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    (4.74/5) 114 rates
    Dav0o7, 7 july 2019 15:50

    BorderLands Franchise


    Borderlands is one of the best FPS games nowadays. Yes, so far it didn't have PvP mode, but for single-player or co-op it's amazingly created with all that futuristic combat. I loved playing Borderlands & Borderlands 2, and Borderlands 3 will soon be released, that's why i am introducing you everything i know so far about this franchise.


    • Maya - The Siren, who can put her enemies in a bubble and "freeze" them for some time so that she and her co-op friends can easily do some damage until he (enemy) recovers.
    • Salvador - The Gunzerker, who can take any weapon in each hand and do some crazy $#!* while being in combat.

    • Axton - The Commando, who can deploy a Turret, which will shoot whatever is on its sight of view. Not only that, it will destruct all enemy units, so You will be almost safe from any enemy bullet while your Turret is alive.

    • Zer0 - The Assassin, who can deploy a holographic decoy and become invisible. Longer he stays invisible, more damage he's next attack will do, not too long though, there is a time limit of being invisible. Also melee attack does more damage than any type of weapon shot, so you need to time every hit with this character.

    DLC Characters:

    • Gaige - The Mechromancer, who can summon a powerful Battle Robot to help her in combat.
    • Krieg - The Psycho, the craziest guy in this game. Instead of guns he pulls two Axes and gains 500% melee damage, with melee kills healing him to full health.

    There are lots of skins and customs you can get in-game and change. Update your style after every mission or remain the same till the end.

    Second Wind:
    One of the best features in this game. If you "get killed" while in combat, you still have a chance to come back to life with killing an enemy (doesn't matter what type and how strong). After killing you will restore some amount of your health and be able to continue the game as it was before. So just grab your gun and go kill some enemies without even thinking of dying and losing your progress. Be careful though, when being "almost dead" your gun accuracy and speed becomes very low, so you must be close to enemies to get some kills.
    Even if you get fully killed, you will spawn in last check-point device and lose some percent of your cash, but even after that all progress will be as before dying (even if you damaged an enemy creature before dying, his life will not regenerate and will stay the same when you go to fight him again).


    So I already mentioned what abilities each character have. But other than that, each of them has some perks too. Every time you level-up, it gives you a perk point to use. Each type of character has it's own perks (f.e. Zer0 has perks, which increase melee and Sniper damages, movement speed, reload speed, or even increases the damage from fully loaded gun). It's like a tree though, you need to have some perks unlocked in order to gain access to another [more powerful] perks.

    Badass Rank:

    Completing in-game challenges makes your Badass level higher. After each 5 levels you pass, you gain a token to get an improvement. It will be given by percents and will be something every character has (f.e. +0.5% Shield capacity, +0.7% fire damage, etc.). If you start a new game with different character, your Badass rank with all those improvements will be saved and used on that new character too.  


    Elemental Damage:

    Elemental damage comes in four different varieties:

    • Flaming: weapons of this type have a chance to set enemies on fire. Burning enemies get extra damage over time. It's mostly helpful against "felshy" type of enemies. Most part of enemies are that type, they are those, who are not heavily shielded or armored.
    • CorrosiveCorrosive is much like Flaming. An enemy you hit with this type of weapon gets extra Corrosive damage over time. It is mostly used do deal with armored enemies, such as robots, cars and turrets. It is less effective against flesh or any shielded enemy though. Corrosive damage over time persists for longer than fire or shock.

    • Shock: This type of weapons help you to take enemies shield faster than normal weapon bullets. Shock damage may also electrocute an enemy to deal damage over time. While it is extremely effective against shields it does slightly less damage to flesh and armored enemies. Shock effects can deal large amounts of damage in short amounts of time, where corrosive and incendiary damage is less powerful but sustains longer.

    • Slag: This type of weapons are for weakening enemies. When enemy is slagged, other types of weapons do more damage then usual. This effect is for boosting all other attacks. Slag type of weapon doesn't increase damage while used on already slagged enemy.
    • ExplosiveExplosive damage is excellent for dealing high amounts of damage immediately to the target and nearby enemies. It is the only element type that will not deal damage over time, but sacrifices that power to do all of its damage immediately. Like in all games, this type of weapons are used to deal with hordes or enemies standing too close to each other + it's damage is much more, than default weapon's. 

    Ammo: Spare or Spam ?

    Most annoying thing in shooting games is to run out of ammunition while in combat. Well in this game it's pretty hard to run out of ammo, cause you can find any kind of an ammo everywhere. There are lots of little camps, where you can find many boxes to open and find ammo inside, more than that killing an enemy has a chance to drop ammo and health. There are also some breakable things on roads and fields, from where ammo can be dropped. If you are almost out of ammo after combat and didn't find the ammo type you want, you can buy some from trading machines, which are placed in many places. It's very cheap, so buying and fully stacking your ammo will not be a problem at all.


    There are six types of weapons: pistol, Assault Rifle, SMG, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle and Rocket Launcher. Each type can mainly be in one of these five classes: Common (gray), Uncommon (green), Rare (Blue), Very rare (Purple), Legendary (Orange). There is other "E-Tech" type of weapons, which use Eridium technology attached to the weapon to convert bullets into other projectiles. Also they can be elemental or standard. You can find weapons everywhere. Enemies have high chances to drop low class weapons, you can find higher class weapons from chests, which can be found in strong enemy camps. There is also golden chest in Sanctuary (your allies town), which can be opened unlimited times with using golden keys (golden keys can't be found in-game you can get them by entering Shift Codes. From golden chest you mostly get Rare or Very Rare items. Legendary weapons can be found while defeating toughest enemies, the bad thing is there is very low chance for it to drop, the good thing is they spawn unlimited times, so you can kill him as many times as you need, until you get the weapon you want.


    • Borderlands series is an old game so low-end PCs can run it without problem. (Not talking about Borderlands 3 :) ).

    • Co-op mode is available for up to 4 players. It will make things faster and more fun.

    • Combat is always satisfying.
    • Lots of interesting and challenging side and main missions to do.

    • There is no PvP or other online modes available for this game. 

    • Looting in Co-op is linked. If you pick something, it disappears for your foes too.

    • Yes there are lots of interesting missions to do, but there are dumb ones too. Those, which can be passed only after watching some videos of others passing it.
    • There is an annoying robot foe named Claptrap, who has some good jokes, but talks too much. And no, you can't kill or damage him. :)


    Rate this article BorderLands Franchise

    (4.74/5) 114 rates


    Sup Guys is that gae is nice?

    21 july 2019 08:33

    very nice bro

    21 july 2019 10:09

    this is the bestest game in mi lif

    19 july 2019 15:10

    I think borderlands has always been good even when it first came out.

    29 december 2019 08:51

    the borderland franchise is one the best FPS game i ever play

    16 july 2019 16:50

    Maya sounds like a pretty cool character.

    29 december 2019 08:50

    I actually played the game, the fighting animation was probably the best thing about the game. Good review.Completing in-game challenges makes your Badass level higher. After each 5 levels you pass, you gain a token to get an improvement. It will be given by percents and will be something every character has (f.e. +0.5% Shield capacity, +0.7% fire damage, etc.). If you start a new game with different character, your Badass rank with all those improvements will be saved and used on that new character too.

    10 august 2019 19:46

    I like borderlands i have borderlands 2

    7 march 2020 20:19

    Nicely done as always. As for the introductory paragraph, it's best to use proper grammar as well. You can also show the characters you explained with some pictures, if possible. So far it's already good enough to be accepted.

    25 july 2019 13:51

    найс гейм

    8 august 2019 20:41