dungeon is called Ruins , there is lots of gold , undead and necromancers. After that is the Weald  , Warrens and Cove. If you have the DLCs you also have access to Courtyard and Farmstead. The last Dungeon is The Darkest Dungeon which is very hard and can be considered the end of the game.

     In Darkest Dungeon there are lots of object you can interact with , in the dungeon you can find chests , crates , statues , books , each curios can interact with an object. For example if you use the key on a locked chest you will 100% gain loot but if you use the torch on the books you gain stress and an effect.


    Review of the game

      In my opinion the game is one of the best turn based game ever , i really love the strategy and the building also the risk of losing a hero at anytime if you don't make the right choice. Is very fun to play and one think i like about this game is the fact that there is no saving , you can't save before going in a dungeon and load the save if all the heroes die , once you did something you can't change your mind. The game costs 23 euro on steam but on most sales you can get it for less than 10 euro. Overall the game is great and you should give it a shot if you like this type of games.


    Rate this article Darkest Dungeon Review

    (4.48/5) 90 rates


    Nice article! I've heard of the game but never tried it, I guess I'll give it a shot now!

    19 january 2021 01:30

    крутия гра раджу👍👍

    29 march 2021 08:48

    Really good game, cause I like these dark games

    2 february 2020 18:52

    Great explanation on the game!, very coollllllllllllllllll

    21 february 2020 18:42