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    (4.24/5) 25 rates
    dracindo, 27 september 2017 14:20

    Take Skyrim here or buy the Special Edition?

    When The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition arrived, many players were hyped to play it. And here on Gamehag you can buy the original version of the game for 3100 Soul Gems, which is about the price of a €5 Steam Wallet code. But is the old version really worth spending Soul Gems on, when there's an improved version of the game? Let's find out!

    For those of you who don't know, The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim is an open world game, where you are the Dragonborn, a powerful being able to absorb the souls of dragons, gaining their knowledge and using the power of your voice to find out why dragons are returning to the world. Playing the game, you can follow the main story, but you may also do the many minor errands people may have for you, or be the criminal everybody fears. The best part of open world games like this, is that you can be whoever you want and do whatever you want. If a dragon ever flies by, you are free to help slay it, or grab yourself a sweetroll and watch how those guards take care of it.

    The difference between Skyrim and the Special edition.
    Graphics... The special edition is supposed to have more realistic graphics than the original game. However, the original Skyrim has texture mods that can make up for it. Furthermore, all the bugs you can find in the original Skyrim are still in the special edition. Good thing there are people on this planet who made mods that fix many of these bugs.

    The good thing to owning the special edition however, is that it comes with the three official addons: Hearthfire, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn. In short:

    • Hearthfire allows you to build your own houses. Can be further expanded by heaps of mods.
    • Dawnguard adds in more quests related to vampires.
    • Dragonborn adds in a new area with more quests that follow the main story, but is not needed at all to fully understand the main story.

    Another good thing the special edition has, is that the modders are moving on to the newest version. You'll still be able to download mods for the original game, but don't expect all or any of them to be further updated. Also, some of the mods for the original version require you to have one of the above addons, which you will have to purchase seperately.

    That being said, if you've never played Skyrim before, then you'll still have your hands full with the original version. You can easily sink 200 hours into this game, and still find things you haven't completed yet. Or maybe you want to play a different character? This game has nine playable races, including drunk nords, savage orcs, fluffy Khajiit (cat people) and scaly Argonians (lizard people), each with their own unique skills and talents. Even if you're not playing the game, there is alot of time you could spend on reading all the stories and tales of The Elder Scrolls series. Maybe an article on its history, notable characters, or wanting to know everything about your favorite race.

    Even if you get tired of the game at some point, there will come a moment where you want to go back to Skyrim and either start a new adventure or finish what you've started. 

    Should I buy the Special edition or the original?
    Now it's up to you to decide. Currently, the special edition is not available here on Gamehag, and costs €39,99 on Steam, but with the addons and many mods that are being worked on, it's worth your money. However, the original game is available here on Gamehag and it only costs 3100 Soul Gems. By spending less than a month time on Gamehag, or even a week for dedicated Gamehag users, you could have this amazing game. In my opinion, this is one of the best deals you can find on this website and I wish this offer was available to me years ago.

    If you value your Soul Gems as much as you value your real money, then take a good look at everything the special edition has to offer. If you have doubts, then save your Soul Gems for other feasable rewards. But truthfully, when 3000 Soul Gems equals a €5 Steam Wallet code, you're saving about €34,00 on the original game here, than when you buy the Special Edition on Steam. The addons don't double the content, and the original game still has alot of amazing mods to increase the content for you. Some of which are only available for the original version.

    You could also try and get Gamehag to put the Special edition amongst the rewards or wait for that to happen. It's always worth trying.

    Rate this article Take Skyrim here or buy the Special Edition?

    (4.24/5) 25 rates


    you could buy Skyrim SE... but you could also just buy oldrim at a lower price and add mods to your experience. :-D

    26 december 2020 08:03

    maybe I'll spend my next SGs on Skyrim is I won't get it on steam meantime. I'm planning to accuire all TES series on steam because my CD versions too scratched to make use of :)
    btw if you're collecting old classics on steam Kalypso gives -80% on their AAA titles now. Got Tropico 1/2/3 for some 2-3 dollars in total.

    1 october 2017 19:08

    Skyrim the good one game

    1 october 2017 17:10

    I like this game, good article

    3 february 2019 15:47

    what i see is some goofy stuff out there

    16 october 2017 20:00

    So I hear they want to add a survival mode with food and cold and without fasttravel to Skyrim.

    30 september 2017 14:46

    I love this game so much...I personally think getting the original is a better choice, cause you could always get the DLCs later...plus there are WAY more mods on the original than on SE, not to mention some of the greatest^^

    29 september 2017 13:55

    ModernSteppe: At the time of writing the article, it was available. Either someone bought the last copy, or Gamehag decides to screw things up again. Just like when you complete gaming tasks, and the next day that task would give you extra SG's, but since you've already completed it, you can't profit from it.

    29 september 2017 11:50

    i love playing skyrim it is the best game ever!

    19 april 2020 14:28

    the main difference between Skyrin Original and SE is DX support and VRAM requirements. old one can be played on dated cards and support DX9 512Mb of VRAM
    SE needs DX11 and 2Gb of VRAM so if you don't have latest video card go for vanilla game.
    also Bethesda hide original game on steam but you can buy it by direct link (wait for Autumn sale maybe it will have a discount?)

    1 october 2017 19:04