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    (4/5) 5 rates
    Julio_Lokin, 27 september 2017 21:00

    Wartune Review

    Wartune is an online game that mixes the dynamics and fights of fantasy RPGs with the structure of medieval city management simulators. When initiating it, the player must choose the name and the class of its avatar, that can be of warrior, magician or archer.

    It is necessary to perform missions, acquire equipment and weapons, to make it more powerful. The user must develop the structures of his medieval kingdom. For better armor and armaments, simply enable the best aid troops, sources of resources and constructions. With easy access and simple gameplay, this is a hobby that presents good challenges for RPG fans and interesting social game features. As the matches are won and the quests are fulfilled, your avatar receives experience points that increase your level.

    As such, your attributes improve and new skills and constructs in your realm are unlocked. The game develops with increasingly difficult adventures, but the software allows different gamers to interact online. It is possible to exchange items, weapons and equipment or face duels in common areas. There is the possibility of attacks on their bases, to plunder their treasures and equipment.

    That way, you must always upgrade your kingdom's buildings so that the troops are strong enough to aid the hero during adventurous missions, attacks on other players' castles, or defense of their territory.

    Wartune is a game with beautiful and elaborate graphics, varied sounds and a pleasant soundtrack. It nicely combines RPG features with management simulators.

    However, the visualization of the scenarios is hampered by an interface very polluted by information. What all the display shown are hardly needed, the commands and accesses are repeated and there is much propaganda. With a fairly easy gameplay, the game has a tutorial that teaches you how to progress. In it, there is the dynamics of commands to develop your kingdom and accomplish the missions for your universe.

    The application also allows players to face each other in free environments or help each other by changing equipment and weapons. In addition, the title has a system that is fun and has a level of difficulty that increases progressively. However, the main plot has a fixed, monotonous script with no great varieties. This contributes to make the dynamics of their fighting even more repetitive and tiring.

    Join Wartune for free and enjoy!

    Rate this article Wartune Review

    (4/5) 5 rates


    It's been a while since I've played. When I first started the game, things were fairly simple to grasp. Several updates/patches later we get a hoard of new additions that only VIP members could keep up with. I was F2P and did okay and was part of a decent guild. It was a fun game at the start but as time went on you were spending more time grinding for resources than anything else.

    20 december 2020 19:12

    😂 this encourages you to give it a shot

    12 may 2020 14:13

    Maybe a cool game xD

    29 september 2017 00:45

    Wartune was one of the first biggest succes in the Pay2Win genre
    Only play if you got a Phat Wallet or major creditcard
    by steamburnerdutch

    30 september 2017 20:30