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    (3.23/5) 13 rates
    Steamburnerdutch, 26 september 2017 09:09

    GameHag rewards below 500SG #2: Reset 1-1

    Having trouble getting enough SG? Got your big rewards and still have some SoulGems to spare?
    In this new series of small reviews i'm doing called "GameHag rewards below 500SG" i'm going to test and review some of the gamerewards you can get on GameHag for 500SG or less.
    In this second episode I will be reviewing Reset 1-1, a retro-stylized 2D platform RPG released 30 August 2016 on Steam.
    Reset has a "Mixed" rating on Steam mainly because it caters to a specific niche, some flaws and its difficulty. Reset 1-1 is available as reward on GameHag for only 400SG.
    Find out more about it by reading the review and stay tuned for more!

    80's/90's Platforming galore

    Reset 1-1 is another retro-stylized platform RPG that tries to cash in on the succes as previous Indie Hits like Meatboy. Graphics are again heavily pixelated to simulate that retro 8-bit homecomputer feel and personally i would describe this game as a Castlevania/Super Mario Hybrid with Meatboy difficulty. Its levels, although highly pixelated, are detailed and colorful and will remind you of nostalgic classic games. The gameplay is quick and full of action but sadly the controls may feel somewhat quirky, It does have some great music and good SFX.

    The story is very flimsy and of little importance to the game; The world as you know it has ended and demons are invading and taking over. You are the unknown hero who has to stop this and find the way to a new beginning.
    The game doesn't need a story really, basically you just jump and fight your way through platforming levels, collect items, level up your character while battling hordes of demons and defeat the boss at the end of the level.
    Reset 1-1 has a very steep difficulty curve and not every item will be an improvement over the previous one, there's even one weapon that will damage yourself when used. Because of its quirky controls and physics jumping to some platform might get unnecessary frusttrating. Luckely there is an option to save your game.

    That being said, Reset 1-1 does feel polished in the graphical department. Especially the bosses are smoothly animated and often there are many colorful particles onscreen. This however could be better optimized because for such a relative simple game many people do experience some minor lag when there is a lot going on onscreen, even with beefier computers.
    Every time you die the onscreen colors will tone down to sepia and eventually grey only to be restored after finishing the level.

    The enemies are plentyful and diverse, each with their own attacks and patterns. Sadly the are not implemented well in later levels meaning that instead of getting increasingly difficult, you will just encounter bigger groups of enemies. Because of this you might find yourself trying to avoid them more often than to engage them in battle which results in a rush to the boss-fights. the levelling system feels somewhat confusing and random.

    A quick finish

    Reset 1-1 is does not have many levels and so can be finished in a few hours. The absolutely bad part of Reset 1-1 is that it still contains a few bugs, many glitches and many users report it to crash often. On the plus side; there are Steam trading cards and an achievement to be obtained for playing the game, and platformer enthousiasts will enoy playing it despite its flaws.


    Neutral: -Reset 1-1 caters to a specific niche of platformer enthousiast who enjoy difficulty, certainly not for everyone. To the average player the many flaws the game can get somewhat frustrating. It shines in grahical and musical department, but lacks optimization. Due to the short length of the game, lack of interesting levelling system and lack of proper story the game offers little replay value. However good to grab a few Steam trading cards and a achievement to boast to friends.

     Save feature
     Great pixelized graphics and Music
     Good variation of enemies
     Interesting and unique bosses
     Trading cards and achievement

     Quirky controls/physics
     Bugs and glitches
     Unnecessarily difficult at times
     Very short

    Reset 1-1 is available as reward on GameHag for only 400SG

    Rate this article GameHag rewards below 500SG #2: Reset 1-1

    (3.23/5) 13 rates


    I dont like this game .... to indie for me :D but everyone with his own taste ;)
    p.s. spare some change ????? !!!!

    5 october 2017 07:34

    Thats so much informatio...

    27 september 2017 19:29

    I would personally just save up for better rewards.

    30 september 2017 00:29

    For 500 SG it looks like a nice game

    21 february 2020 09:42

    The artstyle and graphics actually look like some effort has been put into it. Shame that the gameplay seems like a cop out of different mechanics strung together with no cohesion like the dodgerolls and weapons. Otherwise, good review.

    27 september 2017 14:02

    Gamehad best site ive ever seen

    1 october 2017 17:11

    I'm looking to finish my GH run and sell my gems, but by the time I receive the reward I'll have another 400 SG from daily logins. And so the cycle continues.

    28 september 2017 23:14

    Good article, but all the 400 SG games should be free to play in the first place, even the 1200 SG ones. If you do have 400 SG to spare, do a friend a favor and give it to them.

    Or if you or a friend is a CS:GO player, just save up another 100 SG's for a skin.

    28 september 2017 16:35

    I dont like this game .... to indie for me :D but everyone with his own taste ;)
    p.s. spare some change ????? !!!!

    30 september 2017 20:07

    Can confirm game drops 3/6 cards.

    13 october 2017 12:18