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    Jhony12, 12 august 2019 20:36

    Super Mario Odyssey: A Capture Adventure

    Super Mario Odyssey is an adventure game / 3D platform available exclusively for Nintendo Switch, going on sale on October 27, 2017. Following the same formula as Super Mario 64, you have the possibility to enter several worlds and collect objects that you allow progress in the game, in this case, energilunas. Each world has its mechanics, enemies, objects and circumstantial characteristics that make them unique, and allow you to develop your game in the way that is most comfortable for you.

    The story is the same as always: Bowser decides to kidnap Princess Peach ... how strange, isn't it? Only this time it goes beyond the usual, because he intends to force her to marry him (what does this remind me of ...?).
    After facing and losing to Bowser, Mario is knocked out in a strange, gloomy and foggy territory. Upon awakening, he meets a ghost that runs away terrified of him, who has a fragment of Mario's cap.

    After following him, he introduces himself under the name of Cappy and explains that Bowser also captured his sister Tiara. Having an enemy in common, he decides to form a team with Mario, thus taking the shape of his cap (restored).
    To get to Bowser, they must chase him through the different kingdoms he attacks, in search of treasures to make sure his wedding is perfect (simply without the consent of the bride); starting where they are, the Kingdom of the Hat. To get out of there, Mario and Cappy climb a tower, then fight the Broodals, who are a group of shady rabbits, hired by Bowser to help him with the wedding and stop Mario.

    Once defeated, they can access the Cascade Kingdom, land of dinosaurs. In it, they look for a hidden treasure: the Odyssey, an ancient ship that will help them travel to new kingdoms. But to restore and improve the Odyssey, they must collect energilunas within the kingdoms, which can be found outdoors, completing missions or in secret areas
    Mechanics and playability
    Mario's movements are very similar to those of other deliveries of this type: triple jump, long jump, bomb jump, backward somersault, ironing, bounces on the walls, etc. The only new thing is that now you can roll on the ground to move faster (yes, you have learned something by participating in the Olympic Games with Sonic).

    On the other hand, the presence of Cappy gives us many more options, since we can launch it to use it as an auxiliary platform, activate distant switches, hit blocks and attack enemies. A second player can control Cappy more freely, and can also help Mario by keeping him in the air for a few seconds.
    However, his most interesting ability is the capture, which allows Mario to possess certain enemies, as well as some inanimate characters and objects, to use his qualities and properties that will allow him to advance in the worlds and obtain energilunas. For example, you can capture a Paragoomba and cross large wells, a tank with which you can fire missiles, a Cheep Cheep that can swim at high speed without worrying about the lack of air, etc.

    Many of the catches have special actions that are executed when you shake the controls, such as more powerful attacks, larger jumps, faster movements, etc. You can also guide the movement of Cappy with this method, in case you need to reset your shot.
    The Mario health meter consists of 3 units, but can be increased to 6 by means of a heart container, something similar to the Super Mario Galaxy extra health mushroom.
    There are two types of coins: the yellow ones of all the life, that serve to buy masks for Mario and Cappy, as well as the energilunas. Accommodations are regional currencies of which there is a limited amount per kingdom. With them, you can buy more masks and decorations for the Odyssey.
    One of the most interesting aspects of the game is the way you can combine actions to maximize the height of your jumps (such as jumping over Cappy, jumping from a wall or taking advantage of a capture). If you are able to make a "difficult" jump, Cappy will be surprised at your ability and congratulate you, a feeling quite satisfying for the player.
    Luigi and the balloons
    This is an interactive minigame, which consists of looking for balloons hidden in the kingdoms by other players. You have up to 40 seconds (initially) to complete it, but you have more time to collect coins. You can play the minigame in two ways:

    Look for other people's balloons and get coins as a prize, but you must bet some in return.
    Hide your own balloon for others to look for. You cannot place it in the air or on surfaces where Mario cannot stand. Nor can they hide in hidden areas; It has to be outdoors.
    It is not the first time that Mario has company in a 3D game; remember that I had FLUDD in Super Mario Sunshine, as well as the Flash flashed in Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. But compared to the previous games, I noticed that Mario's jumps were nerfed to some extent, I guess they did it to give more prominence Cappy

    As for my opinion about the game, the possibilities within it are enormous. From exploring all possible areas with captures, to trying to move forward in the game without them, as if you were playing SM64, each option is valid and gives the game greater diversity. The game has a lot of content after the game, so there are still a few hours left after the final boss. Even before him, the places are full of secrets, many of them are energilunas, large amounts of coins, a handful of purple coins, etc.

    The environment manages to relive past experiences of the game, as well as create some of its own. They have even created soundtracks with lyrics, which generally does not happen with Mario games, and the graphics in full screen mode are well polished, are fluid (at 60 FPS) and almost nothing clear. It really is a great Nintendo in these years.

    (So here the article ends, thanks for reading until the end).

    Rate this article Super Mario Odyssey: A Capture Adventure

    (4.4/5) 47 rates


    Good job

    16 august 2019 10:24

    good job got vote

    18 august 2019 13:55

    Unfortunately, this really is plagiarism from the website's Spanish section. I checked, as did couple of others, apparently.

    14 august 2019 09:24

    good job

    16 august 2019 10:03

    Wow the game is awesome I like it

    14 august 2019 07:03

    good job for this article bro

    14 august 2019 07:03

    im very tempted to play rhis game

    13 august 2019 22:40

    Wow this is awesome

    14 august 2019 07:04

    good job, not plagiarism

    12 august 2019 20:52

    Jhony12 is dedicated to plagiarizing articles of the gamehag page in English and Spanish. https://gamehag.com/es/articulos/super-mario-odyssey-una-aventura-de-capturas Change the language to Spanish, use the translator to see what plagiarism is

    12 august 2019 21:24